Laurence of Arabia mentality in bed with exorcists

Our ancestors suggested to us there are different degrees of spiritual so-called attainments humans as the unique species of the planet can achieve. The knowledge of such processes gives enormous powers over the others and so has always been encrypted in symbols and their understanding depended on the spiritual level of the particular person.

Nowadays much of such knowledge is in hands of the global military and judging from what I experience psychologically and physically on my low level of “attainment”, I see the Laurence of Arabia mentality in action, which fascinates not just the military but masses as well and as it  got out of hands over the years, to make it sound better the military got into bed with exorcists. So the dew weapons effects become devils to be combated by dew weapons. And at the same time it will increase the attainment, not sure of who’s  with that extracted energy. Maybe of some robots?

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