What dots are we going to leave behind?


Each generation must revive the universal heritage from above in its own language, conditions, and further understanding so that humanity can progress up the ladder.
There is some catching up to do.
I heard that in the past, religions used to have psychological schools, where students would learn from the teachers the practical aspects of the highest science on Earth.
There would be sacred dances, sacred music, singing, arts&crafts martial arts, and studies of esoteric science…
Last century the “forest philosophers” brought this knowledge to the surface and it has been practiced in small circles since. Why not introduce it to humanity in a broader way? Why not revive that spirit, dreaming in each of us, waiting to be woken up?
When looking at these abandoned, yet beautiful architectural structures, I can easily imagine such schools being created within them. The ravages of time will otherwise disintegrate them the same way we can see already in our contemporary concrete architecture.
If the robots or the apes are to inherit the Earth it will be of no concern, but if humans somehow manage to survive, what dots will they be connecting?

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