Reincarnation of reincarnation?

There are people who are natural believers. They simply believe and nothing can shake their convictions. So devotion as a prerequisite to Christianity is not a problem for them, on the contrary. I was different, I wanted to understand things. When young, I tried to read the Bible in several attempts and always failed because I was taking it rationally and the Old Testament did not make any sense to me. A lot of knowledge is required to realize that religious scriptures are the highest science on Earth, written in symbols to survive the ravages of time, translations, corrections etc. and the keys are needed in order to understand them. There are different levels of understanding depending on the level of being of a reader or a listener.  It is said that  scriptures have to be true on each of them, meaning that “flood” must have been real flood in the first place.

So I got back to the Bible after meeting the Indian philosophy and their gurus, who gave me the map and the first few keys. Then I fell in love with Jesus Christ, instantly, without a need to believe.

The journey has been long but nothing else on this Earth is as worthy. And of course as many other people of the same realization I would like to bring the understanding to the public awareness to finally grasp, how to transform the atavistic impuls of reciprocal destruction into something harmless and worthy of human endeavour.

I do not know how to do it professionally so I am trying to share the texts which have had impacts on my understanding. The question of justice is probably the most frequently cited factor against the entity of God in the West, many of us say if there was God he could not have let “this” happen.  In the Indian philosophy the theme of reincarnation as an explanation of time factor, sometimes overreaching one or more lifespans, is very common, but not so in the West. Yet it was not always like that according to  Paramahansa Yogananda. In his autobiography it is written:

“The early Christian church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, which was expounded by the Gnostics and by numerous church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria, the celebrated Origen (both 3rd century), and St.Jerome (5th century). The doctrine was first declared a heresy in A.D. 553 by the Second Council of Constantinople. At that time many Christians thought the doctrine of reincarnation afforded man too ample a stage of time and space to encourage him to strive for immediate salvation. But truths suppressed lead disconcertingly to a host of errors. The millions have not utilized their “one lifetime” to seek God, but to enjoy this world – so uniquely won, and so shortly to be forever lost! The truth is that man reincarnates on earth until he has consciously regained his status as a son of God”.

SRF’s note in The Second Coming Of Christ quotes Genesis 9:6  as the equivalent of the eastern law of karma: “Whose sheddeth man’ blood, by man shall his blood be shed”. I favour the New Testament, which gives us the power of love to overpower the law of karma and the prayer, insisting on forgiveness as the means to stop this unending wheel of sowing and reaping. But when I see the hatred between different believers and non-believers, I wonder how to make people understand that all religions are originating from one place, just taking different roads? I was trying to discuss the reincarnation with Christians without success yet reincarnation is the only means to reconcile believers with non believers unless the science and military enters the scene.

I searched the internet about the II Council of Constantinople, but found only the issues of external character, so I do not know the source of the above quote, but Paramahansa Yogananda must have had access to such materials. Of course my logic would like to click and find the answer and then to hear discussions  between the western Church and their  counterparts from the east on this topic while  the leaders of this planet engage themselves in the usual wheel of  planning wars and natural disasters.

SRF: The Autobiography of a Yogi

The Second Coming of Christ Paramahansa Yogananda









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