Inner Octaves and Eastern Music

Gurdjieff International Review                                                                             

By Jeffrey Werbock

A central idea in Gurdjieff’s system of knowledge outlines one of the two fundamental laws governing every process in the universe. According to this idea, the universe is a singular wholeness that divides itself into seven degrees of density. These divisions are in turn divided into seven degrees of density, and so on. By the action of this law, the universe expresses the eternal relationship between its wholeness and its divisions, as well as the relationships between all the divisions. Continue reading “Inner Octaves and Eastern Music”

The Sayyids song


The Sayyids in particular, among the sources of music from esoteric schools, are remarkable for their alternation, back and forth, between a vocal or instrumental invocation of higher forces and a rhythmic dance movement to express those forces here below. Gurdjieff’s balance between inner and outer work, though different and quite original also, throws light on such cross-currents of the Truth everywhere. De Hartmann seems to have been touched by a very special presence while playing this one.