I can be very very thick!

I’ve just read this among comments on an article and it stopped my breath:

“Australia get off your ass or allow extradition if not he is gonna die in that f king prison.”
Are you, the world, saying that Julian Assange is in prison because Australia is not allowing my extradition from the Czech Republic to the United States while I live in the bay of pigs tortured by them for the planetary mafia business?
You should have told me that spoon feed.  Of course I am ready to go now! What do I have to do?

Targeting the Human With Directed Energy Weapons – Perfect Crimes


These articles were written 20 years ago, their truthfulness has been documented for 10 years in live version through my ‘case’, millions of victims have been attacked by hundreds of millions of criminals by these ‘weapons’ for pleasure, filth, mammon, and vendetta yet up to date no official recognition.
This planet is ready to explode soon unless you all wake up.