Who is a Christian

“If instead of religion in general we take Christianity, then again there exists a
Christianity number one, that is to say, paganism in the guise of Christianity.
Christianity number two is an emotional religion, sometimes very pure but without
force, sometimes full of bloodshed and horror leading to the Inquisition, to religious
wars. Christianity number three, instances of which are afforded by various forms of
Protestantism, is based upon dialectic, argument, theories, and so forth. Then there is
Christianity number four, of which men number one, number two, and number three
have no conception whatever.
“In actual fact Christianity number one, number two, and number three is simply
external imitation. Only man number four strives to be a Christian and only man
number five can actually be a Christian. For to be a Christian means to have the being
of a Christian, that is, to live in accordance with Christ’s precepts.
“Man number one, number two, and number three cannot live in accordance with
Christ’s precepts because with them everything ‘happens.’ Today it is one thing and
tomorrow it is quite another thing. Today they are ready to give away their last shirt
and tomorrow to tear a man to pieces because he refuses to give up his shirt to them.
They are swayed by every chance event. They are not masters of themselves and
therefore they cannot decide to be Christians and really be Christians.
“Science, philosophy, and all manifestations of man’s life and activity can be
divided in exactly the same way into seven categories. But the ordinary language in
which people speak is very far from any such divisions, and this is why it is so
difficult for people to understand one another.” (ISOM p.81 in pdf”

The Institute (GIG for HDM) can give very little. The program of the Institute, the power of the Institute, the aim of the Institute, the possibilities of the Institute can be expressed in few words: the
Institute can help one to be able to be a Christian. Simple!
That is all! It can do so only if a man has this desire, and a
man will have this desire only if he has a place where constant
desire is present. Before being able, one must wish.
Thus there are three periods: to wish, to be able, and to be.
The Institute is the means. Outside the Institute it is possible to wish and to be; but here, to be able.
The majority of those present here call themselves Christians. Practically all are Christians in quotation marks. Let us examine this question like grown-up men.
—Dr. X., are you a Christian? What do you think, should one love one’s neighbor or hate him? Who can love like a Christian?
It follows that to be a Christian is impossible. Christianity includes many things; we have taken only one of them,
to serve as an example.
Can you love or hate someone to order?
Yet Christianity says precisely this, to love all men. But this is impossible. At the same time it is quite true that it is necessary to love.
First one must be able, only then can one love.
Unfortunately, with time, modern Christians have adopted the
second half, to love, and lost view of the first, the religion
which should have preceded it.
It would be very silly for God to demand from man what he
cannot give.
Half of the world is Christian, the other half has other religions. For me, a sensible man, this makes no difference; they
are the same as the Christian. Therefore it is possible to say
that the whole world is Christian, the difference is only in name. And it has been Christian not only for one year but for thousands of years. There were Christians long before the advent of Christianity. So common sense says to me:
“For so many years men have been Christians—how can they be so foolish as to demand the impossible?”
But it is not like that. Things have not always been as they
are now. Only recently have people forgotten the first half,
and because of that have lost the capacity for being able. And
so it became indeed impossible.
Let every one ask himself, simply and openly, whether he
can love all men. If he has had a cup of coffee, he loves; if not,
he does not love. How can that be called Christianity?
In the past not all men were called Christians. Some members of the same family were called Christians, others pre-Christians, still others were called non-Christians. So in one
and the same family there could be the first, the second and
the third. But now all call themselves Christians. It is naive,
dishonest, unwise and despicable to wear this name without
A Christian is a man who is able to fulfill the Commandments.
A man who is able to do all that is demanded of a Christian,
both with his mind and his essence, is called a Christian without quotation marks. A man who, in his mind, wishes to do all
that is demanded of a Christian, but can do so only with his
mind and not with his essence, is called pre-Christian. And a
man who can do nothing, even with his mind, is called a non-Christian.
Try to understand what I wish to convey by all this. Let
your understanding be deeper and broader.
(VRW page 120 pdf, 153 the book)

Question: Was Christ a teacher with a school preparation, or
was he an accidental genius?
Answer: Without knowledge he could not have been what he
was, nor could he have done what he did. It is known that
where he was there was knowledge.
Views from the Real World G.I.Gurdjieff page 72

Question: Did Christ teach dances?
Answer: I was not there to see. It is necessary to distinguish
between dances and gymnastics—they are different things. We
do not know whether his disciples danced, but we do know
that where Christ got his training they certainly taught “sacred gymnastics.”
Question: Is there any value in Catholic ceremonies and
Answer: I have not studied Catholic ritual, but I know the
rituals of the Greek Church well, and there, underlying the
form and ceremony, there is real meaning. Every ceremony, if
it continues to be practiced without change, has value. Ritual
is like ancient dances which were guidebooks where truth was
written down. But to understand one must have a key.
Old country dances also have meaning—some even contain
such things as recipes for making jam.
A ceremony is a book in which much is written. Anyone
who understands can read it. In one ceremony more is contained than in a hundred books. Usually everything changes,
but customs and ceremonies can remain unchanged.
Views from the Real World G.I.Gurdjieff page 72

“Life exercise” of war?

This is like a dream. The Western alliance is prepared for the seemingly unending “life exercise” of War? Again on the European continent? Do not you have on your shoulders a global reset either to dismantle or to explain it to 7.8 billion people so that they could decide if they want to pursue such a path or to choose a different direction? I cannot believe this is happening for real. We do not live in the 20th century.
Every genuine student of the real esoteric school knows, how the western alliance got its superior scientific knowledge. What has it done with it? That superior knowledge was gathered over the years from European, Middle Eastern, Russian, Asian and Eastern territories and presented to the West via Armenian and Russian seekers. Not the least sign of gratitude. It has been shamelessly misused against humanity and therefore against GOD. Do not you know that such knowledge has to be passed down to people? Otherwise, it will be taken away from you, says the objective law.
You became GOD’s enemy, leading the planet that way and it cannot but bring some form of a disaster on the whole planet. Russia knows that.

Sacred individual Judas

Judas’ story has been revealed to the world in several modifications, by many artists and those, interested in esoteric fields. As a student of the 4th Way I was touched by the emotional presentation of the tale about Judas in BT and I remember the afternoon when a few of us got together and were examining the Biblical texts, looking for the proof of such a claim. We did not find it but at the same time, we did not discover any strong condemnation. Personally, I did not doubt the tale by any means and by logical reasoning it would be unintelligent to dismiss it the same way our fact checks do.
Mr. Gurdjieff had the ability to read peoples’ minds as documented by many of his students e.i. J. Bennett in his book Idiots in Paris or M. Anderson’s Unknowable Gurdjieff. So Jesus Christ certainly must have had such ability as well. It is confirmed in Gospels Matthew 9:4.
So we can deduce that if Jesus Christ had such ability, He must have known Judas’ thoughts. Besides, it is said that in order to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, such a person would have “to be on the level of an apostle.” He himself must have had such ability as well.

Beelzebub’s Tales to his grandson, chapter Religion page 677-680 pdf

“I will inform you, namely, concerning what is said in
this contemporary Holy Writ, which has as it were reached
them in an unchanged form, about the chief, most reasonable
and most devoted of all the beings, directly initiated
by this Sacred Individual or, as they would say, about
one of his Apostles.
“This devoted and favorite Apostle initiated by Jesus
Christ Himself was called ‘Judas’.
“According to the present version of this Holy Writ
everyone who wishes to draw on the true knowledge will
acquire such a conviction, which will also be fixed in his
essence, that this same Judas was the basest of beings
conceivable, and that he was a conscienceless, double-faced, treacherous traitor.
“But in fact, this Judas was not only the most faithful
and devoted of all the near followers of Jesus Christ, but
also, only thanks to his Reason and presence of mind all
the acts of this Sacred Individual could form that result,
which if it did not serve as the basis for the total destruction
of the consequences of the properties of the organ
Kundabuffer in these unfortunate three-brained beings,
yet it was nevertheless, during twenty centuries the source
of nourishment and inspiration for the majority of them
in their desolate existence and made it at least a little
“In order that you may better represent and make clear
to yourself the genuine individuality of this Judas, and
the significance of his manifestation for the future, I must
first still inform you that when this Sacred Individual
Jesus Christ, intentionally actualized from Above in a
planetary body of a terrestrial being, completely formed
Himself for a corresponding existence, He decided to
actualize the mission imposed on Him from Above,
through the way of enlightening the reason of these
three-brained terrestrial beings, by means of twelve different
types of beings, chosen from among them and who were
specially enlightened and prepared by him personally.
“And so, in the very heat of His Divine Activities, surrounding
circumstances independent of Him were so arranged,
that not having carried out His intention, i.e., not
having had time to explain certain cosmic truths and to
give the required instructions for the future, He was compelled
to allow the premature cessation of his planetary
existence to be accomplished.
“He then decided, together with these twelve terrestrial
beings intentionally initiated by Him, to have recourse
to the sacred sacrament Almznoshinoo—the process of
the actualization of which sacred sacrament was already
well known to all of them, as they had already acquired
in their presences all the data for its fulfillment—so that
He should have the possibility, while He still remained
in such a cosmic individual state, to finish the preparation
begun by Him for the fulfillment of the plan designed for
actualization of the mission imposed on Him from Above.
“And so, my boy, when having decided on this and
being ready to begin the preliminary preparation required
for this sacred sacrament, it then became clear that it
was utterly impossible to do this, as it was too late; they
were all already surrounded by beings, called ‘guards’ and
their arrest and everything that would follow from it, was
expected at any moment. And it was just here that this
Judas, now a Saint and formerly the inseparable and devoted
helper of Jesus Christ and who is ‘hated’ and
‘cursed’ owing to the naive nonreasonableness of the peculiar
three-brained beings of your planet, manifested
himself and rendered his great objective service for which
terrestrial three-brained beings of all subsequent generations should be grateful.
“This wise, onerous, and disinterestedly devoted manifestation
taken upon himself consisted in this, that while
in a state of desperation on ascertaining that it was impossible to fulfill the required preliminary procedure for
the actualization of the sacred Almznoshinoo, this Judas,
now a Saint, leaped from his place and hurriedly said:
“ ‘I shall go and do everything in such a way that you
should have the possibility of fulfilling this sacred preparation without hindrance, and meanwhile set to work at once.’
“Having said this, he approached Jesus Christ and
having confidentially spoken with Him a little and received His blessing, hurriedly left.
“The others, indeed without hindrance, finished everything necessary for the possibility of accomplishing this sacred process Almznoshinoo.
“After what I have just said, you should now without
any doubt understand how the three-brained beings, of
the two types indicated by me of the planet Earth which
has taken your fancy, have distorted for their various egoistic
aims all the truths to such an extent, that about this Judas, now
a Saint—thanks to whom alone such a blessed
hearth of tranquillity from their desolate existence had
arisen and existed for them for twenty centuries—there has
been crystallized in the presences of the beings of all
subsequent generations such an unprecedented unjust representation.
“I personally even think that if this Judas was presented
in their Holy Writ as a type of this kind, then it may
have been for this reason, that it was necessary for someone
or other, also belonging to the mentioned types, to
belittle in this way, for a certain purpose, the significance
of Jesus Christ Himself.
“And, namely, He appeared to be so naive, so unable to
feel and see beforehand, in a word, so unperfected that
in spite of knowing and existing together with this Judas
so long, He failed to sense and be aware that this immediate
disciple of His was such a perfidious traitor and that
he would sell Him for thirty worthless pieces of silver.”

The Last Supper as a magical ceremony for establishing a connection between astral bodies

“In the history of mankind we see two parallel and independent lines of civilization: the esoteric and the exoteric. Invariably one of them overpowers the other and develops while the
other fades. A period of esoteric civilization comes when there
are favorable external conditions, political and otherwise.
Then Knowledge, clothed in the form of a Teaching corresponding to the conditions of time and place, becomes widely spread. Thus it was with Christianity.
But while for some people religion serves as guidance, for others it is only a policeman.
Christ, too, was a magician, a man of Knowledge. He was not God, or rather Me was God, but on a certain level.
The true meaning and significance of many events in the Gospels are almost forgotten now.
For instance, the Last Supper was something quite different from what people usually
think. What Christ mixed with bread and wine and gave to
the disciples was really his blood.
To explain this I must say something else.
Everything living has an atmosphere around itself. The difference lies only in its size. The larger the organism, the larger its atmosphere. In this respect every organism can be compared to a factory. A factory has an atmosphere around it composed of smoke, steam, waste materials and certain admixtures
which evaporate in the process of production. The value of
these component parts varies. In exactly the same way, human atmosphere is composed of different elements. And as the atmosphere of different factories has a different smell, so has the
atmosphere of different people. For a more sensitive nose, for
instance for a dog, it is impossible to confuse the atmosphere of one man with the atmosphere of another.
I have said that man is also a station for transforming sub-stances. Parts of the substances produced in the organism are used for the transformation of other matters, while other parts
go into his atmosphere, that is, are lost. So here, too, the same thing happens as in a factory.
Thus the organism works not only for itself, but also for something else. Men of Knowledge know how to retain the fine matters in themselves and accumulate them. Only a large accumulation of these fine matters enables a second and lighter body to be formed within man.
Ordinarily, however, the matters composing man’s atmosphere are constantly used up and replaced by man’s inner work.
Man’s atmosphere does not necessarily have the shape of a sphere. It constantly changes its form. In times of strain, of threat or of danger, it becomes stretched out in the direction
of the strain. Then the opposite side becomes thinner.
Man’s atmosphere takes up a certain space. Within the limits of this space it is attracted by the organism, but beyond a certain limit particles of the atmosphere become torn off and
return no more. This can happen if the atmosphere is greatly stretched out in one direction.
The same happens when a man moves. Particles of his atmosphere become torn off, are left behind and produce a “trail”, by which a man can be traced. These particles may quickly
mix with the air and dissolve, but they may also stay in place
for a fairly long time. Particles of atmosphere also settle on a
man’s clothes, underclothes and other things belonging to him,
so that a kind of track remains between them and the man.
Magnetism, hypnotism and telepathy are phenomena of the
same order. The action of magnetism is direct; the action of
hypnotism is at a short distance through the atmosphere; telepathy is action at a greater distance. Telepathy is analogous to the telephone or telegraph. In these, the connections are metal
wires, but in telepathy they are the trail of particles left by
man. A man who has the gift of telepathy can fill this trail with
his own matter and thus establish a connection, forming as it
were a cable through which he can act on a man’s mind. If he
possesses some object belonging to a man, then, having thus
established a connection, he fashions round this object an
image out of wax or clay and, acting upon it, thus acts on the
man himself.” VRW G.I.Gurdjieff

“…..In all the denominations of Christianity a great part is played by the
tradition of the Last Supper of Christ and his disciples. Liturgies and a whole series of
dogmas, rites, and sacraments are based upon it. This has been a ground for schism,
for the separation of churches, for the formation of sects; how many people have
perished because they
would not accept this or that interpretation of it. But, as a matter of fact, nobody
understands what this was precisely, or what was done by Christ and his disciples that
evening. There exists no explanation that even approximately resembles the truth,
because what is written in the Gospels has been, in the first place, much distorted in
being copied and translated; and secondly, it was written for those who know. To
those who do not know it can explain nothing, but the more they try to understand it,
the deeper they are led into error.
“To understand what took place at the Last Supper it is first of all necessary to
know certain laws.
“You remember what I said about the ‘astral body’? Let us go over it briefly. People
who have an ‘astral body’ can communicate with one another at a distance without
having recourse to ordinary physical means. But for such communication to be
possible they must establish some ‘connection’ between them. For this purpose when
going to different places or different countries people sometimes take with them
something belonging to another, especially things that have been in contact with his
body and are permeated with his emanations, and so on. In the same way, in order to
maintain a connection with a dead person, his friends used to keep objects which had
belonged to him. These things leave, as it were, a trace behind them, something like
invisible wires or threads which remain stretched out through space. These threads
connect a given object with the person, living or in certain cases dead, to whom the
object belonged. Men have known this from the remotest antiquity and have made
various uses of this knowledge.
“Traces of it may be found among the customs of many peoples. You know, for
instance, that several nations have the custom of blood-brotherhood. Two men, or
several men, mix their blood together in the same cup and then drink from this cup.
After that they are regarded as brothers by blood. But the origin of this custom lies
deeper. In its origin it was a magical ceremony for establishing a connection between
‘astral bodies.’ Blood has special qualities. And certain peoples, for instance the Jews,
ascribed a special significance of magical properties to blood. Now, you see, if a
connection between ‘astral bodies’ had been established, then again according to the
beliefs of certain nations it is not broken by death.
“Christ knew that he must die. It had been decided thus beforehand. He knew it and
his disciples knew it. And each one knew what part he had to play. But at the same
time they wanted to establish a permanent link with Christ. And for this purpose he
gave them his blood to drink and his flesh to eat. It was not bread and wine at all, but
real flesh and real blood.
“The Last Supper was a magical ceremony similar to ‘blood-brotherhood’ for
establishing a connection between ‘astral bodies.’ But who is there who knows about
this in existing religions and who understands
what it means? All this has been long forgotten and everything has been given quite a
different meaning. The words have remained but their meaning has long been lost.”
G.I. Gurdjieff from P.D.Ouspensky’s ISOM p. 103-4

For re-emphasizing the multiple purposes of the planetary atmosphere regarding this subject:

“It must be said that—like everything living—the earth, the planetary world and the sun give out emanations. Out in space
between the sun and the earth there are, as it were, three mixtures of emanations. The emanations of the sun, which are
longer in proportion to its larger size, reach the earth and even
go through it unchecked, since they are the finest. The emanations of the planets reach the earth but do not reach the sun.
The emanations of the earth are still shorter. In this way,
within the confines of the earth’s atmosphere there are three
kinds of emanations—those of the sun, of the earth and of the
planets. Beyond it there are no emanations of the earth, there
are only the emanations of the sun and planets; and higher
still there are only the emanations of the sun.
A man is the result of the interaction of planetary emanations and the earth’s atmosphere, with matters of the earth. At the death of an ordinary man, his physical body disintegrates
into its component parts; the parts from the earth go to the
earth. “Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return.” Parts
which came with planetary emanations return to the planetary
world; parts from the earth’s atmosphere return there. In this way nothing remains as a whole.
If the second body succeeds in becoming crystallized in a
man before his death, it can continue to live after the death of
the physical body. The matter of this astral body, in its vibrations, corresponds to matter of the sun’s emanations and is, theoretically, indestructible within the confines of the earth
and its atmosphere……………”
“………As I have said, the second body of man is the soul in relation to the physical body. Although in itself it is also divided into three principles, taken as a whole it represents the active
force, the positive principle in relation to the passive, negative
principle which is the physical body. The neutralizing principle between them is a special magnetism, which is not possessed by everyone but without which it is impossible for the second body to be master of the first.” VRW G.I.Gurdjieff p 164-5 pdf


The two rivers
It will be useful if we compare human life in general to a large
river which arises from various sources and flows into two separate streams, that is to say, there occurs in this river a dividing of the waters, and we can compare the life of any one man
to one of the drops of water composing this river of life.
On account of the unbecoming life of people, it was established for the purposes of the common actualizing of everything existing that, in general, human life on the Earth should flow in two streams.

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Gospels through the 4th Way

“I AM often asked questions in connection with various texts, parables,
and so on, from the Gospels,” said G., on one occasion. “In my opinion the time
has not yet come for us to speak about the Gospels. This requires much more
knowledge. But from time to time we will take certain Gospel texts as points of
departure for our discussions. This will teach you to treat them in the right way, and,
above all, to realize that in the texts known to us the most essential points are usually
“To begin with, let us take the well-known text about the seed which must die in
order to be born. ‘Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone;
but, if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.’
“This text has many different meanings and we shall often return to it. But first of
all it is necessary to know the principle contained in this text in its full measure as
applied to man.
“There is a book of aphorisms which has never been published and probably never
will be published. I have mentioned this book before in connection with the question
of the meaning of knowledge and I quoted then one aphorism from this book.
“In relation to what we are speaking of now this book says the following:
” ‘A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die
he must first awake.’
“In another place it says:
” ‘When a man awakes he can die; when he dies he can be born.’
“We must find out what this means.

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Occult’s Kundalini as the hypnotic force keeping humanity asleep

“In so-called ‘occult’ literature you have probably met with the expression
‘Kundalini,’ ‘the fire of Kundalini,’ or the ‘serpent of Kundalini.’ This expression is
often used to designate some kind of strange force which is present in man and which
can be awakened. But none of the known theories gives the right explanation of the
force of Kundalini. Sometimes it is connected with sex, with sex energy, that is with
the idea of the possibility of using sex energy for other purposes. This latter is entirely
wrong because Kundalini can be in anything. And above all, Kundalini is not
anything desirable or useful for man’s development. It is very curious how these
occultists have got hold of the word from somewhere but have completely altered its
meaning and from a very dangerous and terrible thing have made something to be
hoped for and to be awaited as some blessing.
“In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes
the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when his dreams
take the place of reality, when a man imagines himself to be an eagle, a lion, or a
magician, it is the force of Kundalini acting in him. Kundalini can act in all centers
and with its help all the centers can be satisfied with the imaginary instead of the real.
A sheep which considers itself a lion or a magician lives under the power of
“Kundalini is a force put into men in order to keep them in their present state. If
men could really see their true position and could understand all the horror of it, they
would be unable to remain where they are even for one second. They would begin to
seek a way out and they would quickly find it, because there is a way out; but men
fail to see it simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps
them in a hypnotic state. ‘To awaken’ for man means to be ‘dehypnotized.’ In this lies
the chief difficulty and in this also lies the guarantee of its possibility, for there is no
organic reason for sleep and man can awaken.
“Theoretically he can, but practically it is almost impossible because as soon as a
man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall
asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep
again, very often dreaming that he is awake or is awakening.
“There are certain states in ordinary sleep in which a man wants to awaken but
cannot. He tells himself that he is awake but, in reality, he continues to sleep—and
this can happen several times before he finally awakes. But in ordinary sleep, once he
is awake, he is in a different state;
in hypnotic sleep the case is otherwise; there are no objective characteristics, at any
rate not at the beginning of awakening; a man cannot pinch himself in order to make
sure that he is not asleep. And if, which God forbid, a man has heard anything about
objective characteristics, Kundalini at once transforms it all into imagination and
“Only a man who fully realizes the difficulty of awakening can understand the
necessity of long and hard work in order to awake.”

(P.D. Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous page 227, 228 in the book 202,203)

How to distinguish the teachers and the Ways

“The results of the work of a man who takes on himself the role of teacher do not
depend on whether or not he knows exactly the origin of what he teaches
, but very
much depends on whether or not his ideas come in actual fact from the esoteric center
and whether he himself understands and can distinguish esoteric ideas, that is, ideas
of objective knowledge, from subjective, scientific, and philosophical ideas.

“So far I have spoken of the right magnetic center, of the right guide, and of the
right way. But a situation is possible in which the magnetic center has been wrongly
formed. It may be divided in itself, that is, it may include contradictions. In it,
moreover, may enter influences of the first kind, that is, those created in life, under
the guise of influences of the second kind, or the traces of influences of the second
kind but distorted to such an extent that they have become their own opposite. Such a
wrongly formed magnetic center cannot give a right orientation. A man with a wrong
magnetic center of this kind may also look for the way and he may meet another man
who will call himself a teacher and will say that he knows the way and that he is
connected with a center standing outside the law of accident. But in reality he may not
know the way and may not be connected with such a center. Moreover here again
there are many possibilities:
“1. He may be genuinely mistaken and think that he knows something,
when in reality he knows nothing. “2. He may believe another man, who in his
turn may be mistaken. “3. He may deceive consciously.
“Then if the man who is seeking the way believes him, he may lead him in a quite
different direction and not where he promises; he may lead him very far from the right
way and bring him to results directly opposite to the results of the right way.
“But fortunately this happens very rarely, that is, wrong ways are very numerous
but in the majority of cases they do not lead anywhere. And a man simply turns circles
on the same spot and thinks that he is going somewhere.”
“How can a wrong way be recognized?” asked somebody.
“How can it be recognized?” said G. “It is. impossible to recognize a wrong way
without knowing the right way. This means that it is no use troubling oneself how to
recognize a wrong way. One must think of how to find the right way. This is what we
are speaking about all the time. It cannot be said in two words. But from what I have
said you can draw many useful conclusions if you remember everything that has been
said and everything which follows from it. For example, you can see that the teacher
always corresponds to the level of the pupil. The higher the pupil, the higher can be
the teacher. But a pupil of a level which is not particularly high cannot count on a
teacher of a very high level. Actually, a pupil can never see the level of the teacher.
This is a law. No one can see higher than his own level. But usually people not only
do not know this, but, on the contrary, the lower they are themselves, the higher the
teacher they demand. The right understanding of this point is already a very considerable
understanding. But it occurs very seldom. Usually, the man himself is not worth
a brass farthing but he must have as teacher no other than Jesus Christ. To less he will
not agree. And it never enters his head that even if he were to meet such a teacher as
Jesus Christ, taking him as he is described in the Gospels, he would never be able to
follow him because it would be necessary to be on the level of an apostle in order to
be a pupil of Jesus Christ. Here is a definite law.
The higher the teacher, the more
difficult for the pupil. And if the difference in the levels of the teacher and pupil go
beyond a certain limit, then the difficulties in the path of the pupil become
insuperable. It is exactly in connection with this law that there occurs one of the
fundamental rules of the fourth way. On the fourth way there is not one teacher.
Whoever is the elder, he is the teacher. And as the teacher is indispensable to the
pupil, so also is the pupil indispensable to the teacher. The pupil cannot go on without
the teacher, and the teacher cannot go on without the pupil or pupils. And this is not a
general consideration but an indispensable and quite concrete rule on which is based
the law of a man’s ascending.”
( P.D.Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous pages 209-210 pdf from the internet 202-203 in the book)

“I Say Unto You”

“If you go to the Himalayas and after living few days in the Himalayan freshness you come back to the plain, then you feel dusty, how ugly, how heavy the vibe is. Now you have comparison…………
…only a meditator knows that the world is ill, only a meditator feels that everything is wrong here. And when a meditator moves amidst you, naturally he feels much more dust collecting on himself than you can feel, because you have lost all sensitivity.
You have forgotten you are a mirror! You know that you are just a dust collector. Only a meditator knows that he is a mirror.
So Jesus goes again and again to the mountains.
Jesus went…..
unto the mountains
…..went to the Mount of Olives
And early in the morning, he came again into the temple
and all people came unto him
and he sat down and taught them

Only when you have been to the mountains – and that does not mean that you really have to go to the mountains. It is not an outer phenomenon. The mount is within you. If you can be alone, if you can forget the whole world for a few seconds, you will regain your freshness. And only then can you go to the temple, because only then you are the temple. And only then will your presence in the temple be a real presence; and there will be a harmony between you and the temple. Remember, unless you bring your temple to the temple, there is no temple. If you simply go to the temple, and don’t bring your temple there within you, it is just a house.
When Jesus goes into a house, it becomes a temple. When you go into a temple, it becomes a house.
Because we carry our own temples inside. Wherever Jesus goes it becomes a temple, his presence creates that sacred quality. And only when you bring the temple and the freshness of the mountains, and the virginity of the mountain, only then can you teach. You can teach only then when you have it.
from volume two page 20-23 I say unto you Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

There are few who can tolerate GOD’s presence

“For most people it is better for HIM to be absent…..” Signs of the Unseen The discourses of Rumi

“GOD is aware of HIS friends’ hearts. Among them are some who are not capable of bearing cognizance of HIM at all, so HE employs them in pious acts” Sulami, Tabaqat p.71

“…it is obvious that trembling and the urge to search are necessary to seek out GOD. Anyone who does not have this trembling should serve those who do tremble. Fruit grows, not on untrembling tree trunks, but on trembling branches. Nonetheless, the trunk gives strength to the branches and secures itself by means of the fruit against harm from the axe. Since a trembling tree trunk will wind up against the axe, it is better for it not to tremble. It is the proper job of the trunk to remain stable and serve those who do tremble.
“Adding to perfection is a detraction…..GOD encompasses everything. Any addition you make to HIM is a detraction. One is in all numbers. Without it no number is possible.”
(In medieval reckoning “one” was not a number but a symbol of unity. The first “number” was two.)”
Signs of the Unseen, Rumi, Discourse 61

It would be quite beneficial for the transhumanists to read the books from different shelves…..

The Kremlin Never Learns

Source: The Kremlin Never Learns

This is a very important moment where two different approaches clash with each other. It reminds one of “the Struggle of the Magicians”. One uses magic for its own interests, the other for the good of people. The first may use any means available, the other cannot. Time is on the side of the first, eternity on the side of the other….it all depends on who is after what…

Time as an enemy and a friend


Dagmar Palmerova
Czech Republic

The Honorable Merrick GarlandAssociate Attorney General 
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

There are millions of people across the world waiting 11 years for the United States Department of Justice to reconsider its position on Mr. Julian Assange’s case. Everything has been said and written so many times that only the thunderous power of utter silence would surpass that.

When zooming out of opinions and generalizations of pros and against, of powers versus human rights, we can see the classical play of polarized forces of good and evil.

By studying the domain of esoterics anyone can see that superpowers have acquired their dominations over the masses through the classified development of the publicly accessible esoteric science, which has always been far ahead of the orthodox stream.

The impact of the application of such science surpasses the sovereign territories of all countries and it can destroy the whole planet, so far legally, because there are no laws that would protect us against it. The general public does not know about such science, not even the medical industry. From such a point of view, the use of espionage laws of the Dark Ages in the 21st century, where the whole planet shares information in a split of a second simply does not correspond with the enlarged visions of the majority of contemporary humans.

We need to be informed and trained to deal with the new horizons of life on our planet as an inseparable part of the entire Universe. „Safe and effective“ level of communication from such an angle of view is very unsafe and ineffective in the long run.

I am not a judge, rather a subject to be judged and not only in the case of Mr. Julian Assange and Wikileaks,

But to take free information from the public domain, experiment with it freely and secretly in the public domain, make the results states’ secrets, and jail the persons that bring it back to the public domain is called subjective justice.

Apart from this subjective, geographical role justice has also the objective role, superior to the first, to ensure that human conduct is in accordance with the objective laws of the Universe, encoded in the original plan for the GOOD of the whole CREATION. To reconcile both is a difficult and responsible role, for which I wish you all help of the MOST HOLY ABSOLUTE.

Respectfully yours,

Dagmar Palmerova

One copy sent to the US Embassy in Prague and to the Czech foreign minister

Otázka Ukrajiny a Ruska 3.4.2022

Uveřejněná výměna názorů české a ruské diplomacie na problém Ukrajiny mě nutí analyzovat několik velice nejasných okolností, se kterými má moje logika i svědomí problém v návaznosti na všechny planetární procesy, které probíhají pod rouškou s ničím nesrovnatelné cenzury. V době fašistické diktatury a studené války sice docházelo k tragickým vyústěním psychopatických procesů myšlení vedoucích činitelů, ale černá byla černá a bílá bílá, protože lidé ještě nebyli tak zhypnotizovaní médii a jejich těla a mysli nebyly vystaveny elektromagnetickým či sonickým frekvencím, které jimi mohou manipulovat podle politických či militaritních potřeb.
K tomu začalo docházet až v padesátých letech a lidskými experimentacemi se postupně zjišťovalo, kolik jsou toho naše orgány schopny vydržet. Výsledkem jsou monstrózní technologie tzv přímo řízených energií, které prostřednictvím svých smart telefonů můžete zaměřovat na těla svých spoluobčanů a týrat je podle nabízeného menu, navíc ještě za finanční odměnu či ukájení tělesného chtíče.
V militaritním měřítku s nimi ovládáme počasí, přírodní procesy jako jsou zemětřesení, zakládáme lesní požáry, sucha, záplavy a nazýváme je klimatickými změnami a svádíme to na kysličník uhličitý.
V politické oblasti jimi týráme, mučíme, nebo likvidujeme aktivisty či nepohodlné konkurenty, necháváme vypařit letadla a lodi, spadnout domy, roztavit auta a tváříme se, jako by šlo o nevysvětlitelné mystérie.
To je lidské, ale když použijeme divadelní a cirkusové prostředky a zmanipulujeme normálního člověka pravdivými I nepravdivými zprávami o někom v podobě symbolů zvířat či veřejně známých osob, aby nabyl dojmu, že ví, o co jde a cítil se společensky a morálně nadřazen nad osudy lidí, kteří jsou někdy virtuálně hozeni do býčí a prasečí arény jako v době gladiátorské, a zničí tak psychicky I fyzicky nejen je ale i jejich rodiny a při tom všem sám neví, jak hluboce je podveden v té hře na pravdu, tak to považuji za naprosto bestiální plán. A když se tomu nasadí státní koruna a ten samý vzorec hry se použije na nejvyšší státní úrovni na protivníka, tak můžete opravdu vyvolat světovou válku.
Tak se nyní zamyslete nad současnou situací a oddělte svou mnohdy již organickou nenávist proti Rusku od reality – že nesmíte ve své demokracii říci pravdu, že dochází ke snaze ovládnout těmito technologiemi svět. A rozhodně to není Rusko, které v tom hraje hlavní roli, už jenom podle jejich vojenského rozpočtu.
Jadernou válku zcela jistě nikdo nevyvolá, to je podobně zažitý symbol jako klimatické změny. Podle vojska se nová válka nikdy nevede stejnými prostředky jako ta minulá. Svrhli jsme už dvě bomby a zamořili část planety.
Teď by se vedla elektromagnetickými a hypersonickými zbraněmi, které zničí přesně své cíle a okolí nechávají netknuté a které demokratický západ stále tají. Rusko přiznalo jejich existenci v článku 6 federálního zákona o civilních zbraních již v roce 2001 a zakázalo jejich používání na civilistech, i když k němu podle tamních svědectví zdá se také dochází. Ale my jsme zatím našimi soudy za svědectví o jejich existenci stále odsuzováni k povinnému psychiatrickému léčení.
Je boj na Ukrajině zároveň symbolem lidí, kteří se stali po celém světě cílem při vývoji a používání těchto technologií a zbraní? Jestli ano, v tom případě byste si měli uvědomit, že pácháte křivé svědectví proti Rusku a to je hřích.
A co když Rusko současnou situací háže rukavici planetárnímu státu, který pro vás zcela evidentně plánuje technokratické mraveniště, zatím prostřednictvím 5 a 6G?


Understand that what you see in others is what you yourself are carrying. Your judgments are actually reflections of what is repressed or rejected within yourself.

Two Zen monks were crossing a river. They came across a very young and beautiful woman who wanted to cross too, but she was afraid. So one monk took her on his shoulders and carried her to the other shore.
The other monk was furious. He didn’t say anything, but he was boiling within. This was prohibited. A Buddhist monk should not touch a woman, and this monk had not only touched, he had carried the woman on his shoulders.
Miles passed. When they reached the monastery, as they were entering the door, the entry monk turned to the first and said: “Look, I will have to talk to the Master about this, I will have to report it. It is prohibited!
The first monk said, “What are you talking about, what is prohibited?
“Have you forgotten?” asked the second. “You carried that young beautiful woman on your shoulders!”
The first monk laughed and he said “Yes I carried her. But I left her at the river, miles back. Are you still carrying her?”
Your inner, repressed, rejected, thrown into the basement – also goes on being reflected in your actions. Even sometimes, when you avoid something, then, too, in your very avoidance your understanding is shown.
Osho The discipline of transcendence Vol.4., p 220

A letter

130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

28.2. 2022

Dear planetary leaders,

Using the hierarchical structure of the entire Universe, implanted into my mind and the psyche by studying the Ray of Creation I would like to bring light to several aspects of the current planetary “live exercise” in which we are all participating. Mr. Pompeo did not specify what type of exercise he had in his mind but we can see its results across the whole globe and that brought me to question the level of esoteric command to which everyone is exposed, mostly unwittingly. The question for you leaders is: how can you expect humanity to behave the way which would be sustainable and not harmful to the ecology without explaining to us the essence and the depth of the whole situation humanity faces?

The growth of the population happens when humanity stops respecting the objective laws of the Universe and does not transform the cosmic energies in a qualitative way. But there is no one who would teach such things in the schools!

For more than a century the general public has been denied access to the sacred scientific knowledge of the biblical proportions about the formation of the planets and their sources of light and heat. Do not we deserve to know the truth?

In a similar way, humanity has been taught the theory of natural evolution as the way we came into existence. It is true that religious themes cannot be imposed on the public forcefully, but the origins of the primates have been kept in the textbooks for almost two centuries, despite being proved incorrect 20 years ago by the international, publicly funded project Human Genome.

So we know unofficially that the Universe has a CREATOR,
we know unofficially that consciousness is primary to matter and
we know unofficially that Genesis is correct.

Is it under such circumstances sapient to submit our future solely to the dictates of the atheistic scientists, whose position is quite clear and official:

“If we do not play God who will. “

Would not be more appropriate the approach Albert Einstein held? When he reflected on how GOD created this universe he maintained that “the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”.

The planetary technocratic plans of the 4th industrial revolution that are ahead of us do not contain a single word about the philosophical nature of human existence, let alone a thought about higher consciousness, the CREATOR, the cosmic hierarchy, and our position in it. Instead, we are told to be digitalized, genetically re-engineered, and be merged with synthetic biology as a fact, not an option.
The ultimate goal of our science is being able to “manipulate, patent and program at will the biological processes of all life”, without knowing its real purpose.

Do you not see that such a vision is a product of the binary system of thinking while humanity was designed as a ‘three-brain’ trinary system? Artificial intelligence is rooted in the line of time, human intelligence resides in the line of eternity.

So far we sin against the Holy Ghost according to Joseph Smith and

we make the new generations immune to the spiritual side of their nature by forceful vaccinations, exactly as Rudolf Steiner predicted to us a hundred years ago.

We do not miss any opportunity to misuse scientific discoveries.

The governments all prioritize clandestine psychotronic technologies, developed on the bases of previously protected knowledge of the esoteric schools. Our patterns of thinking, still deeply rooted in the dark ages of wars and violence, turned them into the profitable directed energy’s industry, that facilitates military control over the entire planetary atmosphere, including the weather control and all nature’s processes. Under the name of climate change.
The overwhelming part of the world does not have access to such technologies and so it is totally at the mercy of the few who have, which is unsustainable by the objective universal laws.

Their application as directed energy weapons for crowd control and clandestine human experimentation rhyme with the concentration camps issues of the last century. The Havana syndrome is hardly a way to deal with something so monstrous that an outsider does not even believe in its existence. We seem to worry about the karmic debts of people’s past lives, yet at the same time we totally ignore the unspeakable suffering and life terminations that we cause to ourselves by these technologies in the present. We are mounting very negative forces from that around our planet.

Then there is the underlying issue of electricity which has not been explained to the public in the right contexts. You know that majority of people take electricity as a utility and only very few as a sacred substance, on which our own life depends. You also know it is not for free at all, it is allocated to the atmosphere in precise quantities and its level has to be constantly replenished from the other places of the Earth, and even from the other planets.

And you know we were warned already a century ago against its overconsumption. How much electricity consume all your military space and land adventures?

The internet of things and the internet of people are estimated to increase electricity demand by one-third.
Robotization on a large scale will consume the electricity without transforming the cosmic energies as humans do, therefore it will increase the occurrence of the external forms that are useless from the Ray of Creation’s point of view, built on the principle of the reciprocal maintenance.

So far the world economy, social order, and future of humanity has been formed on the idea of attaching ourselves to the eventually immortal technocratic materialistic mind when we were already designed as a part of ‘the Universal mind’ that joints us to the universal galaxy, created by the most powerful force of LOVE? We are not alone in the Universe, although we behave like that.

There seems to be a deep misunderstanding about the power of this conscious force of LOVE. It can create the stars and galaxies and equally, it can destroy them, it depends on who the force uses and how.

Paul’s message in I. Corinthians is quite explicit about it:

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

I do not have access to the information systems you have nor have I scientific knowledge and ethical foundations that would validate my objections against what I see, hear and feel. But the Universe is theistic, it has a central reference system and I strongly believe that your responsibility is to pass this knowledge to the people at the crossroad of time, where intellectually we reach the stars yet on the psychological level we still want to colonise them.

Grace and peace from GOD be to you as a guide.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

Dr. Zory Glaser RF/Microwave research archives

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Dr. Zory Glaser has donated his RF/Microwave research archives to Professor Magda Havas of Trent University.

We thank Dr. Glaser for so generously sharing his body work on the effects of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation.

Condition and legibility of original documents means the quality of the OCR-scanned PDF files found here varies.

China, India, America, and the EU: Who wins from the Ukraine war, and who loses?


But the philosophical sources strongly suggest that it is not the political, military, and economic scene that determines what survives on the line of eternity even though they can substantially undermine that on the line of time.
I know that both Russia and the US hold the keys to unlocking the doors of eternity for the whole of humanity. From what I have perceived Russia is ready to offer it to humanity, the West is not. Why not???

The New Age of Faith

consortiumnews dot com/2022/03/22/the-new-age-of-faith/

Ephesians 2:8-9 “All things are possible for one who believes. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Russia Today: News channel RT’s UK licence revoked by Ofcom


“The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

RT deputy editor-in-chief Anna Belkina said Ofcom had “robbed the UK public of access to information”.

“What we have witnessed over the last few days, be it comments from the President of the EU Commission or from PM Boris Johnson, is that none of them had pointed to a single grain of evidence that what RT has reported over these days, and continues to report, is not true.”

Documents Expose US Biological Experiments in Ukraine and Georgia

https://armswatch.com/the-pentagon- bio-weapons/
The question arises- why do the governments prohibit so many functions in response to the artificially created pandemics yet do permit or even order the engineering of deadly viruses that cause pandemics?

Ukraine Security Council Allegations on Chemical Weapons United Nations ???

consortiumnews.com UN Security Council

Albania says that there are no biological warfare programs in Ukraine, not even the laboratories themselves. So are they fake?


Wisdom of ancient India as the heritage of the world says to us: “The Aum vibration that reverberates throughout the universe (the Word” of the Bible) has three manifestations, those of creation, preservation and destruction (Taittiria Upanishad I:8). Each time a man utters a word he puts in operation one of the three qualities of Aum. This is the lawful reason behind the injunction of all scriptures that man should speak the truth.”* That distinguishes them from the books of history. Can half of the truth be called the truth?

* Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda SRF

In world court, India judge votes against Russia.

“The White House has said that it was time for India – and other nations – to choose on which side of history they want to be. When questioned about reports on India taking discounted crude oil from Russia, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, said, “Our message to any country continues to be that, obviously, abide by the sanctions that we have put in place and recommended. I don’t believe this would be violating that. But also think about where you want to stand when the history books are written in this moment in time.”

Attorney presents evidence to Congress that COVID-19 vaccines are one of the greatest frauds in history

Attorney Thomas Renz, who publicized data from the Department of Defense showing a significant rise in serious illness and injury in military personnel following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, has issued a special legal notice with nearly 200 pages of supporting evidence. Some of the m

Source: Attorney presents evidence to Congress that COVID-19 vaccines are one of the greatest frauds in history