Forest Bathing – Japanese Practice in West Wellbeing

Further scientific research will prove that our constantly increasing extraction of electricity from the atmosphere results in certain psychotic and neurotic conditions and diminishes our ability to ‘actively mentate’.   (On Electricity-BT, G.I.G.)

Forest bathing might be based on knowing that the trees are the natural storages of electricity* originating from the atmosphere and charge us, humans, overnight with it. I learned that from the book about the clairvoyant priest Frantisek Ferda, who said people in the cities with no trees need twice as much sleep as those near the parks or forests.  It would indeed bring one to the conclusion that if such knowledge reached the fields of psychiatry/psychology, it could lead to the lasting wellbeing of people instead of damaging electroshocks or life long dependence on antipsychotic medication.

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via Alfred Lambremont Webre



“The point is that during the last few “Ftofoos” I constated very definitely that, among the beings of our planet, the “Noorfooftafaf” * increases each “Ftoftoo” **, and parallel with this, I observed in them a proportional diminishing of the intensity of their potency for the possibility of active mentation.”

*-the expression signifies on this plane something like what is called on the Earth ‘will-lessness’,  at that time named ‘neuroses’ (cca 120-130 years ago)     Willessness nowadays could be found under the medical term ‘abulia’,  the lack of ability to act, to make decisions, characteristic of certain psychotic and neurotic conditions. ** – a time period

The extract comes from the chapter on electricity of BT -G.I.G.





“At the beginning of my responsible  existence I begun to notice more than once, that on certain days the forces and degree of my mentation grew particularly worse. I became convinced that this undesirable state proceeded in me each time, on the day when our large ‘Lifechakan’* was in action.”   * a dynamo

“Since then I became interested in this cosmic substance and proved the fact that the Omnipresent substance ‘Okidanokh’* is a particle of the common presence of every atmosphere as takes part both in the arising of every planetary and surplanetary formation as well as in the maintenance of their existence.”       * electricity 

“This cosmic substance is owing to the common universal equilibrium, concentrated in every system in a strictly definite proportion between the atmosphere of each planet and if used up by accident or design in any one place of atmospheric space, it must without fail be replenished for the equilibrium of its common proportionalness in the atmosphere not only from one space to another in the atmosphere of any planet, but also from the atmosphere of one planet to the atmosphere of another planet.” 

What consequences do have our geoengineering activities in the atmosphere? What impact has the heating of the ionosphere on electricity?

“…the essence of every relatively independent intraplanetary and surplanetary formation as well as of the beings of every system of brains and external coating depends on this substance, and likewise that the possibilities for three brained beings to perfect themselves and ultimately blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively also on it.”

The destruction of electricity in the atmosphere “is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all labors and results of the First-Sacred-Cause of everything that exists.” 

That is a very strong statement that should not be ignored and its essence should find its way to the minds of all of us.







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