Divided attention

There are thousands of different gurus, who speak about the increase of consciousness and when I started to read about it, I liked it but there was that question: fine, but how will I get “there”? Because I knew I was NOT there by intuition. The talks like “you are there already you just have to realize that” meant nothing to me. I went through some great workshops but I had to wait till I met my first teacher Cynthia from FOF to “get it” . In the introductory meeting she said: “you go to the cinema and watch a film. If that film is good, for 2 hours you are lost, nobody home as you are in the story of the film. The film ends, the lights turn on, and for few seconds your awareness comes to your body, you stand up from the chair and walk out through an aisle. Then you lose it because your attention is again taken away by your friends talking about the film or thinking about tomorrow or what happened in the morning or something else.” I instantly knew what she meant because I was in it many times since my childhood, I just did not know it was important.
My beloved friend’s teacher Girard expressed it: “it starts in the morning when you sit on the toilet. “
We do not remember ourselves simply because our attention is almost never divided into two: the awareness of the body at the same time with the “object” of our attention. We get identified with everything, even with a wall. That must have been behind  Andy Warhol’s watching the white wall for hours, trying not to get identified, dividing attention between his body sitting in front of the wall, breathing in and out and seeing the wall in front of him at the same time…and losing one self by identifying with some noticed imperfection on the wall or losing himself and the wall by thinking about the boring party he has to attend next day. Borrowing the scientific discoveries of Quantum physics, nothing really exists unless observed. That is why our ancestors talked about “sleeping” on a psychological level. Divided attention is the first absolutely necessary step to increase the consciousness. No artificial intelligence can do that for us, it could remind us though….but those who design it do not know about it or their aim is to keep us fast asleep, which is more likely by seeing all people constantly with smart phones. Until we realize that to loose a chess match or a court case to an ai robot has nothing to do with the increase of consciousness either of you or the robot, we are stuck.
That “state” of divided attention is unique to humans, it participates in the psychic process of special nature and for our salvation we are to find that state in ourselves and then try to get into that state as often, as long and as deep as possible. To that help us our CREATOR.

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