The US & Nato’s marshal law


Mr. Jens Stoltenberg

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Nato Headquarters

Leopold III Laan 1110     1130 Evere    Bruxelles   Belgium

Dear Secretary General,

I am sending you a copy of the letter to the White House regarding the global defence departments’ activities of such character that it excludes the possibility of Nato members not participating in them, either directly or indirectly.

As we are talking about the unheard of breaching of  the most basic Universal laws, I would like to bring your attention to the motto of Nato – “Animus in consuledno liber” and remind you that free mind in consultation  means free mind in consultation, not mind  attached remotely to the quantum ai computers and punished by targeting the human body’s internal reproductive organs or the brain  anytime its thought does not comply with the thoughts of the  military/intel’s obviously sadistic mind.

I strongly object to the increase of your military budgets under such circumstances as you misuse them in the most irresponsible way for creating  havoc among the nations and even the main stream media are able to trace all terrorist attacks to the Intel history at some point in time. Your technologies allow you to know everything about everybody, you have the  total control over the populations either physical, psychological and unfortunately psychic as well so  I am sorry but  I do not buy your fear based narratives. I cannot  but come to a conclusion that you deliberately plan in advance  and let execute all terrorist attacks for very dubious reasons of keeping the population in fear and thus promoting to prosperity  the military industrial complex across the whole globe. You have been doing it for hundreds of years but the planetary forces have now changed  and your power will be destroyed unless you adjust your behaviour.

I see the trained civilian youth “army” every moment I leave my place, so does every defence department in the world as my 24/7 surveillance is broadcast live. And I am just one of the million other beings who have such “privilege” granted by global intel/military.

Why such criminal comedy? What horrible psychological effects are you implanting into the psyche of the young generation? That they can freely  hunt a human being  with your blessing and generous financial incentives? You are reducing the temple of GOD to a pigsty. One sincere reaction to my objection: “But there is nothing wrong with it, everybody does that!”

It is not  human anymore, we are talking about the materialization of bestiality in human beings, that have to undertake such  fate because your technologies brought its original animal bearers to extinction. You have been suppressing the scientific truths about the planet Earth and origins of humans for one hundred years, how you can justify that is beyond my imagination, but  keeping Mr. Assange and the whistle-blowers out of official public eyes and the truth of speech prohibited by the global marshal law  can hardly end without a major disaster.

You know that the external visible world is just a physical manifestation of the ruling world behind, composed of finer, subtle energies of electricities and magnetism. You will never ever be able to reach those worlds with military power and illegal human experimentation with suffering unless you stop. The occult will be your limit, you sin against the HOLY SPIRIT.

LORD have mercy on you and all of us.

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy of the WH letter attached

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