No one worries?

While reading the reports about the vaccine industry I get curious about what priorities the Police have when choosing the subject to spend time on…I mean if vaccines are responsible for 75% of sudden infant deaths and they are compulsory, should not they deserve some serious thinking as well?

A shortcut to coronavirus

To orientate oneself in this pure madness a shortcut might help.
The coronavirus has at least three layers of the meaning. The most obvious is the virus itself which is no more deadly than other viruses of such kind.
The second layer is the fact that by researching its origins one comes to the family of viruses with the history going back to different warfare laboratories and their experiments with sexually transmitted diseases with the aims of reducing the number of that population which does not comply with the moral standards of the ape descendants.
That is connected with my case where I was diagnosed a decade ago positive to a streptococcus of which I was not aware at all so I did not care because the medicine treats it with antibiotics that destroy our etheric substances.
Now in 2020 when the real planetary problems are mounting for solutions the whole globe is exposed to the search for everyone who has had an intimate contact with me over the 67 years of my existence and the same ordeal applies to them, it affects my friends and even everyone who has ever met me talked to me or even sat next to me for more than 5 or 10 minutes.
Nobody can escape to it as there is the tape of my entire life taken by satellites and so everyone is known.
The third layer might be the cover-up for human experimentation programs like the one I have been exposed to in front of your eyes from 2010 through some type of bodily sensors.

There is a real reason why we are all exposed to this unprecedented treatment. I am sure the scientific super-elite has the answers to it for you if you survive the streptococcus. My explanations cannot permeate their renowned ‘intellectual integrity’.

The trial

It is very hard when the majority of the earth’s population’s centre of gravity is below the waist. It colours the stuff above that so it becomes invisible or at least irrelevant. It has been used to manipulate emotions of all sides since 2010 and it will most likely take us to cop 21 as pre-planned….or am I wrong?
My letters to the officials of three countries involved – Au, the Czech Republic, and the US asking for my extradition to the US to face their charges for espionage & unsuccessful trials to break into the government’s websites have been overlooked, and instead all my private liaisons since Adam are under the global public and intelligence scrutiny.
I am 68 this year so it might continue till  Noe’s Ark.
I thought that people would understand that there is  Knowledge indispensable to the survival of humanity in the long term, Knowledge which contradicts the transhumanistic course towards the human/artificial intelligence merger almost everybody is so fond of and that they will start to read it, verify what it teaches and apply it into their lives, utterly independently of me and my history.
Well, I was wrong. My history took over and has been used as deterrent against that Knowledge of divine origin.  The only thing people actually grasped was the ape story, yet even that without the right connection to their existence.
I must remember the lemon tree.


Man’s evolution

When reading the court proceedings of a case that is political, one thing comes across one’s mind. The juridical foundation is built solely on Power according to the Old testament. But we live in the third millennium, our science reached the level of knowledge where we begin to understand that human existence is interlinked electromagnetically not only with all life on our planet but with the entire Universe and the blockages in one region affect the whole system, be it a human body, a family, a country or the whole planetary ecosystem. So if one country causes some sort of blockages, it evokes consequently corresponding reactions somewhere else, perhaps of seemingly accidental nature. It is a manifestation of an Objective universal law that we named  Newton’s first law.
The whistleblowers are a very good example of that. We call them adversaries, but in reality, they are the embodiment of the first Newton’s law.
The true evolution is characterized by the rise of human consciousness. So far we kill each other unlawfully and then lawfully, just not long ago we slaughtered ourselves mutually in so many millions that it finally horrified us and we managed to protect ourselves by declarations of human rights and freedoms of speech to move our reconciling processes to a more civilized level of Reasoning between ourselves or in courts. Yet not even a century later we disregard them completely for refusing to comprehend the existence of not just the most fundamental objective law of the Universe but also to mentate on the fact that for 2000 years we have not been able to grasp the significance of the New Testament for our further evolution, which is firmly expected of us by the whole galaxy.
So what is your Reason suggesting?

Days of our lives

I am not allowed to put it in video form.

This situation is a classical product of sleeping humanity. That is how we act and react to the external stimulus. You will be re-living the segments of my life journey feeling superior in your moralistic purity and somehow will overlook that you have been watching for 10 years the human experimentation live, 24/7, you have seen that human body and mind with some form of biosensors can be controlled remotely through directed energy devices according to the whim of a doctor or a police officer at the other end, you have seen real suffering physical as well as psychological, you have seen the psychiatrists and doctors to deny it, you have seen the police to deny it, you have seen the governments ignore the letters, you have seen the videos of victims in total despair for what was happening to them through the application of directed energy weapons and you have seen the mainstream media’s inability to report it directly.
The technology is hardly going to disappear because you will never give up your wi-fi smartphones voluntarily nor will the militaries dismantle their psychotronic systems around the entire planet, therefore you and the following generations will be exposed to these technologies the same or similar way.  It would be wise to protect yourselves at least by acknowledging their existence so you would not end up drugged as delusional in psychiatric institutions on the top of suffering from the microwave or sonic radiation.
Then the juridical domain could create the laws which would make such attacks on private citizens illegal.  Up till now  it is legal, so are the murders and destructions of properties and lands caused by the use of directed energy weapons.
These technologies have the ability to interfere with the natural electromagnetic circuit of the Earth with which all life on earth is synchronized, including us humans. Here originates your real cause of  weather change and  also your physical and mental slavery because by exposing the planet artificially to different electromagnetic frequencies you can be manipulated to whatever psychological reaction the planetary leader chooses without your knowledge unless you pay attention to yourselves
But you pay attention to my private life and to carbon dioxide, so we cannot move anywhere except to quarantines against your coronavirus.
When you are all so courageous heroes, why don’t you put me on whatever trial those up the top need to keep political appearances and help the human rights fighters to free Mr. Assange, who understood the difference between the elephants and flies and published it?
I understand it as well but your lasting obsession with the last judgment made it quite irrelevant.

The balance

First “you” whoever you are, took from us OUR HOLY CREATOR. Then you took from humanity money. Then you invaded our bodies via vaccination. Then you took from Nature the global weather into your hands. Then you took our bodies and minds and everything living with psychotronic technologies. Now you are taking our souls and the Last Judgement into your hands. What do you think will happen?
Read Revelations for the first time.

A Global whore

When the global mainstream media move into the septic, I think it’ time to bring light to this planet. There are light and light, diametrally opposite to each other, something like The Absolute the Firm and the Sun Absolute.
The first light is a reflection of me, the other is not a reflection but the Centre of the whole universe from which all life forms across the galaxies originate,  with one exception_ our apes.
How do I know? Because I was on the Sun Absolute and on the Absolute the Firm. How I got there? By entering the esoteric school, which has access to the scientific knowledge far advanced in comparison with the orthodox science. It has been available to the military for over one hundred years and used and misused as always.
So the situation is such. My life has been morally shocking and all 68 years captured by satellites are in hands of the police and militaries who have been releasing it successively to the media, paparazzi crucks and mafia. Of course, all possible and impossible photo and video collages have been circulating the websites and by being targeted with directed energy radiation from the smartphones of my fellow human beings most of the day for pleasure or money I have become a global whore who cannot be trusted and possibly should be at least isolated from humanity in order not to cause a global pandemic with an ordinary streptococcus I was told I had 10 years ago. By then I was on 24/7 surveillance and nobody made any drama out of it, neither did I, I even did not know I had it.
Well now it has become pandemic because no one can admit publicly anything that I learned in the esoteric school from which every person with Reason can realize that this planet is on the wrong track in almost everything we do, nor you can legally justify the experimentation on innocent human beings, so instead my intimate, totally private but messy life has been dissected to the smallest details with no consideration for other people involved whatsoever, therefore, we have the chain of murders, acts of revenge, destroyed lives, carriers, court cases, blackmails, etc.
A very fine picture of what happens when atheistic humans take the Last Judgement, the work of  Iron hands, into their hands.
Please can you release Mr Assange from this humiliating position as well as Ms Manning and all whistleblowers who are trying to inform you that there are things to be changed on this planet? I passed on what I thought was needed to be passed, but you are more interested or worried about my past so I cannot do much about that can I.  Well at least I can deal with my streptococcus.
I was asked a question yesterday: “what would you do if you wanted to give a presentation and a person came forward and said he had incriminating photos of you”? I am sure there are many witty answers to that but that is not what the merit of such question was. The public speaker must be morally sound, otherwise, he will be publicly ostracized, that is the bottom of it. The author was judging realistically the situation which will materialize one day if I am ever released from my internal prison.
I will hardly put myself into such a situation when or if I have the possibilities of the internet.  But If I made an exception, it would be only on the subject of consciousness, and only if people could not make sense out of what the academic studies are telling them. In such a case I would notify them ahead of it that my past might prevent the presentation from happening.
Is that satisfactory?

The Last Judgement of the atheists

After this Last Judgement of yours to which you have no legal nor Universal rights whatsoever,  you are all the whitest lilies of the valleys so there is no karmic reason not to move out of this mess.
The Zero step: Please free Mr Assange, Ms Manning and all those who are trying to inform you about the global dangers
The first step: Please finally inform the rest of humanity what some of your ancestors knew right from the beginning – that humanity does not originate from apes but apes originate from the accidental crossing of a human genome with that of an animal. You have the scientific proof of that yet you are concealing it with horrible consequences for the whole planet.
The second step- The life on Earth as on any other planet has been created as a part of the Ray of Creation which originates from the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE. I testify its existence as is expressed in Tabula Smaragdina.
Planets themselves are actually stars, the Earth is not an exception so we get  the natural light and heat by splendid reflections. I hope that the Nasa hotels will be booked years in advance by visitors who will want to observe this universal mystery, of which we have been deprived for so long so unjustly.
Some enlightened, morally pure, articulate scientists with good command of English have to come forward and explain on the international platform the purpose and the aim of human existence and the ways how to fulfill them. Such persons will need to understand that we all originate from the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE as everything else which breaths,  be it fauna or flora and that we are connected with OUR CREATOR residing on the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE through the special apparatuses in our bodies which are designed to tune to its frequencies, permeating the whole universe but the Absolute the Firm.
Without such information, you will keep killing each other via robots in the name of freedom, democracy, terrorism, and transhumanism until this time the ‘Most High Commission’ gets angry.  Then we will be carrying the freaking out jokers on our shoulders if we are still around.

The burning questions of the day like human experimentation, military ‘CO2’ weather control, 5G, vaccinations, genetic modifications of every kind, or geopolitical wars will be easier to deal with as we will all have the psychological uniting Universal GPS,   beyond the reach of any cyber-attacks of artificial intelligence, no matter how advanced.

Are we really ready for genome mapping and molecular breeding?

It does not matter what genome of what species. What matters is that when the atheistic scientists who have no conception of the Universe as a Whole start to get ‘creative’, the visual effects are quite impressive but the inner “octaves” of species disappear, those very properties designed to help human beings in fulfilling their purpose of existence. The question of a non-scientist for a scientist is:
What is the purpose of human existence?
And if they are not able to give a satisfactory answer, should not they be asked to postpone the genetic manipulation of species before they find the sound answer? I know for sure the Universe is designed according to the Ray of Creation and they know for sure we do not originate from apes, so under such circumstances, I appeal to those with Reason: Please start to study the esoteric science, accessible to us over more than 100 years before you bring us to the Noe Arch.

This group of three-brained beings fleeing from the country of Maralpleicie, among whom were these twin brothers, the future great learned beings, crossed the eastern heights of Maralpleicie and settled on the shores of a large water space. “They later formed a settled group inhabiting a country which still exists today and which is known as ‘China. ‘ “Well then, in this new place of their permanent existence called ‘China,’ these same two brothers were the first, after the loss of the continent of Atlantis, to ascertain and cognize the fundamental cosmic law of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh. “It is a most interesting and curious circumstance that the initial source of this discovery of theirs was the totality of cosmic substances localized in that same surplanetary formation called there ‘papaveroon,’ or ‘poppy ‘ As I have already said, it was owing to the pernicious habit of chewing the seeds of this poppy that their great-grandfather, King Koniutsion, first invented for his subjects his famous ‘religious teaching. ‘ “Evidently these two great terrestrial learned beings had inherited from their ancestor, King Koniutsion, in addition to the ability to recognize and understand their being-duty
toward their fellow beings, a passionate interest in the study of this product, which has always been one of the innumerable harmful factors for bringing the psyche of your favorites, already enfeebled without this, to its ultimate degeneracy. “In order that you may better represent to yourself and understand just why this small surplanetary formation I mentioned, named ‘papaveroon’ or ‘poppy,’ enabled these exceptional terrestrial learned beings to rediscover that most great cosmic law, you must know first of all that on all planets, among all kinds of surplanetary and intraplanetary formations in general, and particularly among formations called ‘flora,’ there arise, for the purposes of the transformation of common-cosmic substances during the process of Iraniranumange, three classes of crystallizations. “The crystallizations belonging to the first class are called ‘oonastralnian arisings’, those belonging to the second class, ‘okhtastralnian arisings’, and those belonging to the third class, ‘polormedekhtic arisings.’ “Through the ‘oonastralnian arisings” there are transformed in the course of evolutionary or involutionary processes those cosmic crystallizations, or !active elements,’ which are derived only from substances transformed by that planet itself on which this kind of surplanetary or intraplanetary formation exists for the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange. “Through the ‘okhtastralnian arisings’ there are transformed, besides the cosmic crystallizations I have mentioned, also those ‘active elements’ which are derived from the substances transformed by the sun itself and by the other planets of the given solar system. “And through the arisings of the third class, namely the ‘polormedekhtic,’ there are transformed, besides the cosmic crystallizations of the first two classes, all those ‘active elements’ corning from the transformation of substances of various cosmic concentrations belonging to other ‘solar systems’ of our common Megalocosmos. “The surplanetary formation known on your planet by the name of ‘poppy’ belongs to the class of polormedekhtic arisings, and through it there evolves or involves the totality of results of the transformation of all other ‘cosmic center-of-gravity concentrations’ penetrating the atmosphere of this planet of yours through the common-cosmic process of what is called the ‘universal diffusion of the radiations of all kinds of cosmic concentrations.
“And so, my boy, after these two great terrestrial learned beings, Choon-KilTess and Choon-Tro-Pel, were more or less settled in their new place of permanent existence in that still quite young China, they resumed the intentional fulfillment—interrupted through no fault of theirs—of beingpartkdolgduty in the professional field chosen for their responsible existence, namely, scientific research in the branch called ‘medicine. ‘ “They then undertook a study of the totality of cosmic substances which your favorites had long since learned to extract from that polormedekhtic plant and had named ‘opium,’ a word denoting in the language of the beings of that group, ‘dream-maker. ‘ “These two great brothers began to investigate this opium because they, as well as many other three-brained beings of that time, noticed that on introducing a certain preparation of this substance into themselves, every painful sensation temporarily disappeared. “First of all, they set out to study the action of all its properties in the hope of finding one property by means of which to eradicate or at least bring under control the special form of ‘psychic illness’ which was then very widespread among the refugees around them.
“In the course of their research, they first noticed that this opium consisted of seven independent crystallizations with specific subjective properties. “And on further and more detailed investigations they established clearly that each of the seven independent crystallizations of this ‘one whole’ consisted in its turn of seven other specific crystallizations, also with their independent subjective properties, and these in their turn, again of seven, and so on almost to infinity. “This astonished and interested them so greatly that they put aside all the tasks they had set themselves, and from then on devoted themselves with perseverance exclusively to the investigation of this amazing fact which they had been the first to observe, and ultimately they attained results without precedent, even at the period of the existence of the continent of Atlantis, and unequaled at any later epoch among the three-brained beings of your planet. “Well, many centuries after the planetary existence of these great terrestrial learned beings, now saints, Choon-Kil-Tess and Choon-Tro-Pel, when I happened, for one of my investigations, to become acquainted with the detailed history of their activities, I learned that, after they had been convinced beyond doubt that this totality of cosmic substances called ‘opium’ consists of a whole range of compounds of seven active elements with different subjective properties, they began, with the same aim, to investigate many other cosmic results or, as is said there, ‘phenomena’ occurring in their environment. “Later, however, they confined their investigations only to three, namely to ‘opium,’ to what is called the ‘white ray,’ and to ‘sound. ‘ “While studying those three diversely manifested ‘results of cosmic processes,’ they became categorically convinced that although these three results in respect of their origin and outer manifestations have nothing in common, their inner structure and functioning are exactly alike down to the smallest detail. “In short, for the second time on your planet, and long after the loss of the continent of Atlantis, these twin brothers verified and categorically demonstrated again that every separate and outwardly independent phenomenon—if each is taken as a unit—consists in the totality of its manifestations of seven secondary independent units, each with its own subjective properties, that these secondary independent units in their turn consist of seven tertiary units, and so on almost to infinity, and that in each of these primary, secondary, and tertiary units, and so on, the processes of reciprocal relation and reciprocal influence take place in the same way, with rigorous exactitude, down to the smallest detail, and with similar consequences.
excerpts from BT, G.I.G. 

Dear global community

I truly believe that I should have the same access to the information as you have as under my circumstances it is literally impossible not to behave idiotically. I am ready to face the music and as I said many times before, I accept responsibility for whatever is put on my shoulders but when I have what I have, dealing with the past and at the same time with the present and the future in the kitchen without a dictionary of your symbols representing the truth anything I do worsens the situation:  Burned lands, destroyed lives, carriers, all content of Pandora box comes out. Humanity wants to control everything and with the psychotronic technologies on its hands it can, so now it took into its hands the Last But One Judgment. When 7 billion people do that with the currently available level of consciousness, there cannot be anything but what is.





Consortium News via

Jan 24, 2020, 3:54 PM (1 day ago)
to me
Consortium News Sends Libel Notices to Canadian Signals Intelligence Agency and Major Television Network

Consortium News has sent libel notices to a Canadian spy agency and major broadcaster after their reports said CN is part of a Russian-directed propaganda campaign targeting Canadian leaders.


Washington Protest at Brazilian Embassy over Greenwald

WATCH: Activists and journalists gathered in front of the Brazilian Embassy in DC on Thursday to sound the alarm about the threat to press freedom emanating from the attempt to charge Glenn Greenwald for practicing journalism.


We are at the threshold of Revelations

so rather than passing on the subjective thoughts which seem to get nowhere I exchange them for the conscious ones, which ought to be pondered by all militaries, ‘leaders’ and scientists:  If they were, we might be somewhere else:

“Although you were created for the purpose of the common-cosmic existence on planets, and although you were created also as “a-field-of-hope” for the future expectations of our COMMON ALL-GRACIOUS CREATOR – that is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your presence that “Higher-Sacred” for the possible arising of which the whole of our now existing World was just created – and in spite of the said possibilities given to you, that is to say, in spite of your having been created three-brained with possibilities of a logical mentation, yet you do not use this sacred property of yours for the purpose for which it was foreordained, but manifest it as “cunning” towards HIS other creations, as, for instance, towards your own-donkey.

“Apart from the possibilities present in you of consciously coating in your presence the mentioned ‘Higher-Sacred’, this donkey of yours is of the same value for the common-cosmic process and consequently for our COMMON CREATOR, as you yourself, since each of you is predestined for some definite purpose, and these distinct definite purposes, in their totality, actualize the sense of Everything Existing.’
‘The difference between you and your own-donkey is merely in the form and quality of functioning of the internal and external organization of your common presences.

“Such a distribution of forces and strength, which at first sight appears unjust, on the part of our MOST JUST CREATOR was made by Great Nature, simply because the surplus of cosmic substances foreseeingly given you by the CREATOR and by Nature to use for the purpose of your personal self-perfecting, is not given to your donkey, but in place of this, Great Nature Herself transforms the same surplus of cosmic substances in your donkey’s presence for the power and strength of certain of its organs for its present existence only, but of course without the personal cognition of the donkey itself, thus enabling it to manifest the said power incomparably better than you.
And these variously powered manifestations of beings of diverse forms actualize in their totality just those exterior conditions in which alone it is possible for those similar to you – that is, for three-brained beings – consciously to perfect the “germ-of-Reason” placed in their presences, to the necessary gradation of Pure Objective Reason.
“I repeat, all beings, of all brain systems, without exception, large and small, arising and existing on the Earth or within the Earth, in the air or beneath the waters, are all equally necessary for our COMMON CREATOR, for the common harmony of the existence of Everything Existing.
“‘And as all the enumerated forms of beings actualize all together the form of the process required by our CREATOR for the existence of Everything Existing, the essences of all beings are to Him equally valuable and dear.
‘For our COMMON CREATOR, all beings are only parts of the existence of a whole essence spiritualized by HIMSELF.

“‘But what do we see here now?
“One form of beings created by HIM, in whose presences HE has placed all HIS hopes and expectations for the future welfare of Everything Existing, taking advantage of their superiorities lord it over other forms and destroy their existence right and left and, what is more, they do so presumably “in HIS name.”

“‘The whole terror of it is that although such phenomenal anti-god acts take place here in every house and on every square, nevertheless it never enters the head of any of these unfortunates that these beings whose existence I or we are now destroying, are equally dear to that ONE, Who has created them, and that if HE created these other forms of beings as well as ourselves, it must also have been for some purpose.’….

….”I am quite sure that if any one of them should become aware that in destroying another’s existence he is not only committing an evil deed against the true God and every real Saint, but is even causing them, in their essences, sorrow, and grief that there should exist in the great Universe “in-the-likeness-of-God” being-monsters who can manifest towards other creations of our COMMON CREATOR so consciencelessly and pitilessly; I repeat, if any one of them should become aware of this, then certainly not one among them could with all his heart ever again destroy the existence of beings of other forms for Sacrificial-Offerings.

“Then perhaps on the Earth also, would begin to exist the eighteenth personal commandment of our COMMON CREATOR which declared:

“Love everything that breathes.”
“‘It goes without saying, GOD forgives everything – this has even become a law in the World.”
‘But HIS creations – in this case people – must not abuse this All-Gracious and Everywhere-Penetrating Goodness of HIS; they must not only care for but even maintain all HE has created.”

excerpts from BT G.I.G. written 100 years ago

in Czech:
„Přestože jsi byl stvořen pro společné účely vesmírné existence na planetách, a přestože jsi byl stvořen také jako „pole naděje“ pro budoucí očekávání našeho SPOLEČNÉHO-VŠE-MILOSRDNÉHO- TVŮRCE – tedy řečeno stvořen s možnostmi oblékání „Vyššího-Posvátného“ v tvé přítomnosti, právě pro jehož možné vznikání byl celý náš současný Svět  vytvořen – a navzdory zmíněným možnostem, které ti byly dány, jinak řečeno přestože jsi byl stvořen jako tří-mozkový s možnostmi logické mentace, přesto toto své posvátné vlastnictví nevyužíváš k účelu, pro který bylo předem určeno, ale projevuješ ho jako „mazanost“ vůči JEHO jiným stvořením, jako například vůči tvému oslovi.

„Kromě možností vědomého ‘oblékání’ zmíněného Vyššího Nejsvětějšího ve své přítomnosti, které v tobě je, má ten tvůj osel pro společný kosmický proces a následně pro našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE stejnou hodnotu jako ty, protože každý z vás je předurčen k nějakému specifickému účelu a tyto odlišné specifické účely v jejich úplnosti aktualizují smysl Všeho Existujícího. “

„Rozdíl mezi tebou a tvým oslem je pouze ve formě a kvalitě fungování vnitřní a vnější organizace vašich společných přítomností.

“Ty máš například pouze dvě nohy, zatímco osel má až čtyři, z nichž každá je navíc nekonečně silnější než tvoje.”

“Uneseš například na těch svých nohách stejně tolik jako ten osel?”

„Určitě ne, protože tvé nohy jsou ti dány pouze k tomu, abys unesl sám sebe a to málo, co je nezbytné pro normální existenci tří-mozkové bytosti, jak předvídala Příroda.
“Takové rozdělení sil a moci, které se na první pohled jeví jako nespravedlivé bylo ze strany našeho NEJSPRAVEDLIVĚJŠÍHO TVŮRCE  provedeno Velikou Přírodou jednoduše proto, že nadbytek vesmírných substancí, které ti předvídavě poskytli TVŮRCE a Příroda k tvému osobnímu sebe-zdokonalování není dán tvému oslovi, ale namísto toho  Veliká Příroda sama transformuje stejný nadbytek kosmických substancí v přítomnosti tvého osla na sílu a moc některých jeho orgánů pouze pro jeho současnou existenci, ale samozřejmě aniž by si to osel sám osobně uvědomil, což mu umožňuje projevit zmíněnou sílu nesrovnatelně lépe než ty.

„A tyto různě poháněné projevy bytostí rozličných tvarů v jejich souhrnu aktualizují právě ty vnější podmínky, v nichž samotných je možné aby ti, kteří jsou podobni tobě – tedy tří-mozkové bytosti – vědomě zdokonalovaly „zárodek Rozumu“, umístěného v jejich přítomnosti k nezbytné gradaci Čistého Objektivního Rozumu.

“Opakuji, všechny bytosti všech mozkových systémů bez výjimky, velké i malé, vznikající a existující na Zemi nebo uvnitř Země, ve vzduchu nebo pod vodami, jsou pro našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE stejně nezbytné pro společnou harmonii existence Všeho Existujícího.

„A protože všechny vyjmenované formy bytostí  společně aktualizují formu procesu, který náš TVŮRCE vyžaduje pro existenci Všeho Existujícího, esence všech bytostí jsou pro Něho stejně cenné a drahé.
„Pro našeho společného TVŮRCE jsou všechny bytosti pouze částmi Jím zduchovnělé existence celé esence . “Ale co tu teď vidíme?”
„Jednu formu bytostí Jím vytvořených, do jejichž přítomnosti umístil všechny své naděje a očekávání pro budoucí blaho Všeho Existujícího, kteří využívají své nadřazenosti k vládě nad jinými formami a ničí jejich existenci vpravo a vlevo a navíc se domnívají, že v “Jeho jménu“.
„Jsem si docela jistý, že pokud by si někdo z nich měl uvědomit, že ničením existence druhého nečiní jen zlý skutek pravému bohu a každému opravdovému Svatému, ale dokonce způsobuje v jejich esencích zármutek a utrpení tím, že by ve velikém Vesmíru měly existovat bytostní nestvůry v podobnosti Boží“, které se mohou projevovat vůči ostatním stvořením našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE tak nesvědomitě a žalostně; opakuji, kdyby si to měl někdo z nich uvědomit, pak už by rozhodně nikdy ani jeden z nich nemohl kvůli obětním darům  zničit celým svým srdcem existenci bytostí jiných forem.

„Potom by snad také na Zemi začalo existovat osmnácté osobní přikázání našeho SPOLEČNÉHO TVŮRCE, které prohlašuje: „Milujte vše, co dýchá.“

„Je samozřejmé, že BŮH odpouští všechno – to se dokonce stalo na Světě zákonem.

„Ale JEHO tvorstvo – v tomto případě lidé – nesmí JEHO VšeMilosrdné a Vším-Pronikající Dobro zneužívat; musí se nejen starat ale dokonce udržovat vše, co vytvořil.
výňatky z BT G.I.G. 

Apes as ancestors? No, dogs.

My dad got a new ID which has already an electronic chip in it. There is a very short step between IDs and our bodies. The media have been preparing our psyche for such an event for a long time, our love of easiness and speed ironically supports it and compulsory chipping of all dogs in the Czech Republic has not created any controversial reactions as people ‘understand’ the advantages. I went for my morning walk the other day and saw a dog ahead of me in the park. It was alternately lifting one leg after another while standing at the same place. It looked to me like being remotely controlled, a pretty repulsive thought indeed. Do we actually ponder over this chipping industry? Do we understand that our bodies can be remotely controlled not just physically as this dog but psychologically and emotionally as well? Once it is officially empowered, then your freedom as such will be lost. Your temper or anger can be raised, your habits altered, your voting preferences or decisions changed without even knowing it, remote ai judging you according to the level of being of its programmer which is perhaps the most insulting experience of all human experimentation, but it does far more damage on a subconscious level, where you want to either please the program out of fear not to lose the points or sneak around it or rebel against it just to name few….then what is considered ‘good’ in one country is considered ‘bad’ in another;  it corrupts one’s nature, it does not wake up the united objective conscience inbuilt in us all by our COMMON CREATOR as a conscious link between HIM and us while granting us at the same time the freedom of choice between good and bad…We are replacing a conscious teacher with an unconscious policeman. The moment the person knows he/she is off it, they will go back to their original state. Personally, I wonder how facial recognition cameras alone, regardless of their sensitivity can monitor billions of people 24/7. They must be traceable by GPS, how? That is certainly not the way of “evolution” but dark ages hypocrisy. And the story continues, in Europe, your chipped passports are going to be linked to your vaccination records within one or two years so your movements will be most likely highly restricted or even stopped (like in Iceland) unless you comply with the vaccination schedules. (Just to demonstrate our associative thinking: ‘vaccination passport’ has been proposed, modeled on the successful pet passport system which helps to record immunization histories of pets moving within Europe. The pet passport system has significantly improved the immunisation rates of animals.)

Today (now) determines tomorrow

Esoteric science:  today is a result of yesterday and tomorrow will be a result of today. (what is done today will be done tomorrow). Any changes can be made only in ‘now’.  (One of the 48 Objective Laws of the Universe, under which humanity, in general, finds itself). So if by any chance anybody wants to change tomorrow, he/she has to do it ‘now’. By changing ‘now’ they will change tomorrow and by changing tomorrow they will change the past.

Weaponizing the Brain: Neuroscience Advancements Spark Debate


When will the orthodox psychiatrists and psychologists take notice and stop diagnosing such testimonies as delusional?

The esoteric science

is the highest science available to men on Earth. You can do harm even kill with it and heal and give life back, such high knowledge it contains. Who has access to it has also incredible advantages over the rest of the population and so adequate responsibility. If he/she purposefully misuses it against another being, he/she creates a very powerful force against themselves hard to redress, despite of all-forgiveness of our Creator.

Julian Assange Sedated by Psychiatric Drugs

If we say it is in God’s hands, Osho will say “God does not have hands, he has to use yours”.
OK, I have hands, but the state of our planetary affairs is so absurd that nothing can be done without the golem; I understand very well that each political system protects itself by all means so when living in the socialist system I had to listen to Free Europe to get the full picture; now I live in free  Europe and have to listen to RT to get the full picture.
Do not you find it ‘arch-preposterous’? I do and that is just the beginning.
Millions of professional people know that our main so-called climate changes are caused by the militarization and commercialization of our atmosphere yet we carry on our carbon dioxide theatre and destroy the lives of all those who dare to oppose or expose it.
The control of the global weather has brought so much pressure on Nature that one must ask a question- why do we spend literally trillions of dollars/ year to control with so devastating consequences ‘something’ that Nature did for free with uncomparably better results?  I would understand if we did it for combatting the devastating fires across the globe by bringing the rain to such areas.  When living in Sydney, I used to take pictures of the skies at different times so I know that we can localize the rain exactly where we need it.
Yet never have there been fires which literally melt the metal in an unprecedented way, explainable only by the application of a special type of directed energy, known to be used in advanced weaponry systems. So what is our agenda?
My case testifies that such new directed energy technologies have been used to manipulate and control not just the climate but the human body and its mental functions as well. The highest military science departments research and experiment with the psychological effects that the electromagnetic properties originating from the space, sun and the moon have on humanity. Such energies have specific purposes as everything else in this mysterious Universe, they seem to be like double-edged saw which can be used consciously or unconsciously. If consciously it helps humanity in the quantum leap to another energy level; if unconsciously we engage in mutual hatred and reciprocal destruction via wars and revolutions. If we were told about it, I am sure we would be able to recognize such psychological states in ourselves and not to get endlessly identified with them.
But the separation and sharp specialization of scientific fields causes discontinuity of knowledge and so very often acts as a barrier to a much-needed progress to seeing the connectedness of everything, where there is no difference between the worm and a galaxy except in number of their centres.

The internet testimonies inform us that many people experience separations of their consciousness from the physical body, Cern and the space militaries can evoke such separations artificially yet the medical establishment issues passports to the asylums for such testimonies. This is absolutely unacceptable as it creates immense suffering on the top of that which arises from non-consensual human experimentation on a massive scale –  clandestine practice to this first day of the year 2020. It cannot possibly contribute to the trustful environment, needed for dealing with the historical issue of reaching the threshold of the new epoch and marching towards the unconscious merger with the subjective enhancement of our intelligence without even knowing about the Ray of Creation, our position on it nor about the real purpose of our existence. I understand that not everybody is interested in it, on the other hand, this time determines what will happen to the future generations and I just see how unawareness of esoteric science in the orthodox scientific community is taking us to transhumanistic projections which jeopardize the realization of our real evolutionary possibilities in the world so far invisible to our ordinary eyes, the world where an eye for an eye does not mean the physical eye of the Old Testament but acquiring the psychological eye of the New Testament.  Where the real understanding between people can take place, based on the common understanding that all existing in its endless varieties, including religions originate from One source and is subdued to the exact Universal Laws.
2000 years overdue.



Where is the boundary beyond which the science and the states have no power over our bodies? Death?

Just reading the following study was enough to wonder about the abilities of the genetic scientists to mentate on the issues like the origins of the species. If you know that monkeys are half humans and half animals which you cannot know not by now,  then you must assume that viruses of monkeys will be most likely transferrable to humans?

Another shock to the thinking mind comes from the scientific endeavour to tattoo the medical information into the skin of a  human body by microneedles. 
It is a sophisticated version of the last century’s tattooing prisoners’ numbers into their skin at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Monowitz. How come that our scientists do not have in their conscience repulsion to such projects? I would like to remind the habitat of this planet that by not resisting it you are psychologically getting ready for the state of global affairs, described in Revelations. That state contradicts the Universal Plan, therefore, is not sustainable in time so why to proceed with it at all?
The Universe is spiritual, 80% of the global population understands that quite clearly so perhaps that 80 % should get finally informed and assert its rights of the overwhelming majority to stop the invasions of bodily privacies before it’s too late.
Who else can explain to you better, that we were born for specific purposes but physical & psychological slavery is not one of them yet you are voluntarily heading to where I am already by force?

Incomprehensible Logic

“Vaccines are exceptionally safe and effective, saving an estimated 2 million to 3 million lives annually (1)”

“Deaths in the US during 2004-2015:
Due to measles – 0  (source CDC)   Due to measles vaccines – 108 (source VAERS)
(est. only 1% of cases reported)

Does not one find it confusing? These two simple official facts support a very old question: ‘what is the real purpose of vaccinations’?



Drones to be or not to be

I have a problem with your unsustainable drones and ai replacing sustainable humans. I referred several times to the esoteric facts, stating that electricity is a limited substance of the atmospheres and planets, sacred to all three-brain beings of the entire Universe including humans as it participates in arising and declining of every form of existence.
Your science has proved that every cell of the human body is run by electricity. Is it so difficult to mentate on this information with being Reason and with the precautionary principle taken into account conclude that perhaps you save a lot of money by replacing humans with efficient machines, but you will lose them all when those “unprofitable machines” will end up in the Universe 25  and you and your drones alone will not be able to fulfill the task, appointed to us by the Ray of Creation?
Shall you not explain to humanity first what is the real purpose of our existence and the ways how to fulfill it so that people could orientate themselves in this mess?

Robinsons in the kitchen

There was a picture on a social site a while ago, with two sections. The first one showed two scientists in a laboratory, surrounded by piles of papers, different appliances, different instruments, microscopes, evidently overwhelmed by the immensity of scientific discoveries. In the other section, there also were two scientists in a laboratory, cautiously examining the books, plans, and maps, on which bases they were concentrating their further research and its direction.

That is a state of orthodox science at the moment, some scientists have access to esoteric science but the majority of them do not. It has always been like that but now the circumstances have changed. The planet undergoes its own evolutionary cycles and for that, it requires a higher level of vibrations which life on Earth must produce. Fauna &flora cannot increase them, the only species who can do that are humans.  The word transformation is frequently cited, so is a higher consciousness, both refer to the same aim of increasing the frequency of vibrations. The internet is full of information on these subjects, presented from different angles by different personalities and so interpreted and digested in different ways. That is fine, except that only some speak the ‘same’ language so at the end of the day misunderstandings prevail among the people who actually all have the same aim, to make living on this planet happy and fruitful.
There are well-known facts about our origins and the functioning processes of our planet which I believe the public needs to know.
I mean how can you prevent the gene-editing industry from invading the planet when you do not introduce the Ray of Creation to the school systems and academies? They understand DNAs as bio-bricks for a play according to their imagination and one cannot blame them. Nevertheless, their ignorance of the purpose of the existence of the objective universal laws creates a dangerous precedent for unexpected difficulties.  If they knew that DNA is controlled from the inner world of bodily energies, they would concentrate their efforts on that hidden world. If they knew about the sacred aspect of the Creation, about our unique possibility to create another etheric body within the physical organism which survives physical death, they would realize that genetic modifications of the organisms most likely destroy such a possibility for the future generations to come so they would rather concentrate on researching that hidden sacred world of energies first. But the ape story is a sort of a glass ceiling I guess….  Esoteric science mentioned even our grafting more than 120 years ago as ignorant procedures that although creating the exceptional external beauty they at the same time destroy the inner qualities of the species reflected in fragrances and tastes.  Those inner qualities would give us the active cosmic substances also needed for the growth of the ‘higher being’ bodies. When not present, it serves only as food for the physical body.
Again, such knowledge would direct the research of the scientists towards the inner world of species, and one day they would be able to create anything they like if built on the universal principles. The roses would smell again as they used to.

Let’s take the Okidanokh – a sacred substance of each planetary atmosphere which we call electricity. How many scientists could actually consider it sacred when being raised in a secular system? Oddly enough science knows that every cell of the body is run by electricity yet we have the totally separate fields of science of physics which deal with electricity solely on technical terms of energy, not being aware of the three active substances of electricity that participate in the creation of everything existing on the planet as a spirit giver.  Would they end up with 5G around the planet?



North Korea

The nuclear disarmament of North Korea would be a very desirable act for the whole humanity if it were a reciprocal planetary act, based on an understanding of the objective laws of the Universe. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Despite the fact that defense departments are traveling across the world to clear their names the whole world is witnessing the most abusive and primitive misuse of power – enslaving of a human body in a state of its unconsciousness so it cannot defend itself. This has been happening across the world for decades, I am not the only person who can testify to that so if the repressive activities of the police states into which we have transformed our democracies are degraded to the state lower than that of animals, what solution to such scenario there is?
How can you imagine that GOD would bless such management of the planet?
Yes, I see you are building a distant future, but you are building it on sand so it will fall apart in colossal destruction.

I am ready to face your court procedures and prisons and do not need any lawyers.
Merry Christmas to all participants.

Immunogenicity and Safety of a Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Administered as a First Dose to Children Aged 12 to 15 Months: A Phase III, Randomized, Noninferiority, Lot-to-Lot Consistency Study

When compared with the MMR II vaccine (M-M-R-II) currently available in the United States, a first dose of MMR-RIT (Priorix) given to 1-year-old children elicit

Source: Immunogenicity and Safety of a Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Administered as a First Dose to Children Aged 12 to 15 Months: A Phase III, Randomized, Noninferiority, Lot-to-Lot Consistency Study

I can be very very thick!

I’ve just read this among comments on an article and it stopped my breath:

“Australia get off your ass or allow extradition if not he is gonna die in that f king prison.”
Are you, the world, saying that Julian Assange is in prison because Australia is not allowing my extradition from the Czech Republic to the United States while I live in the bay of pigs tortured by them for the planetary mafia business?
You should have told me that spoon feed.  Of course I am ready to go now! What do I have to do?