“Listen up, Pentagon nappers!”

Spiritual warfare boot camp for the End times battle. Part 1

May 21, 2018   Posted by Jane Burgermeister

Listen up, Pentagon, nappers!

Time for a spiritual boot camp. On your toes.

Memorize. Any work done in the cause of justice, truth, freedom is blessed by God. Anyone blessed by God may appear to fail at first, but in the end, they succeed.

It’s important to contact God (called prayer), get his orders (called inspiration), and carry out our mission (called obedience).

When anyone does the will of God, they are entitled to divine help. Divine help is the foundation of everything.  Got that?

Remember the oath you swore to God, the Constitution. Now is the time to put that oath into practise. The Republic is on its death bed facing threats on all sides from dark, evil forces (Globalists, corruption, Ebola, cyberwarfare, WW3, false flags).

Evil can only be fought with goodness and God. Indifference, selfishness, cowardice need to be left outside the gates of this boot camp.

Here’s the deal. Your energy, your focus, your habits have to change for your to change. This boot camp aims to change your habits.

When you go into work, do not just slump into your chair, shuffle through the documents on your desk, check your email and spend hours and hours absorbed, squandering your energy on a thousand thins, missing the point. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. But it is the path to defeat, spiritual, moral and military, political and economic defeat. It’s, in fact, increasingly the path to death.

Set up a corner to pray.
Put up an icon in a corner, for example.
Put some stones together to form an altar if that seems more appropriate to you.
Add a flower, a branch, a candle.

Create a space where you can spend time with the Field Marshall in the sky obtaining his directions.
Martin Luther spent four hours charging his batteries, strategizing, war gaming in central command post in the morning praying when he had something important to do. 
Rescuing the USA and the world from the evil Globalists is important.

Don’t approach God like a bully sergeant shouting at recruits. “Do this, do that! Jump! Why are you so slow, God! Get a move on. Trouble is here. And you’re so slow.”

Don’t approach God either like a bureaucrat or technocrat doing his bit as part of a system, that is, lukewarm, half hearted, indifferent.

“Why should I pray to God? It’s not my fault the USA is facing obliteration. I did my job. It’s someone else responsibility. I have enough work to do, poor me. Why shouldn’t I have some fun out of life and be able to watch the football…?”

Don’t approach God like an egotistical careerist either.
“Just keep me safe, Lord. Please, just protect me, take care of me. I don’t cause anyone any trouble. I never rock the boot. I don’t care about the rest. They’re all failures, but I am worthy.”

Approach God like a recruit arriving on their first day at bootcamp. Remember how you felt as a recruit rolling up at bootcamp? Remember your impressions? Your emotions facing something new, unfamiliar, bigger.

How much bigger is God.

God is bigger than the Marine Corps, okay?

Did the Marine corp create the universe, the stars, the mountains, the sea, human beings, plants, animals, love, light, creativity, beauty?

Are you all knowing, all present, capable of ending the experiment “planet earth” with a snap of your fingers?

Okay, you are a recruit in God’s great boot camp.

Show respect, feel respect before the Field Marshall directing the entire universe, straighten up as you stand in your prayer corner.

Be aware you do have a heart and now is the time to locate it.
What is beating inside you like a clock is not just a fleshy organ. It is your communications centre with the divine. This is where the signals come from sent by the HQ in the sky in the form of light, delight, expansion, consolation, peace, idea.

Feel pain at the fact you are just a recruit, with little to offer. Feel embarrased at your poor record in God’s spiritual army with countless days behind you thinking only of yourself.
Feel pain at the dreadful state of the USA.

Ask God to help you make it through his bootcamp to emerge an effective warrior for justice and truth filled with a divine flame.

Ask God to help you take the knocks and falls in bootcamp, the tough discipline,  to advance quickly in enlightenment, wisdom, discernment, compassion and courage.

Warm up by reading some of the Psalms.
Get a translation you like. 
Try the NIV.
They’re lots of versions online.
You can print them out.
Why the Psalms?

First off, the author of the Psalms, David, was also a soldier, fighting in wars, having to deal with real world threats, dangers, strategic and tactical problems on a constant basis as well as treachery, a smear campaign, exiled and hunted in the desert (special ops lasting ten years.

If he could do get divine help, you can get it. Main thing is you recognize you are a worthless recruit, want to improve, want to do what is just and believe God will help his Creation.

Second, you are a recruit, remember?

The recognition of the transitory nature of your life, the inevitability of death, the fleetingness of material world, always changing, is appropriate for a recruit in basic training. Truth is, you are mortal, finite, limited, narrow, hard hearted and shallow like all other human beings. You depend totally on God for everything, every breath you take, every day you are alive, all your good talents.

To be in a position to look up to Field Marshall God, who has so much power over you and he world, to be able to talk to him and be listened to is a huge honour for a recruit.

The Psalms express true reverence, true awareness of the great gap between human beings and God, true awe at the immense power of God who sustains everything in the universe with his power, true understanding of the nothingness of human beings without God.

When we look up to God, to the substance, the power that reigns through out the universe, it is for us to admire God.

The Psalms express wonder at God’s works and creation, the many large and small things recognizing them as signs of his love. The light, sky, clouds, wind are all signs of God’s creativity and his love.

They are not just symbols on terrain or weather support map for operations, okay?
In addition, the Psalms show appreciation of God’s wonderful ordering of so many elements.

God sustains what he creates, something we should also be grateful for.
Reverence is the right attitude for a recruit aware of finitenss and their huge distance from God.

Reverence allows our souls to take part in the infinite, immortal force of God.
Fear follows reverence. God really is the Field Marshall who can court martial you, strip you of your ranks, pay, pension and throw you out. And he will do it, if the recruit does not learn to be just, honest, selfless, generous, brave in the spiritual battle.

But chin up. This Field Marshall is full of good will and wants you to succeed. He created you in His image with infinite potential. He has pledged his personal help if you make a real effort to make it through boot camp. It’s not enough just to be aware of the Absolute, the divine. You have to show through your actions that you are worthy of promotion to the eternal sphere.

By the end of bootcamp, you have to score a set number of points, okay. You fail to measure up, that’s it. Selfish? Yes. Lazy? Yes. Impudent. Yes. Out. The Field Marshall is not going to let you, the recruit, decide the criteria for belonging to his great camp in the sky. He decides and he wants quality company, quality soldiers in his army.

Make it a habit to to read the Psalms and think about what you are reading. Pray to God and ask him to open your mind and heart to their meaning.

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