Can I be a wave or a particle?

Revelations are not on the horizon so  I would like to connect few dots between departments of science and spiritual realms for targeted community as there is strong suggestion of close connection between them. Those people involved in esoteric studies will know one way or the other that human body is designed as a generator for creating and transforming  different kinds of energies. Friction and  suffering are part of the process, they generate special substances, necessary for  cosmic and  planetary purposes.  I assume that the global  intel psyops aim for these substances and the experiments are supposed to collect planetary data for determining  how much of them are created, under what precise circumstances, and mainly how much  of them are actually  needed for the mentioned planetary processes, because when you plan  transhumanism, you must know such things, the trans human machines  will hardly create anything of that kind, functioning only on the principle of GMO.

No matter what else is involved in it, one aspect should be kept in mind. When we get angry and suffer, that precious substance is harvested from us, unless we become aware of ourselves in that moment. Then we keep part of  it in us and bit by bit coat our souls with it for eternal purposes.

In Quantum physics experiments proved, that in the world of subtle energies the subject does not exist until it is observed i.e. it behaves as a wave and by observing it as a particle.   I read some  studies,  but none of those I came across  involved observing  of  the observer as well, although the possibility of his importance in the process was suggested by some scientists.

I am not in a position to consult it with them but  by logic I would deduced that if  in the life processes I do not remember myself, that is I do not observe myself, I actually do not exist in the world of subtle energies, which esotericism characterizes as being  “asleep”.

I am probably not making sense but I would like to suggest one thing. The targeted person is under almost constant friction. Sometimes unbearable, but very often bearable. Use it. Use that moment for yourselves. Use it as a reminder of oneself, sort of wake up to the moment, to remember that I am in my body, breath in the air, while picking up the empty bottle  from the street or passing the perps  with dogs and smartphones… I loose myself again and become the wave instead of the particle…. till next friction wakes me up or I evoke the conscious element by intention, which is the aim of all religions……. easier to say than do.

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