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Brain duplication experience

Shortly after my arrival to Prague in 2010 one evening I was sitting in my room and suddenly I felt as if one half of my  brain was poured into the other one, it was painless but horrible, I though “they” were performing some remote lobotomy on me and I would become a vegetable…. it lasted several minutes. After that I was checking my memory but still remembered those precious spiritual experiences from the past. Gradually I forgot about it but then 2 years ago I had a conscious dream  one night where I faced myself, there were two of us, what the psychiatrists call schizophrenic experience. I knew it was artificially induced by the military so I did not worry about my sanity, besides I was trained by the esoteric school that we are not one but many. Nevertheless this was very strange in a way that the other “me” was totally different in what is called “being”, simply so primitive that it was causing a strong repulsion in me. The experience lasted for few seconds only so I could not investigate it deeper, but when I came across some literature, suggesting the brain duplications are made on silicon carriers, it was hard not to connect dots….

What if the mentioned “being” in connection with consciousness is the key to distinguish copies from the originals?  After all,  one hundred years ago esoteric scientists were able to make a lamb conscious. On question what they did with it after,  the reply was “nothing, we ate it”.                                                                                                                                Only humans seem to have the unique capacity to touch the GOLDEN STAR.  But that is the problem with our contemporary science. It is so much mesmerized by its silicon valley  that it sounds like brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

brain duplication experience