Brain duplications – Scientific freaks in theory?

Human experimentation has been around for so long and in many cases like mine even broadcast  live, so the public takes it as something normal, even  a subject to ridicule, while government agencies and medical establishment deny its existence so those beings, who are experimented on end up in asylums. I have never seen anything like that in my life.

The psyops are extremely hard to assess due to the fact that  scientific research facilities of Defense departments around the globe are far ahead of time compared to other centres, and their work is classified  so  the testimonies of people  are disputed.

There are two scientific studies attached, which should be read by every psychiatrist, psychologist and doctor on Earth, and be available to any court.

I have personally experienced brain duplication last year, so we have moved from theory to reality, which also includes the ability to artificially separate the consciousness from the physical body. No need to say that these experiments are highly dangerous for unsuspecting individuals as the scientists are totally ignorant of all possible consequences their  experiments might have in short or long term.

brain duplication experience

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