To the whole humanity in 2017

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a victim of US violations of national and international laws regarding torture under the auspices of “research” apparently condoned by the National Security Department via the US DOD, US VA and the U Cal, US NIH, US DHHS, US FDA and etc. (Please google DOD and non-lethal weapons, particularly directed energy weapons.  Also google torture “research” of innocent US citizens via directed energy weapons.)

In 1992 I was a Pastor/Christ Therapist committed to the service of God and community.  One of my clients was the wife of a US agent who was allegedly molesting his minor daughter. Shortly after this set of circumstances I was apparently identified as a national security risk and enlisted into a US government “research” program in which I was subjected to direct energy weapons which caused me to have a stroke and incapacitated me even until present.

In May 2004 I was directed by the US VA to have a colonoscopy during which I was implanted against my will with biochips.  They were burned to my colon, and injected into the roof of my mouth and my ears while I was conscious.  I went to an attorney when this happened and was informed that the University of California was involved in this travesty.  I am apparently their cash cow for “research” for the DOD even though this is against all national and international laws.  Is this an example of executive orders that are above the law?

I have lost everything, my family, my home, my career, my health, my freedom to be private, and etc.  I am guilty of no crime other than to be a pastor which falls into the criteria of “charismatic personality” and is reason enough in modern day “home of the free” America to be subjected to this under the National Security Act.  The agent who was allegedly molesting his child still has full access to harm her with no worry of being stopped and I have had no contact with my children ever since August 1994 when they gave me the stoke and kept me tortured since.  The VA has stolen $5300 from me when I fled from California to Puerto Rico even though I have a fiduciary and my funds are supposed to be in “safekeeping.”

When I attempt to advocate for myself I am subjected to phone calls and emails being re-routed.  I have been abducted from my house and jailed after being beaten with bats by police at gunpoint for absolutely nothing and charged with terrorist acts and resisting arrest when I tried to breath as they were holding my head under pillows and pepper spraying me.  I was jailed for five days and was denied all my medications when at the time I was on 35 pills per day.  I was never allowed to return to my house and it was a section 8 rental agreement.  My care provider still lives there after stealing my deposits and some of my belongings.  I was so incapacitated when this happened I was barely ambulatory.  In fact, I was asleep when they broke my door down and attacked me.  I bled internally for months and have many witnesses but was blocked from making reports to the proper authorities which is the case every time I am harmed in this manner.

I have been taken to a mental ward by police when I called and reported prowlers who were actually using behind the wall surveillance equipment to hassle me.  My VA doctor refused to contact the facility where I was taken and verify I was on medication as per his orders for my medical condition and stimulants were one of the medications which then showed up in my urine sample.  During my incarceration, they illegally injected me with haldol against my will and medical condition as depressants are harmful to me. The facility was a 25-bed facility and the census was 65. There was no place to sit or lay down and I was not allowed to sit or lay on the floor. I was forced to stay there for 72 hours as my VA doctor refused to intervene on my behalf.

My VA compensation was hindered and is to this day, and when I complained of crimes and corruption to the DOJ and DOJ/ADA  I was implanted as I reported above. After being implanted I was immediately subjected to torture which includes being forced to experience via holographic imaging and voice to skull technology my operatives molesting and raping children. Severe headaches, part of the directed energy “research” as well and being generally incapacitated is a daily experience and is increased in intensity, frequency and duration upon my attempting to advocate for myself and get it stopped.

I have reached out for legal, medical, social and etc. services and my access has been blocked at every turn.  I have been defamed on several occasions in order to be denied services and some of these service providers have verified this for me.  The VA gave me a fiduciary against my will and without due process of law, supposedly in order to say I am not capable of giving consent to be used in these ways, even though having a fiduciary does not give any right for such actions.  In fact, nothing gives anyone, including the US officials under executive orders, to do such things to anyone according to national and international laws regarding torture.

Person involved are:  Mike Seitler, Oakland Regional VA IG; Niel E. Nielson, VA Field Agent; Ted Gunderson, Former LA FBI head now ?; Dennis Uldrecht, VA Fiduciary Dept Head; Mike Green, Lisa Green, Mark Mirowski, Sally Riggs, Cindy Bustillos, Matthew ?, Marcus ?, all operatives supposedly embezzling my funds as they are considered to be “helping” me as my “care providers.”

I am guilty of no crimes and I am certainly not a danger to national security.  Investigations by the above have proven this and yet they continue to harm me under the guise that I am a danger to national security and therefore subject to being used for this “research.”

I have informed every related department of the US government and have had my story proven by the governors office in Puerto Rico where I fled for my life, requested amnesty from the US government and had a congressional investigation prove what I am saying to be true with xrays and ctscans.  I kept the actual xrays and ctscans which show the implants which is consistent with the ctscan reports but inconsistent with the xray reports.  That proves the corruption continued even their.  After we proved this I was told they could no longer help me.  Since then, Mr Trigo, liaison to VA for Mr Fortuno’s Congressional Office has told investigators I did not follow through.  I filed claims regarding the above with Mr. Tirado of the Puerto Rico VA office on three occasions and have all the copies and he “lost” them every time.  To this day no claims have been filed and he still has no explanation with regard to where they are.  I turned to the Washington DC office for assistance and they referred my case to the National VA IG office for investigation and I am still subjected to torture and nothing has been done to file my claims.

I have turned this in to the Department of Justice and got nowhere but implanted illegally.  I have made reports to every current US senator at this time.  I have informed the DOD I am aware of their program and want this stopped immediately as it has caused and is causing irreparable damage and according to torture laws that is grounds for immediate action to stop it.  I have informed several congresspersons including Mr. Fortuno or Puerto Rico who told me I was in the correct hands with Mr. Trigo who has dug his heals in the ground and says I have not followed through when I told him they were torturing me daily and he refused to intervene and get my three-month later medical appointment moved up to address the issue.

I can go on forever recounting the many travesties of justice this most corrupt and criminal US government conspiracy has committed against me in these past twelve years in order to allow their agent to continue to molest his children at the expense of me and mine.

I am seeking help with regard to this issue.  I have requested an investigation with some fifty US government agencies to date and have gotten nowhere.  Please assist me with this most grievous situation.  My life is in danger and I apparently have nowhere to turn as my protector is my perpetrator.



Kevin Burnor

P.S.  This was done under the auspices of being incompetent and hence not able to consent and thereby suffice as per the law, supposedly.  However, this was done in response to my Whistle Blower Complaint filed with DOJ and DOJ/ADA as regards the issues of crime and corruption including the illegal deeming of me as incompetent without due process (i.e., appearing before a judge) despite my written rebuttals.


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Yes, they have. Proof that thousands of victims have been begging to have microwave attacks stopped 10 YEARS AGO:

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