To the spiritual centres across the planet


His Holiness The Pope The Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City

Your Holiness,

I have decided to contact major spiritual centres across the planet  regarding certain taboos, which should be addressed to all the people but are not so.

As an old person  who finally  understands there are two purposes of life, one to serve nature and the other one to raise above it which is our birthright,  I want to express my worry that we, in our state full of arrogance and  vanity, are on the way to destroy that possibility not just for ourselves but for the future generations as well, if we do not change the planned course of  life.

Do you know the science has come to the point of recognizing there is no death as such?

The research centres of Defense Departments in the US (Ru?) know from heavy illegal experimentation on people how to separate artificially the so called bio-plasmatic body from the physical structure. I know it because I went through that process, being under the 24/7 surveillance. It is recognisable by initial seasick feeling in the solar plexus area, where after that the split actually originates.

Because of certain knowledge in this field  I was prepared, but it is dangerous as nobody can know in advance, if time zones are to be crossed. Other experiments with cloning consciousness are horrible. I am remotely connected with  sadistic nature of man.


I would strongly suggest to take this  seriously as I assume there will be many targeted people with such experiences , seeking help from the medical profession  which will label them as schizophrenics or delusional and further destroy their lives by heavy medication.  And I can imagine the Church would label them as possessed by Evil.

You also should know the science discovered  “buttons” in our brain, with which we can swap  gender withing one way or the other.

I am sorry to say that, but the Church as such, not only the Catholic church, has fail so far to  advise us, how to deal with such  situation, where Police literally take over the human mind  and criminally exploit the content of one’s soul, which belongs to God  and execute their judgement according to  their sadistic level of being.

They need to be forced  to reveal such experiments and stop them

There are few implications:

-the public exposure would force the scientific world to admit that the origins of life might be different to their theories of evolution.

-scientists would hopefully stop mixing the DNA codes between the animal and human forms and approach  their research with eternity in their minds instead of time

-the Church would probably reconsider its position on reincarnation, which was abolished in A.D.553.

And the world could finally manage this sheer madness of  trained terrorists’ attacks , military exploitation of the atmosphere, bio-warfare, covered criminal human experimentation which affects millions of lives (many of them Christians) across the continents,  depopulation, insane transhumanistic ideas, ironically originating from scriptures but grossly misinterpreted on the way, and sick obsession with binary control of everything from mind and body  to planetary weather.

There is no need for such scenario. Humans were created in the image of God so inherited the ability to create and choose, equally evil or good. We can choose good and in that case the whole creation will join us in support.

But my words would not be taken seriously.

I am passing it to the hands of the Church.

With kindest regards and good wishes,

Sincerely Yours

Dagmar Palmerova


Prague Czech Republic



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