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Brain duplication experience

Shortly after my arrival to Prague in 2010 one evening I was sitting in my room and suddenly I felt as if one half of my  brain was poured into the other one, it was painless but horrible, I though “they” were performing some remote lobotomy on me and I would become a vegetable…. it lasted several minutes. After that I was checking my memory but still remembered those precious spiritual experiences from the past. Gradually I forgot about it but then 2 years ago I had a conscious dream  one night where I faced myself, there were two of us, what the psychiatrists call schizophrenic experience. I knew it was artificially induced by the military so I did not worry about my sanity, besides I was trained by the esoteric school that we are not one but many. Nevertheless this was very strange in a way that the other “me” was totally different in what is called “being”, simply so primitive that it was causing a strong repulsion in me. The experience lasted for few seconds only so I could not investigate it deeper, but when I came across some literature, suggesting the brain duplications are made on silicon carriers, it was hard not to connect dots….

What if the mentioned “being” in connection with consciousness is the key to distinguish copies from the originals?  After all,  one hundred years ago esoteric scientists were able to make a lamb conscious. On question what they did with it after,  the reply was “nothing, we ate it”.                                                                                                                                Only humans seem to have the unique capacity to touch the GOLDEN STAR.  But that is the problem with our contemporary science. It is so much mesmerized by its silicon valley  that it sounds like brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

brain duplication experience

Krishnamurti on psychoanalysis


“The human being has to learn to understand himself, but not according to Freud, Jung,
and psychologists and analysts, that is too infantile, for if I learn according to them I learn what they are, I am not learning about myself.”      Krishnamurti from Peter Michel’s book Krishnamurti

That was one of the most offensive feelings I encountered when being put on psyop programs of the Us alphabets. I had to learn the thinking processes of the person who created the programs and also bear the consequences of being different. So reading this thought of Krishnamurti I want to share it with other people on psyop programs to light their day with smile…

Life force point


After being exposed for seven years to one of  the most humiliating psychological and physical  treatments by the human/ pig hybrids to whom I have been thrown to be played with by remote control hunting I would say that I paid my karmic bills. You all know I am on a special US alphabets psyop programs and there are very strange and dangerous things happening on this planet springing from that direction. I mentioned them previously on my video but   lately I have been exposed to one of the most cruel experiments  to such a degree that I am not able to control myself. Continue reading “Life force point”

Rethinking the science of Consciousness

Considering the fact that more and more people on this planet are becoming subjects to human experimentation by the Intel agencies in this field and the medical establishment diagnoses them arrogantly  as delusional,  more perceptive scientists with conscience are urgently needed to bring light on appalling ignorance of psychiatrists and psychologists and on the biggest breaches of the most basic human rights  since Nuremberg trials.

via Author Interview: X. Transcendent Mind: Rethinking the Science of Consciousness, by Imants Barušs and Julia Mossbridge

Because the cruelty and torture which global military  organizes in each state of our planet is described so well so many times in targeted community websites, I tend not to concentrate on myself as my case is on line live,  but what is lately happening overpasses all boundaries we humans set up for ourselves. It is a well known fact that targeting by electronic equipment be it nlw or smart phone concentrates often on reproductive organs because of atavistic drives.                   But there are in our bodies special nerves, situated deeply in the Solar Plexus, connected with pleasue/terror sensing depending on the level of stimulation. If evoked against your will, forcefully by remote control, you have no means to protect yourselves, you can beat your stomach or the organs themselves and nothing stops that. It is connected directly with psychological reactions, which are literally on the verge of madness and readiness to commit an angry and easily violent reactions in normal individuals. I have even been trained for many years to withhold negative reactions, so I know my body has a properly functioning button which knows the point when to stop any anger. Well with this experience I can hardly say that. I could easily commit  suicide. As my case is televised, the perps around me create a sound and visual  theatre, which pumps up my anger to the point of exploding, that is exactly their aim so the audience gets exited and financial revenue goes up.

But what worries me is the fact that I am connected to the quantum mega computers and all my reactions are fed into them. The datas say exactly what frequencies touching what nerves cause such and such reactions, where you want to almost throw up, where you think you will loose your sanity. Once it is in the computer, any time such reactions can be evoked or transferred to another human being on this planet.

When I experienced that for the first time, I knew it was sucking a life energy from me and thought it must have been done by a totally sadistic sexually perverse individual with clear absence of  feeling, even by non earthly entity, but lately I found to my astonishment a video with neuro-linguistic programming where they explained it on a cat, getting her to a complete rage by electronic targeting. So purely human. And now live on humans.                                             Aren’t we sophisticated swines.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Reports Neuro-Hacking, Hive-Minding, Brain-Cloning, Bio-Robotizing: Secret, Illegal, & Profoundly Inhumane US Govt. Neuro-Experimentation, Classic CIA Torture

I can confirm a lot in this testimony but his latest experiences clearly show that time came for the house to fall down. At least the one, where  this cauldron resides.

Source: Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Reports Neuro-Hacking, Hive-Minding, Brain-Cloning, Bio-Robotizing: Secret, Illegal, & Profoundly Inhumane US Govt. Neuro-Experimentation, Classic CIA Torture

Distinguishing the artificialy induced dreams from the own, genuine

Those sensitive enough have surely discovered that the Universe is a communicative being and the best teacher one can have.  But with the progress of science Mind control techniques are taking over and artificial dreams  induced on targeted people  make it sometimes difficult to distinguish what is a genuine dream and what a messing manipulation of human psyche by scientific perps under the supervision of  Intel.

I want to give a personal observation to those with similar realization.

All  artificial ones I have had were based on sensual perception, using  any one or more of the senses.

Those significant which I believe were genuine were  of emotional character.

That most significant which was genuine  was purely  behind the highest level of emotion imaginable.

So I would assume, that 01 based technology simply lacks the third universal force and is able to function  only via brain nerves excitation





CIA mind control morphed into psychiatry?

From the Law of Nations or Principles of the Law of Nature   AD1758  :

If every man is, by his very nature, obliged to assist in promoting the perfection of others, much more cogent are the reasons which forbid him to increase their imperfection and that of their condition. The same duties are incumbent on nations (Prelim. §§5, 6). No nation therefore ought to commit any actions tending to impair the perfection of other nations, and that of their condition, or to impede their progress,—in other words, to injure them. This general principle forbids nations to practise any evil manoeuvres tending to create disturbance in another state, to foment discord, to corrupt its citizens, to alienate its allies, to raise enemies against it, to tarnish its glory, and to deprive it of its natural advantages.


Source: CIA mind control morphed into psychiatry?

Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence

by John J. McMurtrey, M. S. 23 Dec. 2003

from DeepBlackLies Website
People discerning remote manipulation by technology capable of such influence have formed protest organizations across the world.[1] [2] [3] [4]Educated society is uninformed regarding authentic documentation of the development and existence of these technologies, and unaware of the dangers. Complaint of ‘hearing voices’ and perception of other remote manipulation must receive appropriate scientific and legal investigation with protection. Professional awareness is virtually absent with eminent texts and opinion being presumptuous, without appraisal of the evidence. Continue reading “Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence”

Brain duplications – Scientific freaks in theory?

Human experimentation has been around for so long and in many cases like mine even broadcast  live, so the public takes it as something normal, even  a subject to ridicule, while government agencies and medical establishment deny its existence so those beings, who are experimented on end up in asylums. I have never seen anything like that in my life.

The psyops are extremely hard to assess due to the fact that  scientific research facilities of Defense departments around the globe are far ahead of time compared to other centres, and their work is classified  so  the testimonies of people  are disputed.

There are two scientific studies attached, which should be read by every psychiatrist, psychologist and doctor on Earth, and be available to any court.

I have personally experienced brain duplication last year, so we have moved from theory to reality, which also includes the ability to artificially separate the consciousness from the physical body. No need to say that these experiments are highly dangerous for unsuspecting individuals as the scientists are totally ignorant of all possible consequences their  experiments might have in short or long term.

brain duplication experience

sleeping beauty synthesis

To the whole humanity in 2017

Excerpt from: 

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a victim of US violations of national and international laws regarding torture under the auspices of “research” apparently condoned by the National Security Department via the US DOD, US VA and the U Cal, US NIH, US DHHS, US FDA and etc. (Please google DOD and non-lethal weapons, particularly directed energy weapons.  Also google torture “research” of innocent US citizens via directed energy weapons.)

In 1992 I was a Pastor/Christ Therapist committed to the service of God and community.  One of my clients was the wife of a US agent who was allegedly molesting his minor daughter. Shortly after this set of circumstances I was apparently identified as a national security risk and enlisted into a US government “research” program in which I was subjected to direct energy weapons which caused me to have a stroke and incapacitated me even until present.

Continue reading “To the whole humanity in 2017”

Impact of science on our society – Psychotronics

I found the XXIV issue of “Impact” (UNESCO) from 1974, which  has a great collection of articles written by scientists working in the field of psychotronics and para-science in times of strictly materialistic environment.                                                                     They became aware of the extreme delicacy of the natural electromagnetic field of our planet and everything living on it, be it organic or inorganic, predicted the inevitable realization that life is not permanently fixed to its physical carrier, that human consciousness has degrees and that we have amazing possibilities of new methods of psychic healing as well as communicating by telepathy with the Universe even beyond time and space. If we don’t misuse the knowledge.

Surely 43 years later , 2017, the field of psychotronics evokes anything but altruistic, noble endeavour of its pioneering scientists,  it has become a synonym for human manslaughter and torture. Military psychotronic lethal/non-lethal systems, totally illegal  electromagnetic targeting of unsuspecting civilians, hitting the ionosphere by   HAARP  technologies,  interfering  with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, artificially evoked earthquakes,  geoengineering, mind control, human experimentation, black magic just to name few…  and all together  veiled almost entirely in secrecy  before the public eyes.

As if these words of the scientist Rejdak 42 years ago have materialized:

“Psychotronics may lead us to the very
brink of a new revolution in science. It is
here that w e must give substance to that
second pole of which I spoke: a scientific human
conception to counterbalance the
scientific-technical revolution w e are experiencing.
Otherwise, w e shall flood the world during the next century with both
mechanical and human robots, thereby stepping
up estrangement and social disintegration.
It is in our power to avoid this.
• Dr Zdenek Rejdák
The author.”

IS IT????

Click to access 010749eo.pdf

“Soviet & Czech 9-75 Parapsychology Research, DST-18105-387-75”

(U) During the past 25 years, Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychologists
have reported that paranormal phenomena such as extrasensory perception
(ESP), telepathy, and psychokinesis (PK) have been demonstrated under
rigorously controlled laboratory conditions. Skeptics in both nations
have attacked the study of such phenomena on both scientific and political
– ideological grounds. Criticism based on political ideology has stemmed
from the fact that much past research has been non-materialistic in the
sense that results have not been reported in terms of contemporary conven-
tional science. Thus the critics feel that parapsychology has fostered
continued belief in mysticism, occultism, and religion.

(U) In order to rebut the skeptics’ contentions that psychic phenomena do
not fit accepted scientific and political thought, Soviet and Czech sci-
entists now argue that there are many well established “facts” which remain
as anomalous to scientific paradigms as extrasensory perception (ESP). ESP
refers to information which is not received via the usual senses, and as
a general term, includes telepathy (the Soviet “biocommunication”) and
psychokinesis or PK (the Soviet “bioenergetics”). Communist parapsycho-
logists argue that after decades of research, conventional science still
has no satisfactory neurophysiological explanation of memory, nor is there
any appropriate model for explaining how raw data impinging on man’s senses
are transformed into a conscious experience. They also point to the dema-
terialized character of contemporary physics, a science filled with such
bizarre components as advance potential (waves of electrons perceived be-
fore they are generated) , tunneling effects (electrons penetrating barriers
which, by the laws of probability, should be impenetrable), and tachyons
(particles traveling faster than light, and thus implying the possibility
of a backward flow of time). In short, they conclude that “hard” science
no longer offers a secure rationale for the denial of the possibility of
any noncausal event.



Mind control Brian Tew


CIA and NSA Operatives Targeting Brain of Monarch Program Victims of Mind Control Victims Day and Night, but Primarily in their Sleep When They Are Most Vulnerable

Each human being has a unique brain wave pattern that is one of a kind, just like you have a unique set of fingerprints. That brain wave pattern is known as your ‘Specific Residence Frequency’ which no one else in the world has like yours. It is truly unique a one of a kind unique brain wave signal.

The CIA and NSA DARPA handlers are able to lock on to that brain wave signal after they have moved close to you and entrained your brain to their remote neural monitoring system and download your speific brainwave frequency brain wave pattern into their computer which the CIA and NSA handlers, and there are usually four to six handlers in number because they operate in shifts, have for life, which the CIA NSA handlers can then mimic, to induce all kinds of thought, emotions, cognitive abilities, physical sensations, etc.

This is because the human body is a ‘VIBRATORY ORGANISM and an ‘ELECTROMAGNETIC ORGANISM’ and as such each organ of the body ‘VIBRATES’ AT A different frequency of ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY!

By varying the FREQUENCY and INTENSITY of each beam of electromagnetic energy, the CIA and NSA operatives can manipulate each region and organ of the human anatomy.

Then the NSA CIA handlers use that specific brain wave frequency of the targeted individual to target you and manipulate your mind with mind control technology. This is a simplified way to explain how REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY works in real time.

They also secretly ‘chip’ the targeted individual or his property with tracking implants they can monitor by satellite any where in the world. They use those tracking implants to hone in on your physical location to wherever you are and once you are in a relatively stationary position the targeted individual becomes susceptible to the directed energy.

The CIA NSA handlers can then hetero dynamically lock on to your unique one of a kind brain wave pattern frequency and manipulate your mind for the purposes of mind control, and to inflict pain and trauma on the targeted individuals body that others who in the vicinity of the stream of directed energy dont feel or notice.

The mind of the brain entrained targeted individual picks up the frequency of directed energy but the others around the targeted individual dont pick it up because that frequency of directed energy is specificlaly tuned to the unique brain wave pattern of the targetd individual.

As such, only the targeted individual with that ‘Specific Residence Frequency’ of brain waves absorbs the energy or feels it effects such as severe pain to the brain and central nervous system. Because the brain controls the central nervous system, only that person’s central nervous system, with that speciic brain wave pattern frequency, will have their central nervous system manipulated. The others around you will not feel or notice the effects because their brain wave patterns dont operate along the same frequency as yours.

This is how the CIA NSA operatives are able to target the Monarch Victim in a crowd of people, as that crowd of people dont absorb the energy or feel its effects. Only the victim absorbs the energy or feels it effects

Once they have that specific residence brain wave frequency thay can target the mind control victim from great distances with mind control electromagnetic technology.

However, because ‘VERIFICATION’ is absolutely necessary for mind control technology to work effectively in real time they need to be close to you or to have cameras up, many of which are hidden, or boots on the ground to monitor you and make sure the technology is working.

Without VERIFICATION there is no way the NSA CIA handlers can determine whether the mind control technology is working or not, meaning they cant tell if they need to vary the routine or not, such as altering the intensity or frequency of the electromagnetic energy. They have to either have cameras, many of which are hidden, or boots on the ground to inform them you did this or said that after the, say, IMPULSE INJECTION is triggered.

So, then, they continously trigger the thoughts and desires in your mind using electromagnetic streams of energy to, say, that the targeted individual needs to go to the fridgerator and drink some chocalate milk, and you keep having the impulse and desire to do this, lower desire at baseline frequencies and stonger desire at higher frequencies, but if they cannot see you actually do it. meaning go to the fridgerator and drink the chocalate milk, then there is no way to confirm the technology is working properly.

For example, you might have the strong desire to drink the chocalate milk but instead choose orange juice, meaning the mind control technology failed on that occassion and they need to make adjustments. So they constantly keep you surrounded by perps at all times to ensure the technology is working and that you dont defeat their remote neural monitoring system.

CIA NSA handlers achieve this by engaging in a SMEAR CAMPAIGN OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION AND SLANDER BASED ON LIES AND HALF TRUTHS to turn people against you so that they think they are watching you for other reasons, such as you are a bad person, etc., when in fact they are just puppets of the CIA NSA operatives who have fooled them into doing the work fo them.

For the CIA and NSA handlers not to use VERIFICATION techniques would still not prohibit them from targeting a person, or persons, with this technology, but it would be the equivalent of targeting a moon five galaxies away with a particle beam weapon, meaning they could fire away all day but would have no idea whether they hit their target or not because they would have no way to confirm it.


Remember, they are using Scalar Waves as well, which are multi-directional, out of phase, speed of light, longitudinal, electromagnetic waves of energy.

Once fired, scalar waves travel and exist on both sides of the world north-south-east-west at the same time because they are being fired continously each second by land based fixed phased arrays of towers, and often by satellite as well, and because they travel in a circuitous pattern at speed of light. These towers are like the HAARP tower in Alaska, but actually the US Government has two more that we know of, one of which is located at Los Alomos labratories in the southwestern US and the other of which is located near the coast of Maine, in the American northeast. The one near Maine is much smaller than the others and is diguised to look like a building.

They are all three used for these purposes, and fire scalar waves continuosly each second, so that scalar waves exist continously on both sides of the world each second of every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Non stop.

The CIA and NSA handlers simply harvest and redirect that scalar wave energy that already exists in the atmosphere and redirect it at the targeted individual using the targets specific residence brain wave frequency as the targeting device and targeting sequence.

In other words, you could literally be standing in Antartica, and the CIA could target you with this technology from land based fixed pahsed array towers that exist in Alaska.

Again, Scalar Waves are speed of light out of phase LONGITUDINAL waves of electromagnetic energy and exist both places at same time, so they can use a terrestrial grid -fired from a land base fixed phased array of towers – or an extra-terrestrial array – fired from satellite – to target you no matter where you are in the world.

Only those targeted individuals who have that ‘specific residence frequency’ will absorb the energy or feel its effects. Others, it will pass right through them and they will not know it. This is how they are able to target you in crowded spaces

CIA NSA handlers also engage in disruption tactics to destroy the credibility of the targeted individual. They have a daily PROTOCOL and daily CONTINGENCY PLAN in place to daily destroy the credibility of the targeted individual on a DAILY BASIS, with specific atention given towards continuously confusing the targeted individual so that they discredit themselves which will happen a lot because in addition to all of those disruption and confusion tactics the targeted individual is also constantly subjected to the most brutal inhumane torture imaginable via directed energy weapons. If the targeted individual does THIS then CIA and NSA handlers will do THAT and if targeted individual does THAT then CIA and NSA handlers will do THIS. They have a daily PROTOCOL in place and wage a continuous DAILY campaign to destroy the credbibility of the targeted individual every single DAY!.

For example I checked over an hour later to see if an earlier post made at the HOTEL CASA CONSULADO on June 24 2014 1700 hrs was actually posted to facebook meaning to see if there was any disruption or not, to see if it even went through though I know for a fact I posted it, but after I loked on anothe hotel computer screen I found out it was not posted to facebook which are tactics designed to force the targeted individual to complain because if he doesnt complain and document the complaint the tactics wil never stop, meaning the targeted individual is caught in a CATCH 22! If he does compain and document the complaint the CIA and NSA handlers will make his complaints appear frivolous and if he doesnt complain and document the complaint the tactics will never stop. CATCH 22! Meanwhile, the internet activity of the targeted individual is continously manipulated in a way so that if people go back and look at he internet activity that was disrupted it appears that nothing bad occured.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmhUoOenKS0


For example, I am now forced and compelled to repeat my words and thoughts continuously, which I do not wish to do but have no choice because they have programmed my brain to do it on a continual basis every day. By programing the mind of the targeted individual to think in words rather than images the CIA NSA handlers are able to understand and read, via remote neural monitoring, the targeted individual thoughts more clearly.