A Letter to the British Ambassador in Prague

Dagmar Palmerova




H.E. Nick Archer MVO                                                                                                            British Ambassador to the Czech Republic                                                                              British Embassy                                                                                                            Thunovska 14                                                                                                                          118 00 Prague 1

Your Excellency,

The United Kingdom indubitably plays its unforgettable role in the Saga of Julian Assange and  not many human beings would want to face the  consequences it will have for the future in the historical context.

His case seems inseparable from mine and mine inseparable from the intelligences of the 5 Eyes. So to deal truthfully and justly with the case of Mr. Assange, the British jurisdiction has to first face the fact, that one hundred years ago its MI6&Co by intentional spying on the leaders of different esoteric schools discovered their very advanced scientific knowledge, guarded against its misuse  by the  strict ethical and moral codes the possessors of such knowledge had to develop first, before being introduced to it. Although it is well known that some of the spies became the most worthy of holding objective truths, nevertheless eventually the original knowledge was exploited, this time with different egoistic codes and eventually resulted in human experimentation and in what is called exotic/psychotronic military systems, which cause not just the infamous Climate Change, but also play their role in  the crowd control weaponry, used even  against civilians.

I had been studying the same esoteric school so it is not so easy to lead me astray in this particular area  and it is obvious that the leading governments want to sustain  the technologies clandestine as they  enslave the populations physically as well as psychically according to the political needs. That such policy goes against the objective laws of Nature is very apparent across the whole world  and documented by  warning studies of thousands of scientists and doctors with conscience.

If I faced officially the world, no one could deny, that such technologies  read people’s minds and thoughts even from  the distance. So I cannot.

Instead Mr Assange as a publisher and journalist is exposed to this deadly vaudeville for exposing breaches of  human rights and truth which has been cardinally omitted by the democratic jurisdiction. If there is a compelling evidence that humanity needs to change its course for very specific reasons and the global leadership takes steps to suppress it by undemocratic means, it should cause alarm on every level of leaderships and managements.

Your Excellency, is conscience not telling your government that such approach  is degrading for the whole kingdom, for humanity and not least for all  seekers of  truth, the bearers of the future, be it in defence departments or in monasteries? We do not live in the thirties, we progressed by the fights of our fore parents for freedom  into the third millennium,  just to end up in complete technological slavery!  If our science is right and the world is composed of vibrations and the governing of the whole planet is based on Lie and Lie puts into the operation destructive vibration that ‘reverberates throughout the Universe’, what outcome can we expect over the longer period of time? Why do not the governments simply tell the public in an intelligible way the truth, which is at its core grandeur and splendid beyond imagination, instead of jailing for it traditionally publishers?

If there is need for such ‘justice’, I certainly do not want to be on its side and raise my voice against it.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova



One copy sent to the Czech minister of Foreign Affairs

One copy sent to the US Ambassador in Prague

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