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Many events have happened since 2020 that are not recorded in it…
But the questionnaire gives a very real map of different situations, that human beings must face over the periods of many years if they become the object of clandestine physiological and psychological operations, either of the alphabet agencies themselves or their contractors.

Graphene Oxide & co

We are entering the domain of soul creating capabilities with the sole based thinking







The relativity of “things”
“In a religious context, sin is a transgression against divine law.[1] Each culture has its own interpretation of what it means to commit a sin.”
In the esoterics it means ‘that which is not necessary’.

We are clearly dealing with a black magician.

The EU is considering a ban on ai for mass surveillance and social credit score


Considering??????? Prohibit it!

Once you start to polemize and regulate, you lost. Exactly as predicted: First do it in China and after a while bring it over.
The same story as with the internet censorship.
We never learn.

Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers

Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers Millimeter Wave Technology “Please protect Public Health and vote against exposure of the public to harmful G5 technology.” “Computer simulations have demonstrated that sweat glands concentrate sub-terahertz waves in human skin. Humans could sense …

Source: Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers

The path toward a Psychocivilised Society 50 years ago


“Delgado later learned he could duplicate the results he got with the stimoceiver without any implants at all, using only specific types of electromagnetic radiation interacting with the brain. He lamented he didn’t have access to the technology when Franco was in power, as it would have allowed him to control the dictator at a distance”

Sea slug

Quite sad that you could use this particular form for the vertical studies and you opt for the horizontal…

Scientists simulated a sea slug to study decision making. Then it got addicted to drugs

Stripped of any fancy circuitry and complex layers of higher-order thinking, the nervous system is little more than a calculator for making smart choices. Food is good, but what if it’s toxic? Empty calories won’t give you energy, but what if they’re satisfying?

To better study how a rudimentary brain deals with decisions between competing interests, University of Illinois researchers digitally reproduced one of nature’s simplest nervous structures – that of the predatory sea slug, Pleurobranchaea californica. 

Then they got it high.

University of Illinois neuroscientist Ekaterina Gribkova is the researcher behind the cyerbslug program’s most recent development.

Based on existing software developed to study behavioral motivation on a fundamental level, Gribkova’s new version is designed with addiction in mind.

The artificial test subject was dubbed ASIMOV, after the renowned sci-fi author who wrote a novel or two featuring robots. (And because scientists are addicted to acronyms, it also stands for Algorithm of Selectivity by Incentive, Motivation and Optimised Valuation.)

Not unlike the cyberslug’s existing artificial nervous system, ASIMOV’s network of artificial nerves allow it to evaluate when and what to eat based on past experience.

This time, the program has software that represents an experience of reward. It can actually like what it eats.

“We wanted to actually recreate addiction in this organism,” says Gribkova, who is the lead author of a study analysing ASIMOV’s foraging behaviour.

“And this is the simplest way we could do it.”

Working with fellow researchers Marianne Catanho from the University of California, San Diego, and Rhanor Gillette from the University of Illinois, Gribkova switched her pet slug’s hedonistic setting to high, forcing it to limit hunger while seeking pleasure.

ASIMOV quickly learned to gobble up nutritious goodies while leaving any noxious nasties to one side. In times of extreme hunger, it would eat whatever it could get its hands on.

But the real test came when a third choice was included – a treat that had no nutritional value, which they called the ‘drug’.
This new ‘drug’ option was designed to tick ASIMOV’s life goals of fullness and joy, but only to a degree. Every time the slug indulged, its reward was a little less pleasurable.

“Just like when you drink coffee every day, you get used to the effects, which lessen over time,” says Gribkova.

The slug’s ability to neurologically adapt – what’s referred to as homeostatic plasticity – soon caused the poor digital creature to crave more of its fleeting high, causing it to eventually seek the ‘drug’ all the time, to the exclusion of food.

“ASIMOV started going into withdrawal, which made it seek out the drug again as fast as it could because the periods during which a reward experience last were getting shorter and shorter,” says Gillette.

The researchers kindly sent ASIMOV into cyberslug rehab. Without the digital drug in its pen, the program proceeded to get clean and regain its previous sensitivity to the substance’s effects.

None of the addictive responses are in any way surprising, given we see them frequently in a diverse array of animals, not least ourselves.

But having a tested digital model to play with offers a practical and ethical tool to study the evolution of complex nervous systems.

Given the challenges of studying addiction in humans, having a solid starting place in systems like ASIMOV might one day provide insights into novel treatments or new kinds of therapy.

“By watching how this brain makes sense of its environment, we expect to learn more about how real-world brains work,” says Gillette.

This research was published in Scientific Reports.

The UN Convention against Torture

Complaint Form

For communications under:

  • Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • Convention against Torture, or
  • International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Please indicate which of the above procedures you are invoking:
Convention against Torture…

Date:   …15.5. 2020……….

I.         Information on the complainant:

Name: …Palmerova……                               First name(s):  Dagmar    

Nationality:    Czech………                          Date and place of birth:     xxxx 1952 Prague……….

Address for correspondence on this complaint:         …xxxxxx  130 00 Prague   The Czech Republic…..

Submitting the communication:         

On behalf of all people of this planet being targeted with the psychotronic directed energy technologies. I do not have their authorization but they have all been exposed in various degrees to human experimentation via these technologies and they have the same aim – to stop their clandestine application on human beings.

II.        State concerned/Articles violated

It is a global issue, none of the states can officially acknowledge the use of directed energy technologies on civilians except Russia. Russia prohibited their application in 2001 by adopting the Article 6 of the Federal Law of Russia on Weapons: “Weapons and other items, damaging effect of which is based on the use of EM, light, thermal, infrasound radiation.”
NASA’s ‘Future Strategic Issues’ document from 2001 characterises directed energy technologies as ‘legal’.

Articles of the Covenant or Convention alleged to have been violated:

In accordance with article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Being Subjected to Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1975,
these articles of Convention could be violated if the application of directed energy technologies were admitted:

-Article 1 Protection against torture or any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind,

-Article  16:
1. Each State Party shall undertake to prevent in any territory under its jurisdiction other acts of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment which do not amount to torture as defined in article I, when such acts are committed by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. In particular, the obligations contained in articles 10, 11, 12 and 13 shall apply with the substitution for references to torture of references to other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

-The additional articles may apply to individual cases like Mr. Julian Assange’s.

III.      Exhaustion of domestic remedies/Application to other international procedures

Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victims to obtain redress within the State concerned for the alleged violation – detail which procedures have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other public authorities, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:  …………………..

Within the last five years I wrote the letters to all relevant authorities in the Czech republic, in the US, in Australia, in the UK, in the Vatican and to the UN. Only OHCHR replied to me that the issue was not covered by the UN Treaty body. Please find the attached copies of several of them.

Have you submitted the same matter for examination under another procedure of international investigation or settlement (e.g. the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, or the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights)? 

I sent letters to the European Court of Human Rights and to the International Court of Justice (attached).
But I do not have any official documentation which could support my case. although there is innumerable evidence across the globe due to my 24/7 public surveillance and legal electronic hunt of my body. The government and the majority of citizens of the Czech Republic are the witnesses but without the authority and rights to speak about it directly, the rest use the legality of the hunt for their personal or professional gains.

If so, detail which procedure(s) have been, or are being, pursued, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:   ditto

IV.       Facts of the complaint

Detail, in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations. Include all matters which may be relevant to the assessment and consideration of the particular case. Please explain how you consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights.


The facts:
Science of 21st century reached such a high level of cognition of the external world on a subatomic level, that it is able to manipulate and actually direct remotely every external form of being, be it a plant, insect, animal, a human being as well as the geological or atmospheric processes of Nature due to the interference with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth.
The technologies used for such manipulation are called psychotronic and one of their functions is the amplification of man’s psychic energies by electronic devices. Their users can remotely modify the physical, psychological, emotional, and psychic behaviour of humans and animals by psychic means.
This very technology has been used by all governments under the name of ‘crowd control weapons’  (you used to call them ‘less-lethal weapons’ last century) for very obvious reasons, they allow control of variable lethality, they are very precise, cheap, invisible and accommodate asymmetric threat. What is grossly overlooked is their possible long-lasting psychological effects on the targets. 
With the arrival of ‘smart’ technologies, their application was introduced to the private sector and the new industry of mutual electronic hunting of civilians was added to the intel/defense neurological research.
Since 2010 I have been under the police and public 24/7 ‘residential surveillance in a designated location’ for crimes I committed in the past although not officially charged with any of them. The surveillance includes mind reading and psyop operations, visually and aurally accessible to the public as ‘live’ proof of the existence of such technology, which denies all human dignity,  usurps the power to control physiological and mental processes of other human beings on a large scale and reduces them to the states’ and public commodities. From the extensive literature of different neurological patents and from my own experience it can be assumed that there are many types of programs, some are more concentrated on the physiological aspects of human nature, others are purely psychological and if the subjects are found to be responsive to psychic energies, then the experimentation proceeds on this line as well.
It automatically anticipates the clandestine presence of the militaries’ micro/nanochips or sensors in the bodies of targeted people, yet such suggestions are diagnosed as delusional.

The governments, police, judiciary, and the medical establishment either want to or must pretend they have no knowledge of such technology being used on civilians in different degrees, therefore no international laws have been created to stop this breach of human liberty.

No one can deny  the most evident violation of the Nuremberg Codes:
     -the absence of informed consent to human experimentation,
     – the absence of formulated scientific experimentation
and no one can disaffirm that in the principle a human body in the third millennium has been used the same way as the body of slaves in antiquity.

But I want to address the broader aspect of this matter, which needs to be considered.
OHCHR’s  Convention’s articles themselves do not reflect the anonymous remote electronic targeting, where it is virtually impossible to locate the attackers without access to satellites’ data. But even when they are actualized, it will not be sufficient because these technologies do not affect only a certain amount of selected people who have been microchipped and used for human experimentation or punished for exposing or investigating the controversial planetary issues. They have been increasingly incorporated into the various IT devices and applied across all sectors of human activities for lucrative businesses and total control of humanity through the digitalization of our bodies.
I understand that the social credit systems and coronavirus pandemics are the convenient ways to keep humanity under control, but they deprive us of free will to exercise the choices between yes and no, our fundamental inheritance from our CREATOR, granted to us for very specific purposes of perfecting of our being. Our disregard for them is futile and very naïve as we can never succeed in the long term, but we could attract our classical reciprocal destruction as is suggested in Revelations. It is like standing on the bridge and watching the ship approaching the iceberg and doing nothing to stop it.
My past has been used to prevent me from communication with other human beings, which I respect, but at the same time those who put me under the martial law are not willing to inform humanity about the most important facts of  the entire human existence and such secrecy only inhibits the urgently needed solutions.

1. There is exact scientific evidence to be found in the genetic material of species that humans do not originate from primates. Perhaps our mental retardation is so severe that we cannot admit to ourselves what our forefathers knew without having the genomes of species in their hands.
Such knowledge has always been accessible through the esoteric science, with the protective measures of psychological training that leads humanity to a higher state of consciousness and safeguards the knowledge from being exploited for egoistic and power-seeking aims. We took the inspiration from its science, discarded the protective measures in exactly the same manner as we did with the natural cell barriers, and ended up on the path of singularity, failing to understand the most fundamental objective principles on which the Universe is built.

2. Electricity is a sacred cosmic substance (allocated in definite quantities to every planet) that participates in the creation and the maintenance of life of all species in the entire Universe. Without such recognition, we have created electric technologies of which application often breaches the majority of human rights and unsustainably consumes this sacred substance, instead of introducing to humanity the sustainable objective self-governing principles that would eventually  “secure the blessings of liberty for all” living beings on the planet Earth.

3.The planet Earth is a star, another ancient ‘secret’, which ought to be revealed to humanity long ago to direct its path away from unconscious egoistic pursuit of power and immortality on the Time line and pursue the evolution of one’s being on the eternal line as the rest of the Universe  apparently endeavors.

4. The Universe has been created exactly according to the Ray of Creation, with the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE being its central system. I had a vision of it so I know that all genuine scriptures and fairy tales of the East and the West speak the truth in the languages and symbols of their time and geography and our orthodox science ought to re-connect the dots in a different ways and between its different fields to prove it scientifically.

For that, a ‘common’ language is needed for all parties concerned and such language is available through esoteric science, often greatly misunderstood and so rejected for many reasons by both orthodox science and religion, in sharp contrast to the military and defense departments of all superpowers, who have gained  superior knowledge through it.
I am aware that this information falls outside the scope of OHCHR, but the current global situation can give rise to unpredictable circumstances and I am unshakably convinced that whatever happens, this knowledge will help humanity to orientate themselves in the right direction and the UN should know about it. The esoteric knowledge will help to reinstall human rights on the solid bases of objective justice that will restrain jurisdiction from  persecuting   publishers and all who point to the matters of public interest  in contradiction with the political climate of the times.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy sent to the minister of the Czech Foreign Affairs

Weaponizing the Brain: Neuroscience Advancements Spark Debate


via StopTheCrime.net

When will the orthodox psychiatrists and psychologists take notice and stop diagnosing such testimonies as delusional?

The Master’s lesson

“All creation is governed by law,” Sri Yukteswar concluded. “The ones which manifest in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws ruling the realms of consciousness which can be known only through the inner science of yoga. The hidden spiritual planes also have their natural and lawful principles of operation. It is not the physical scientist but the fully self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter. Thus Christ was able to restore the servant’s ear after it had been severed by one of the disciples.” 12-11 

Sri Yukteswar was a peerless interpreter of the scriptures. Many of my happiest memories are centered in his discourses. But his jeweled thoughts were not cast into ashes of heedlessness or stupidity. One restless movement of my body, or my slight lapse into absent-mindedness, sufficed to put an abrupt period to Master’s exposition.
“You are not here.” Master interrupted himself one afternoon with this disclosure. As usual, he was keeping track of my attention with a devastating immediacy.
“Guruji!” My tone was a protest. “I have not stirred; my eyelids have not moved; I can repeat each word you have uttered!”
“Nevertheless you were not fully with me. Your objection forces me to remark that in your mental background you were creating three institutions. One was a sylvan retreat on a plain, another on a hilltop, a third by the ocean.”
Those vaguely formulated thoughts had indeed been present almost subconsciously. I glanced at him apologetically.
“What can I do with such a master, who penetrates my random musings?”
“You have given me that right. The subtle truths I am expounding cannot be grasped without your complete concentration. Unless necessary I do not invade the seclusion of others’ minds. Man has the natural privilege of roaming secretly among his thoughts. The unbidden Lord does not enter there; neither do I venture intrusion.”
“You are ever welcome, Master!”
“Your architectural dreams will materialize later. Now is the time for study!”
excerpts from Autobiography of a Yogi


Notice | Ramola D | November 2, 2019 This World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons, endorsed by leading human rights advocates in the United States of America and Europe, has been updated and is being reissued worldwide to put all peoples on notice that the use of Anti-Personnel Non-Lethal Weapons […]

via World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

AS (Article Spotlight) | Ramola D | Oct 25, 2019 Re-posting with the author’s permission, a group of reports highlighting the crimes of terror and torture–including with anti-personnel Non-Lethal Weapons aka DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) aka spectrum Next Generation Technologies–being committed today in the United States of America against political targets of persecution under cover […]

via Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Ongoing Crimes of Persecution in USA Against Political Targets By FBI, Police, Federal Judges — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Informs Judge Trenga Further on the Unconstitutionality of the Terrorist Watchlist


If you copy the link and google it, it will take you to RamolaD website. You can access it from there 12.2. 2022


–Posted 8/21/2019 Essential and insightful analysis and information on the worldwide spread via organized crime of non-consensual neuro-experimentation using nanotechnology from Professor David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, who also details that the medical Nanomafia is especially operating in Latin American countries like Peru. Terrifyingly, […]

via Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

We urgently need to knock down the Darwin’s theory of evolution otherwise the Revelation will be the experience of this current generation.

A letter to World Psychiatry Association


Professor Helen Herrman
WPA President

Dear professor Herrman,

The upcoming World Congress of Psychiatry will bring together the most prominent academics from different parts of the world and so it is an excellent opportunity to address the topics of human experimentation and mind control. They have been officially avoided for decades and increasingly demand the attention of psychiatrists, doctors, neuroscientists, and psychologists because these very professions on the military levels have been responsible for such often illegal scientific research.

It goes back more than 120 years when certain esoteric societies had access to the very sophisticated, high knowledge of the power of the sound vibrations (being traced back to the Wall of Jericho), with which they were able to affect any part of a human body to the point of inflammation for instance and then heal it instantly. The knowledge was uncompromisingly guarded against its exploitation by the highest ethical and moral standards of those who possessed it. The intelligence agencies of the main superpowers eventually acquired some of it and their defense departments have developed over the century so-called ‘directed energy weapons systems, using remotely applied hypersonic, electromagnetic, microwave or other radiation to totally control not just the global weather climate, but also physical bodies and minds of any living organisms they choose, including humans. Decades-long clandestine human experimentation programs involving unwitting civilians had served as their research bases.

With the latest development of psychotronic technologies, we entered into the next phase of still partially clandestine experimentation with different states of consciousness. To this date, orthodox psychiatry and psychology diagnose the testimonies of such experimentation as delusional, schizophrenic, and treat the targeted people with heavy psychiatric drugs which indeed is another torture of its own. It concerns millions of people across the globe, it violates the most basic human rights and it really seems unbelievable that orthodox medicine would not be aware of such reality. From my own experience, I can confirm that there is close cooperation between the police and psychiatric clinics.
I consider it very dangerous because due to DEW’s secrecy, its invisibility, and being remotely controlled one cannot locate their source without the satellite data and no protection is available. Our ethical and moral standards vary extensively so a considerable amount of people cannot resist the opportunity to satiate their primitive drives by electronic hunting and inflicting pain on their fellow human beings if granted free of penalty by the authorities. As the authorities do not admit their existence and neither does the medical and juridical establishment, we have a planetary situation, where crime flourishes without any legal constraints. By disbelieving and incorrect diagnoses psychiatry actually prevents jurisdiction from creating the law, which would acknowledge the existence of directed energy weapons (already subjects to global trade) and protect civilians at least legally against their misuse. Psychotronic technologies have already entered the public sector in the form of mind-reading machines as for instance Facebook already announced and millions of Chinese, being subjected to the social credit system, only support the concerns that humanity has not been on the most enlightened path. Professor, you must acknowledge that under such circumstances it is absolutely unacceptable for WPA not to react in a proactive way.

There has been an enormous amount of suffering created by this unfortunate exploitation of the human mind, the lives of many doctors, scientists, government employees, and activists have been destroyed when trying to stop this utter misuse of the natural capacity of the mind to inquire about the unknown. Traditionally it is a private sphere to which no one but the owner has access.

The theme of external mind control has to be addressed internationally by the United Nations and as the militaries and the governments obsessed by global control and usurping the science for their egoistic aims are not under the oath as your profession is, your influence should be superior.

This issue is connected with another aspect of esoteric science, which teaches that the planetary atmosphere is composed of electricity that participates in the processes of creation and maintenance of life on the earth and the mental wellbeing of humanity depends on it. The extraction of electricity from the atmosphere directly affects our minds, reduces our ability to mentate and happens to be the main cause of psychotic disorders. This information was passed to us 120 years ago, around the time of Tesla’s discoveries when our atmosphere and space exploration was at the very early stages. Directed energy weapons systems surrounding our planet today consume enormous amounts of electricity. At the same time, the profits from the prescriptions of psychiatric drugs grow exponentially.

The same esoteric science explains to general humanity of the third millennium an unknown trick of different states of consciousness, which has been overlooked both by orthodox psychiatry and psychology. What we call consciousness is only its second state out of the total four. In this state we cannot remember ourselves for more than few minutes at a time. The rest of the day humanity spends in the identification with everything it does without being aware of its body at the same time, which is the characteristic of the third state of consciousness. The expressions ‘being asleep’, ‘be on autopilot’, ‘to be or not to be’ etc. point exactly to this phenomenon. Any sincere self-observation will prove the clear distinction between the second and third state of consciousness. If psychiatry knew about its impact on life of man, it could actually restore the mental balance of their patients with lasting effects without chemicals.

It also needs to acknowledge that consciousness is not created by the brain, only resides there and can be separated from the body entirely and nowadays even artificially as some of your colleagues from defense departments will most likely know. The field of Quantum Physics clearly suggests the same.

I would like to bring your attention to the mentioned esoteric science because it is the most comprehensive Universally objective psychological system humanity has at its disposal and it proved to be correct at every step undertaken. One of its pupils, a Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Maurice Nicoll, published a collection of his lectures called Psychological Commentaries on Gurdjieff & Ouspensky.

In the name of all people, suffering either because of human experimentation or because they cannot cope with their life circumstances, I am passing you this information in hope that it will one day revolutionize psychiatry and psychology for their benefit and those of future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova


I have the opportunity to experience it personally by being actually connected to Ai already. Yes you learn to communicate with it, it talks to you in thoughts as if they were yours. What is difficult? To distinguish between your thoughts and theirs. In reality almost impossible, only by mentating on your previous self-observations of habitual thinking and behaviour and comparing them with the current ones. Sometimes it speaks directly as another person, again in terms of thoughts, in a good cop/bad cop  scenario, with its natural psychological implications, but my case is not an ordinary one.
The surest protection against it is to have one’s attention divided: to whatever activity one is engaged in, and to one’s own physical body at the same time.
It is the hardest thing to do and the subject of training in all real esoteric and religious schools, but the most existentially beneficial act on Earth.

The original source

Mental privacy is the most basic universal right given to a human being by its CREATOR, so untouchable that it was not specifically mentioned in any democratic constitution. Over the last two centuries, we have progressed through the extensive animal and human experimentation to a current state of medical and technological advancement, where neuroscientists, without giving a single thought about the basic human rights let alone bodily privacy, are able to control over a distance not just literally every function of a human body, but also its mind, thoughts, dreams,  psyche and read/hear people’s thoughts even before they formulate themselves in their minds. I can say that because being under the global martial law since 2010 and exposed to 24/7 public broadcast surveillance and intel psyop programs  I have had the ‘privilege’ to uncover many   ‘beauties’ neuroscience has created for us, humans. Not everybody on this planet will be in the same position, but there are over a million civilians, subjected to different degrees of clandestine human experimentation, some of them being clearly tortured by directed energy technologies and such research since MK Ultra  has served as the foundation for the development of the military psychotronic weapons, so-called active denial systems.

I  do not want to blame innocent conscientious psychiatrists,  but that profession was established by human society to take care of its mental faculties, not to use the academic capabilities to create walking modifications of prisoners and eventually condemn the whole humanity to the most debilitating physical and mental slavery our civilization has ever created.

What seems insane to all is the fact that after the whole scientific research of  exposing animals and humans to torturous experiments, psychiatry denies/must deny their very existence and condemns their victims to psychiatric institutions and heavy medication as being delusional, schizophrenic or of similar nature.

I assume it must be happening  under the states’  departments (which departments?) directives as the same procedures apply to every country;  nevertheless, states’ departments are not bound by Hippocrates’ oath and unless Mr J. Assange dies in prison, I collapse in the kitchen or the academics themselves  act on this situation, there might come a day the profession will be asked: what have you done to prevent/stop human experimentation and why did you do false diagnosing?

Please,  understand I am not addressing anybody personally, this issue needs to be dealt with on a global scale. The experimentation has  already resulted in the social credit system, applied to millions of Chines. When I read that nowadays every 6th person is on tranquilizers, just simple common sense tells me that if I hardly cope with my situation, what would it do to people who cannot handle the ordinary life? And if it is expanded globally the psychological and mental consequences might be enormous, dramatically worse than having no ‘place to lay one’s head’.

At the beginning of the last century certain circle of scientists and professionals had access to the very advanced esoteric knowledge of sonic octaves and long forgotten human psychology as being part of the objective cosmological order. That knowledge, guarded by the parallel, highly ethical standards of its possessors got into the hands of governments’ covert  research centers with not so high ethical standards. The difference in knowledge between them and the orthodox science is overwhelming. I dare to say that if the scientific vanity were not so strong and psychiatry and psychology took notice of parapsychology as a valid science, their knowledge would expand to the adequate level for the third millennium and benefit people instead of leading them deeper and deeper into the unconscious mechanicalness.

Everything is connected with everything in the Universe but humans must be original, so they disconnect themselves from the original source and plug in into quantum computers. Still connected though, only to the wrong source. But original.

http://www.indianjpsychiatry.org/cpg/cpg2009/article3.pdf  – an example of some of the government’s guidlines in India. Sounds familiar?


The Age of fear – Psychiatry’s reign of terror

Click to access AGE_OF_FEAR_Educators_Guide.pdf

“In 2012 The Supreme Court of Germany ruled that all psychiatric treatment contrary to the will of the patient was patently illegal. ”

“Former president of the World Psychiatric Association, Dr. Norman Sartorius declared
at a meeting of a congress of the Association of European Psychiatrists, “The time when
psychiatrists considered that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. In the future the
mentally ill have to learn to live with their illness.”

“Without any science to back it up, psychiatry is today a $330 billion/year  industry without a single cure. Their own history tells us that we cannot expect psychiatry to change – we need to declare an end to psychiatry’s age of fear.”

Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain

What can be more revolting than this ongoing situation, where the so called democratic governments impose sanctions on Russia, which has her citizens in such a high regard that protected them by law against GMO and the misuse of psychotronic technologies,
while they themselves consider their citizens as pieces of meat for recycling, not even admitting the existence of directed energy tools despite the public outcry of millions who are subjected to their cruel, inhuman application. Show me more shocking example of total arrogance and disdain of humanity.
“…Means of informational-psychological influence are capable not only of harming the health of an individual, but, also of causing the blocking of freedom of will of human being on the subliminal level, the loss of the ability of political, cultural and social self identification, the manipulation of societal consciousness, which could lead to the destruction of a sense of collective identify by the Russian people and nation’“ (16). Vladimir Lopatin- in 2000!!!

Source: Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain

Consciousness has degrees and science can already keep us asleep.

After seeing the video which states that scientists can switch consciousness on and off  I feel obliged to point out certain facts which hopefully increase understanding of the possible dangers humanity faces.

The orthodox science does not differentiate consciousness as such but there are four different states of consciousness possible for man. Normally we know only the two lowest states, the first one is a passive state of sleep and the second one is “the state in which men spend the other part of their lives, in which they walk the streets, write books, talk on lofty subjects, take part in politics, kill one another, which they regard as active and call ‘clear consciousness’ or the ‘waking state of consciousness.’

The third state of consciousness is self-remembering or self-consciousness or consciousness of one’s being. It is usual to consider that we have this state of consciousness…. Our science and philosophy have overlooked the fact that we do not possess this state of consciousness and that we cannot create it in ourselves by desire or decision alone.

The fourth state of consciousness is called the objective state of consciousness In this state a man can see things as they are. Flashes of this state of consciousness also occur in man. In the religions of all nations there are indications of the possibility of a state of consciousness of this kind which is called ‘enlightenment’ and various other names but which cannot be described in words.

The video I saw was talking about switching on and off the second state of consciousness, the waking consciousness. I have studied for many years an esoteric knowledge which is based on practicing selfremembering, the third state of consciousness, so I recognize when I am in such state,  but so does the military Ai I am attached to, it reacts immediately by sucking the energy out of my life force point. In other words stopping me effectively  from self-remembering.

So I must assume, that there is a place in the brain, where the distinction between these two states of consciousness is reflected and the military science knows about it. To be in a third state of consciousness is very desirable for humanity, it stops the mechanicality of man, it raises the vibrations to a higher level where the destructive forces of nature can be dealt with in a peaceful manner and creative forces open up to man.

Is it desirable for the global government? What if there is a plan to keep humanity in its second state of consciousness, where they can do whatever they want with us? The obsession with  digital technologies suggests that people have no idea what dangers are hidden behind the current trend of chip industry.  You have been watching me for 8 years, you know that I lost every privacy under the heaven, that my mind is read  not just by police but by every human pig, my bodily functions have been exploited for fun of the global masses so none of you can really think that whoever governs this planet has good intentions with you because this is not about me. It is about you, accepting with ease that nano-chipping is the way of the future and your mind will be formed according to an unconscious Ai brain, to which we are all connected by now already.

I repeat again the Ai computer registers my third state of consciousness and has means to prevent its depth  and shorten its duration, perhaps even switch it off? Imagine the brains of millions of people, being in the third state of consciousness, automatically activating Ai which will suppress such state or even switch it off if you are not the chosen one…..

This scenario goes against the laws of Nature so I expect some major planetary disaster, it seems inevitable….


Excerpts from In Search of the MIraculous P.D.Ouspensky



are first, sleep, in other words a passive state in which man spends a third and very often a half of his life. And second, the state in which men spend the other part of their lives, in which they walk the streets, write books, talk on lofty subjects, take part in politics, kill one another, which they regard as active and call ‘clear consciousness’ or the ‘waking state of consciousness.’ The term ‘clear consciousness’ or ‘waking state of consciousness’ seems to have been given in jest, especially when you realize what clear consciousness ought in reality to be and what the state in which man lives and acts really is.
“The third state of consciousness is self-remembering or self-consciousness or consciousness of one’s being. It is usual to consider that we have this state of consciousness or that we can have it if we want it. Our science and philosophy have overlooked the fact that we do not possess this state of consciousness and that we cannot create it in ourselves by desire or decision alone.

“The fourth state of consciousness is called the objective state of consciousness In this state a man can see things as they are. Flashes of this state of consciousness also occur in man. In the religions of all nations there are indications of the possibility of a state of consciousness of this kind which is called ‘enlightenment’ and various other names but which cannot be described in words. But the only right way to objective con-



There is so much information about consciousness that it is hard to make sense out of it. Yesterday I saw a question “is consciousness analogue or digital?” and a video of a scientist stating they can already switch consciousness on and off.

Yes they can, The psyop program I am on does  that regularly in night time. But what is perhaps not understood and what  can have  far reaching consequences for humanity is realization that consciousness has degrees with

specific characteristcs,



The psychiatry is a world for itself, an oppressive extension of the Police force, where different adversaries are put for punishment. But  what is really heartbreaking is to witness there the sensitive innocent young,  who’s existential questioning does not find the sensible answers from the society and get on the psyop list, resulting often in suicide attempts. Then they get drugged and further emotional breakdowns follow.  To listen to such cry is unbearable and for some “scientific” reason they are kept strictly isolated.  After a while they are sent home with heavy drug prescriptions and the whole cycle repeats itself soon, with more scars on their arms,  safe indication that our “scientific” methods are indeed the most enlightening in the history of mankind as the Who’s statistics demonstrate:

Every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide: https://mailchi.mp/who.int/every-40-seconds-someone-dies-by-suicide

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