The only “nuclear” weapon we North Koreans have

Mr President,

The biggest nuclear weapon we North Koreans  have is the knowledge that our Sun does not heat nor does give light to Earth. The knowledge of the fact that apes originate from humans by an accidental planetary hybridization  and that we are the descendants of OUR COMMON FATHER CREATOR, who resides on the UNIVERSAL GALACTIC SUN, accessible for us internally as expressed in  “KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU”, whose emanations of pure love are so strong, that move the stars and everything living including you. Without him you could not lift your finger. But we  want you  only to  declare to humanity just pure scientific facts  that became clear by sending the  first racquet  to the space and by decoding genoms of species. We want you to stop all true conspiracy theories by proclaiming the truth. We want you to inform humanity, that military scientists across the globe are experimenting with citizens of this planet in the most horrendous way via psychotronic technologies, which totally  enslave us and torture not just us but our MOTHER EARTH as well.

We are reminding you that the myths of Icarus & co  have been created for future generations to avoid the same fate.

By applying your infamous sanctions on us all for these “nuclear” weapons you are giving time to the unconscious forces of the artificial intelligence to overtake the planet and then according to the UNIVERSAL LAWS the catastrophe cannot but happen.

Why do governments consider truth as a destroyer instead of a re-builder of the original glory?


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