The psychiatry is a world for itself, an oppressive extension of the Police force, where different adversaries are put for punishment. But  what is really heartbreaking is to witness there the sensitive innocent young,  who’s existential questioning does not find the sensible answers from the society and get on the psyop list, resulting often in suicide attempts. Then they get drugged and further emotional breakdowns follow.  To listen to such cry is unbearable and for some “scientific” reason they are kept strictly isolated.  After a while they are sent home with heavy drug prescriptions and the whole cycle repeats itself soon, with more scars on their arms,  safe indication that our “scientific” methods are indeed the most enlightening in the history of mankind as the Who’s statistics demonstrate:

Every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide:

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I am posting up these pages from Saint Paisios under fair use value rules. It is not lawful to hack my computer and my blog all the time and directly interfere with my posts as the Globalists have done yet again. It is interesting that they fear Saint Paisios’ predictions so much, eh? They sense too […]

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