Gangstalking for MSM


Last year New York Times published an article  about gangstalking, which evoked many controversial responses, mainly  among the so called TI community because it totally failed to inform the reader about the verily dreadful phenomenon which is taking place around the globe on every continent and affects literally millions of people.

Knowing that MSM have the boundaries which cannot be overpassed in these Brezhnev like times,  I took it from the positive side, that one of them actually was willing to bring the subject out.

There are 20% of the population, who know what’s going on via the alternative media.. But 80% do not read them, they will use rational wiki for checking, which is  delusional,  yet we need to get this subject to them, if we do not want to totally corrupt and degenerate the young generation to the extend of  eventually the whole humanity spying  on itself as it spreads literally like cancer. MSM could handle it, if they were not so “obsolete” .

After reading the article I checked  the mentioned psychologists and the university where the study was done and found  the questionnaire, used in the study. I went through all the questions , filled them in and as anybody (who would do  the same) came to the conclusion that there was no way the researchers could get out any data,  which would have helped them  to find out what was really going on. It was a waist of time, effort and money.

So another study is waiting to be done which would extend the questionaire  with rational questions actually relevant to gangstalking. There was but one  in the mentioned  one. The rational objections against the gangstalking phenomenon  cannot be ignored as they are deeply rooted in the medical&media’s mind. But fortunately the alphabets themselves give us a clue, which can be used. Darpa came  cca 8 years ago with the Global Time Critical Social Mobilization project, using the recursive incentive mechanism to deploy people in a play of finding hidden balloons.  Cleverly using the weaknesses/strengths  of human nature they were able to get enormous insight into the fast and wide spreading of information, which they then used for setting up of targeting officers groups by different Defence departments or contracting them  to  Lockheed Martin for example, which has  organized stalking harassment networks in 47 states of the United States.   All this should be in Rational Wiki.     My suburb  has become lately a war zone state authorities pretend not to notice. The cars are sometimes racing over 100km/hour day/night, shooting me with microwave weapons. They got mad, there is no other explanation.  Mostly of foreign appearance, so evidently the whole theatre is of global character  which could not possibly escape attention of Defense departments  seven if I were not under 24/7 public surveillance  so they surely must be involved in it.

I cannot prove anything of that, but the whole business connected with it should  be traceable as the phone numbers and bank transfers are involved. The fake phone numbers are laughable ,  from my experience with Au alphabets I know that such numbers are the first  on surveillance list .     As so many people know the phone number involved, it cannot be difficult to find out the provider.  And the provider must be connected with the Defense Departments because of my bodily bar code.

So we can imply The Governments of the United States/Au/Nato/Cz have been involved one way or another

in gangstalking,

In financial exploitation of  sexual torture of a human being,

in secret implanting of a device which mediates it

I do not have to touch a single disputable effect  Rational Wiki mentions.    Besides the fact Rational Wiki is certainly not a place I would refer  to as trustworthy,  rather misleading.

Would not that be enough for  writing an article about gangstalking  in MSM without touching the taboo of human experimentation? Because gangstalking has been already established in the civil domain and is not going to leave for very obvious reasons till the majority of citizens will be affected and recognize the sheer horror of it.   Lockheed Martin


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