Up till today I still do not know what colour is associated with what political party, I simply do not consider human beings from such angle, it is totally irrelevant to me. I look at them from the point of view of their ability to manage state and worldly affairs in such way that it results in  the wellbeing of their citizens. Historically proven fact says that military endeavours are the most expensive and destructive ways to lead any country. So naturally one must wonder how to deal with this unsustainable situation where the most power seeking nation on earth exercises the infantile bullying methods against its adversaries to evoke frictions and potential war conflicts  on every continent and its representatives do not realize how painful it is to watch that outrageous display of  self-righteousness  which totally disregards the most obvious facts, contradicting  their perception of truth. They evoke in their listeners total confusion about what is true and what is just a despotic abuse. In the previous centuries it was not so critical because our technologies were not jeopardising the existence of life itself but they do now and it makes me angry when I see such an arrogant manifestation of power blackmailing the whole planet simply because the smaller nations do not have access to such scientific advances and cannot protect themselves against such impact on their territories, economies and citizens. It creates an environment of fear, corruption, political  servility, helplessness, anger, rebellion and denial, preventing real prosperity and close communion between the nations of all continents, built on mutual trust, the most natural human impulse we were born with as we can see in little children.

Simply Golem.

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