The Universe as response to request

“…….the Universe can be taken as response to request. Man requests,
and the Universe in all its full and total reality, outer and inner, responds
according to the request. In regard to what was said last time, I wish
to draw your attention to this fact: many people are getting responses
to requests which they do not understand they are making. If the
Universe, visible and invisible, material and psychological, gross and
fine, as apprehended externally by the senses and internally by the
mind and heart, is response to request, then you will see how important
it is to realize what kind of requests you are making in order to understand
why you get the response, from any side of life, that you are actually
getting. The Work says: “Your being attracts your life”. Do you see
the connection? Without knowing it, a man or a woman may be making request and so getting a response from the total Universe that he or
she does not like. They see the response but do not see what excites the
response, what it is in themselves that attracts it. People, in other
words, may be asking for trouble without being aware that they are.
They only see the result—that is, the response. They see only effects,
not causes. To think only from effects is one thing. It is how mechanical
people think. To think from causes is another thing. It belongs to more
conscious thinking. Now the level of your being enters into request as
much or more than your knowledge. You may ask intellectually for
happiness but not see how factors that govern your being, as love of
your negative states, your grievances, your secret jealousies, your laziness,
your dislikes, and so on, are asking for something quite different, and that
the Universe is responding to these factors in your being that you are
secretly willing and affirming without seeing that you are. Understand
that full request must contain both thought and will—formulation and
emotional desire. The side of knowledge is the side of thought and a
man can only think from his knowledge. The side of being wills, and a
man only wills what he desires. If you love negative states, then your
will is of this quality. Your love is your will; it will attract the response
belonging to it. Only self-knowledge will make you aware of your state
of being and this begins with self-observation. Enough has been said
here on this subject—namely, that a person may be getting responses he
does not expect or desire, without seeing that he is attracting them
because he is making requests for them that he is not aware of.”
Dr M.Nicoll Commentaries vol.I

I was told by a teacher that my being is not high enough to get the adequate response to “my” request. I agreed, but that did not diminish request which has been for good of the whole of humanity.  So when seeing over and over again the response, I cannot but conclude that my request is actually not the request I am making, so someone else with higher being needs to come forward and do that as  is needed.

Things do not change too much, do they…

In Shakespeare’s day, physic was used to mean “medicine” and physician was used as we still do today, meaning “one who practices medicine”:

This Physicke but prolongs thy sickly days (Hamlet)

More needs she the divine than the physician. (Macbeth)

Medicine was a synonym for this “remedy for disease” use of physic, and the two words co-existed for centuries:

“Thus did they all things that were contrary to their safety, as if no physic or medicine had been bestowed upon the world by the true physician of all”
—William Camden, Britain, or A chorographicall description of the most flourishing kingdomes, 1637

In 1917 Rudolf Steiner foresaw a vaccine that would ‘drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls’

Source: In 1917 Rudolf Steiner foresaw a vaccine that would ‘drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls’

The similar, more general conclusion is to be found in BT of G.I.G:

“But from all the experiments conducted by this sage, it became evident that the most harmful vibrations for contemporary terrestrial three-brained beings are the ones produced in them by what they call ‘medical remedies.’

Digital health passports

“…..Firstly, the user downloads the app and enters key information such as name, address, age and verifies their identity using their fingerprint or a facial scan.

They then take a Covid-19 test, administered by an authorised healthcare professional, and the results are scanned into the Covi-pass. They can then use the digital health passport to authenticate their health status to enable “a safe return to work, life, and safe travel””.
It includes “relevant health information”.

This is my problem with the current affairs. I know from the life observations, that when something unpopular, (usually taking very restrictive measures on personal freedoms of different kinds) is to be implemented, it is introduced first as an optional step for the public. Often it is introduced in an emotional coating, where the underlying aspects of responsibility and conscience come to play, with fear calming and benefits it will bring to society. The idea is sown, the testing of the idea is measured and time is given to its germination, while the “contracts” have been made and even announced.
The health passports have been around for a very long time in the vaccination domain, it started with the planned vaccine schedules for the newborn and developed into a similar idea for all citizens of the planet. Due to the stronger anti-vax movement it has not received sufficient public support but it might get into the picture indirectly via the coronavirus health passport.
You must remember that once you accept the idea of the health passport, governments will implement it universally and it will eventually restrict your movements in the unprecedented ways, let’s say there will be a list of health conditions, restricting you from participating in many activities, you might be required to have your liver testing done to purchase alcohol in the bar or a lung test to get the life insurance. Anything is possible at this stage of the planetary condition.
We are not suicidal by Nature and taking some precaution is wise so if we are informed about certain conditions, many probably would consider personal testing of their bodies for the presence of viruses or bacteria, but a human body is a property of The CREATOR, not a liability of a state so the privacy of any testing is imperative. Our civilization has survived for thousands of years without health passports, forced vaccinations, and synthetic pharmacology. It will survive even this transitional period with the help of at least some degree of consciousness.

The UN Convention against Torture

Complaint Form

For communications under:

  • Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • Convention against Torture, or
  • International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Please indicate which of the above procedures you are invoking:
Convention against Torture…

Date:   …15.5. 2020……….

I.         Information on the complainant:

Name: …Palmerova……                               First name(s):  Dagmar    

Nationality:    Czech………                          Date and place of birth:     xxxx 1952 Prague……….

Address for correspondence on this complaint:         …xxxxxx  130 00 Prague   The Czech Republic…..

Submitting the communication:         

On behalf of all people of this planet being targeted with the psychotronic directed energy technologies. I do not have their authorization but they have all been exposed in various degrees to human experimentation via these technologies and they have the same aim – to stop their clandestine application on human beings.

II.        State concerned/Articles violated

It is a global issue, none of the states can officially acknowledge the use of directed energy technologies on civilians except Russia. Russia prohibited their application in 2001 by adopting the Article 6 of the Federal Law of Russia on Weapons: “Weapons and other items, damaging effect of which is based on the use of EM, light, thermal, infrasound radiation.”
NASA’s ‘Future Strategic Issues’ document from 2001 characterises directed energy technologies as ‘legal’.

Articles of the Covenant or Convention alleged to have been violated:

In accordance with article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Being Subjected to Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1975,
these articles of Convention could be violated if the application of directed energy technologies were admitted:

-Article 1 Protection against torture or any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind,

-Article  16:
1. Each State Party shall undertake to prevent in any territory under its jurisdiction other acts of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment which do not amount to torture as defined in article I, when such acts are committed by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. In particular, the obligations contained in articles 10, 11, 12 and 13 shall apply with the substitution for references to torture of references to other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

-The additional articles may apply to individual cases like Mr. Julian Assange’s.

III.      Exhaustion of domestic remedies/Application to other international procedures

Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victims to obtain redress within the State concerned for the alleged violation – detail which procedures have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other public authorities, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:  …………………..

Within the last five years I wrote the letters to all relevant authorities in the Czech republic, in the US, in Australia, in the UK, in the Vatican and to the UN. Only OHCHR replied to me that the issue was not covered by the UN Treaty body. Please find the attached copies of several of them.

Have you submitted the same matter for examination under another procedure of international investigation or settlement (e.g. the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, or the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights)? 

I sent letters to the European Court of Human Rights and to the International Court of Justice (attached).
But I do not have any official documentation which could support my case. although there is innumerable evidence across the globe due to my 24/7 public surveillance and legal electronic hunt of my body. The government and the majority of citizens of the Czech Republic are the witnesses but without the authority and rights to speak about it directly, the rest use the legality of the hunt for their personal or professional gains.

If so, detail which procedure(s) have been, or are being, pursued, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:   ditto

IV.       Facts of the complaint

Detail, in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations. Include all matters which may be relevant to the assessment and consideration of the particular case. Please explain how you consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights.


The facts:
Science of 21st century reached such a high level of cognition of the external world on a subatomic level, that it is able to manipulate and actually direct remotely every external form of being, be it a plant, insect, animal, a human being as well as the geological or atmospheric processes of Nature due to the interference with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth.
The technologies used for such manipulation are called psychotronic and one of their functions is the amplification of man’s psychic energies by electronic devices. Their users can remotely modify the physical, psychological, emotional, and psychic behaviour of humans and animals by psychic means.
This very technology has been used by all governments under the name of ‘crowd control weapons’  (you used to call them ‘less-lethal weapons’ last century) for very obvious reasons, they allow control of variable lethality, they are very precise, cheap, invisible and accommodate asymmetric threat. What is grossly overlooked is their possible long-lasting psychological effects on the targets. 
With the arrival of ‘smart’ technologies, their application was introduced to the private sector and the new industry of mutual electronic hunting of civilians was added to the intel/defense neurological research.
Since 2010 I have been under the police and public 24/7 ‘residential surveillance in a designated location’ for crimes I committed in the past although not officially charged with any of them. The surveillance includes mind reading and psyop operations, visually and aurally accessible to the public as ‘live’ proof of the existence of such technology, which denies all human dignity,  usurps the power to control physiological and mental processes of other human beings on a large scale and reduces them to the states’ and public commodities. From the extensive literature of different neurological patents and from my own experience it can be assumed that there are many types of programs, some are more concentrated on the physiological aspects of human nature, others are purely psychological and if the subjects are found to be responsive to psychic energies, then the experimentation proceeds on this line as well.
It automatically anticipates the clandestine presence of the militaries’ micro/nanochips or sensors in the bodies of targeted people, yet such suggestions are diagnosed as delusional.

The governments, police, judiciary, and the medical establishment either want to or must pretend they have no knowledge of such technology being used on civilians in different degrees, therefore no international laws have been created to stop this breach of human liberty.

No one can deny  the most evident violation of the Nuremberg Codes:
     -the absence of informed consent to human experimentation,
     – the absence of formulated scientific experimentation
and no one can disaffirm that in the principle a human body in the third millennium has been used the same way as the body of slaves in antiquity.

But I want to address the broader aspect of this matter, which needs to be considered.
OHCHR’s  Convention’s articles themselves do not reflect the anonymous remote electronic targeting, where it is virtually impossible to locate the attackers without access to satellites’ data. But even when they are actualized, it will not be sufficient because these technologies do not affect only a certain amount of selected people who have been microchipped and used for human experimentation or punished for exposing or investigating the controversial planetary issues. They have been increasingly incorporated into the various IT devices and applied across all sectors of human activities for lucrative businesses and total control of humanity through the digitalization of our bodies.
I understand that the social credit systems and coronavirus pandemics are the convenient ways to keep humanity under control, but they deprive us of free will to exercise the choices between yes and no, our fundamental inheritance from our CREATOR, granted to us for very specific purposes of perfecting of our being. Our disregard for them is futile and very naïve as we can never succeed in the long term, but we could attract our classical reciprocal destruction as is suggested in Revelations. It is like standing on the bridge and watching the ship approaching the iceberg and doing nothing to stop it.
My past has been used to prevent me from communication with other human beings, which I respect, but at the same time those who put me under the martial law are not willing to inform humanity about the most important facts of  the entire human existence and such secrecy only inhibits the urgently needed solutions.

1. There is exact scientific evidence to be found in the genetic material of species that humans do not originate from primates. Perhaps our mental retardation is so severe that we cannot admit to ourselves what our forefathers knew without having the genomes of species in their hands.
Such knowledge has always been accessible through the esoteric science, with the protective measures of psychological training that leads humanity to a higher state of consciousness and safeguards the knowledge from being exploited for egoistic and power-seeking aims. We took the inspiration from its science, discarded the protective measures in exactly the same manner as we did with the natural cell barriers, and ended up on the path of singularity, failing to understand the most fundamental objective principles on which the Universe is built.

2. Electricity is a sacred cosmic substance (allocated in definite quantities to every planet) that participates in the creation and the maintenance of life of all species in the entire Universe. Without such recognition, we have created electric technologies of which application often breaches the majority of human rights and unsustainably consumes this sacred substance, instead of introducing to humanity the sustainable objective self-governing principles that would eventually  “secure the blessings of liberty for all” living beings on the planet Earth.

3.The planet Earth is a star, another ancient ‘secret’, which ought to be revealed to humanity long ago to direct its path away from unconscious egoistic pursuit of power and immortality on the Time line and pursue the evolution of one’s being on the eternal line as the rest of the Universe  apparently endeavors.

4. The Universe has been created exactly according to the Ray of Creation, with the Most Holy SUN ABSOLUTE being its central system. I had a vision of it so I know that all genuine scriptures and fairy tales of the East and the West speak the truth in the languages and symbols of their time and geography and our orthodox science ought to re-connect the dots in a different ways and between its different fields to prove it scientifically.

For that, a ‘common’ language is needed for all parties concerned and such language is available through esoteric science, often greatly misunderstood and so rejected for many reasons by both orthodox science and religion, in sharp contrast to the military and defense departments of all superpowers, who have gained  superior knowledge through it.
I am aware that this information falls outside the scope of OHCHR, but the current global situation can give rise to unpredictable circumstances and I am unshakably convinced that whatever happens, this knowledge will help humanity to orientate themselves in the right direction and the UN should know about it. The esoteric knowledge will help to reinstall human rights on the solid bases of objective justice that will restrain jurisdiction from  persecuting   publishers and all who point to the matters of public interest  in contradiction with the political climate of the times.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy sent to the minister of the Czech Foreign Affairs

When ‘canards’ get the attention of the first pages in the media, my brain starts to function in an alarm mood, especially when the ‘souls’ of herbs are at stake. I saw it with cannabis, poppy and now Ricinus might be the next*.
A quick look at the confusion of Nomenclature coding of species evokes the esoteric science which organizes an enormous number of different substances of all species in the ‘table of hydrogens’, where the chemistry or alchemy regards matter first of all from the point of view of its functions which determine its place in the Universe and its relations to man and to man’s functions. Each substance possesses not only physical and chemical properties but also “cosmic properties and psychic properties – that is a certain degree of intelligence.”
The ‘table of hydrogens’ offers the possibility of studying all substances of organisms according to ‘their relation to different planes of the Universe’. **
The inner science suggests that the whole chain of the Earth’s food factory was created to support the needed transformation and transmutation of cosmic energies and each species has its own function to fulfill. At the current stage of our evolution, ideologically still being the primates’ descendants  ignorant of the existence of the cosmic properties we are  unable to recognize the plant’s and human’s mechanisms that are able to abstract from the air special substances, needed for the development of man’s higher possibilities, “to fulfill our higher destiny.”

Once this is understood, suddenly problems connected for example with the concept of vaccinations can be seen in a different light when introducing into the human organism substances of other species of incomparably lower intelligence.
A similar issue is connected with grafting  of trees:
excerpts from BT, G.I.G (100 years ago, when no gmo were around yet):

“Thanks to their wiseacring with the fruit trees that exist in abundance on this continent, various ‘scientists of new formation’ have succeeded little by little in making these … fruits at the present time just a ‘feast for the eye,’ and no longer a form of being-nourishment. “The fruits there have been cultivated in such a way that
by the time they are ripe they contain scarcely anything destined by Great Nature for consumption by beings for their normal being-existence. “These scientists of new formation are, of course, very far from suspecting that, when any surplanetary formation is artificially grafted or manipulated in any such fashion, it is reduced to a state defined by Objective Science as ‘absoizomosa,’ in which it absorbs from its surrounding medium cosmic substances useful only for the coating of what is called its ‘automatically reproducing subjective presence.’ “Indeed, from the very beginning of this most recent contemporary civilization of theirs, it somehow happened that the beings of all the innumerable separate groups there adopted only one of the seven aspects of the fundamental commandment given to three-brained beings from Above, namely, ‘to strive to acquire inner and outer purity’, and this single aspect, which in a distorted form they made their ideal, is conveyed in the following words: ” ‘Help everything around you, both the animate and inanimate, to acquire a beautiful appearance”.
The lack of scents and tastes signalizes the lack of inner content.
The herbs particularly are endowed with cosmic properties and we are possibly destroying more than we suspect out of ignorance…

*Ricinus communis, the castor bean[1] or castor oil plant,[2] is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. It is the sole species in the monotypic genusRicinus, and subtribeRicininae. The evolution of castor and its relation to other species are currently being studied using modern genetic tools.[3] It reproduces with a mixed pollination system which favors selfing by geitonogamy but at the same time can be an out-crosser by anemophily (wind pollination) or entomophily (insect pollination).[4]

via Cannabis indica

** Chapter 9, In Search of the Miraculous  P.D. Ouspensky

The speed of centers

The fascination of scientists with electronics in the brain reminds me one esoteric axiom- Faith of body is stupidity.
The brain is the seat of the intellectual centre, the emotional centre is located in the solar plexus. The speed of the emotional centre is 900,000 faster than that of the intellectual centre and if brought to the proper functioning level, it could connect us with the higher states of consciousness that work with a very high level of vibrations as indicated in “supernormal psychology”.
The Heartmath science proved that “heart cells not only pulse, but they also radiate a strong electrical field or signal, a current that has an amplitude 40 – 60 times greater than brain waves. The heart’s electromagnetic field (EMF) is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain,”
“The brain is not an organ with which to arrive at truth”. That is quite obvious at the present pandemic, is it not…
All esoteric schools point to the fact that understanding comes through the emotional centre.
“After a certain rate of vibration, everything in the universe becomes psychological. Air and light= psychological food. The transmutation of substances.”
“Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen….” (Rev.2:5)

If you cannot handle David ICKE, how do you want to deal with the rest?

I understand that to reveal all my private mud of 68 years with all possible connections is a colossal project that helps to transform the flies into the elephants and the elephants into the flies. What I do not understand is that the seemingly high intelligent global professionals force masses of people to accept the most deceitful information and get unfriendly towards those who actually use their own intellect to ponder about it.
The position of epidemiologists vs medical doctors on deaths due to  “covid virus” :
-“Epidemiologists’ biggest concern is how much and how uniform is the undercoating”.
-Medical doctors’ biggest concern is their restricted freedom to diagnose the cause of death to their best ability and how much and how uniform is the forced overcounting.
Sparks of sanity in the darkness: “the death certificate is not ‘an opinion document’.”
Not indeed. Rather a reminder to “apply our hearts unto wisdom”.


The higher states of consciousness require conscious efforts

“It has been explained before that in ordinary conditions of life we do not remember ourselves; we do not remember, that is, we do not feel ourselves, are not aware of ourselves at the moment of perception, of an emotion, of a thought or of an action. If a man understands this and tries to remember himself, every impression he receives while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled. In an ordinary psychic state, I simply look at a street. But if I remember myself, I do not simply look at the street; I feel that I am looking, as though saying to myself: ‘I am looking.’ Instead of one impression of the street, there are two impressions, one of the street and another of myself looking at it. (divided attention). This second impression, produced by the fact of my remembering myself, is the ‘additional shock.’ Moreover, it very often happens that the additional sensation connected with self-remembering brings with it an element of emotion,”

Efforts to remember oneself, observation of oneself at the moment of receiving an impression, observation of one’s impressions at the moment of receiving them, registering, so to speak, the reception of impressions and the simultaneous defining of the impressions received, all this taken together doubles the intensity of the impressions….”

……the highest matter can be “produced by the organism from air, that is, from the second kind of food. This, however, is obtained only by making a conscious effort* at the moment an impression is received. …. “It is necessary to understand what this means. We all breathe the same air. Apart from the elements known to our science, the air contains a great number of substances unknown to science, indefinable for it, and inaccessible to its observation. But exact analysis is possible both of the air inhaled and of the air exhaled.
This exact analysis shows that although the air inhaled by different people is exactly the same, the air exhaled is quite different. Let us suppose that the air we breathe is composed of twenty different elements unknown to our science. A certain number of these elements are absorbed by every man when he breathes. Let us suppose that five of these elements are always absorbed. Consequently, the air exhaled by every man is composed of fifteen elements; five of them have gone to feeding the organism. But some people exhale not fifteen but only ten elements, that is to say, they absorb five elements more. These five elements are higher ‘hydrogens.’ These higher ‘hydrogens’ are present in every small particle of air we inhale. By inhaling air we introduce these higher ‘hydrogens’ into ourselves, but if our organism does not know how to extract them out of the particles of air, and retain them, they are exhaled back into the air. If the organism is able to extract and retain them, they remain in it. In this way, we all breathe the same air but we extract different substances from it. Some extract more, others less. “In order to extract more, it is necessary to have in our organism a certain quantity of corresponding fine substances. Then the fine substances contained in the organism act like a magnet on the fine substances contained in the inhaled air. We come again to the old alchemical law: ‘In order to make gold, it is first of all necessary to have a certain quantity of real gold.’ ‘If no gold whatever is possessed, there is no means whatever of making it.’ “The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).”
Excerpts from P.D. Ouspensky ISOM

*Conscious effort to divide attention between what we do (the object of our attention) and our physical body at the same time, to bring attention to it as well (like noticing my own breathing). The car’s autopilot (e.g. daydreaming) can be switched off, I may take control of driving, concentrate attention fully on speeding, be in the moment, yet identifying with it, not being aware of my physical body behind the wheel, only one-way attention.

The effort to control one’s emotions to save the expenditure of energy needed for conscious effort:
the practice of not expressing unpleasant or negative emotions, doubt, fear, anger, irritation, self-pity, etc….
of not ‘identifying’ with every nonsense, of not considering inwardly (what others think of me) but externally (what needs to be done) …..










To Reason

worldometers-info-world-population-4.5.2020 (2)

We know already that human conduct has a major impact on the ecosystem of the ‘Spaceship Earth’.  As science indicates that the ‘outer’ is a manifestation of the ‘inner’, it would be natural to start reasoning what “inner” of the 19th century has caused the steep rise of our population thereafter.
The esoteric science insists that the level of the human population is not determined by an accidental process but by the needs of Nature that regulates it according to the planetary and cosmic requirements. Life on the planets has been created for receiving and transmitting the influences coming from the planetary worlds. Such a function should be fulfilled qualitatively according to the original design. When humanity takes control of the planetary affairs into its hands without recognizing its own dependence on the objective laws of the Universe, Nature has to adjust the planetary processes quantitatively, by rising the level of the population.
So rather than exposing humanity to different acustic wars, it would be wiser to discover, under what objective laws we actually find ourselves and synchronize our behaviour with the pulse of the Ray of Creation.
It seems to coincide with the question of our origins so perhaps the military and scientists of genetics could come forward after 1oo years of knowing the truth and explain it to us before we manage to destroy genomes of all species in our pursuit of immortality on the horizontal TimeLine?

I die of thirst, although the spring’s at hand

The sustainable source of energy is sought after practically by every state on this planet according to their geographical location. If the given location has access to the oceans’ winds and surf,  thermal geysers, and or year-round sunshine, their situation is quite optimal for harvesting the energy in a sustainable way. If the country is located on a small in-land territory in the temperate climate, with limited access to sunshine and winds, wise and intellligent nature compensates it by the moist environment and numerous river risings so the hydroelectric power stations can capture the force of nature in a sustainable way.
Well since man took the global weather control from Nature’s hands and gave it to the artificial intelligence-based weather-control technologies, so-called climate changes have disrupted the established weather patterns worldwide and extensive droughts are taking place as a consequence of it. Intentional or unintentional, the inland countries without the usual moisture and river water’s volume thus become very disadvantaged and dependent on non-sustainable sources of energy.  Again the correctness program evaluation needs to be applied if we keep insisting on the superiority of artificial intelligence over Nature’s.

As below so above

Mr Pompeo,

One of the fundamental objective laws of the Universe says As Above So Below. But because our planet is in a state of Arch preposterous it is run according to its opposite- as below, so above and that violates the Objective Universal Law. The planet’s testimony is the most screaming testimony that your defense departments have ever received regarding the superpower’s violation of the most basic human rights. I do not know when it started but its visible signature is at the entrance of the headquarters
of cia. I said many times that whoever ordered embedding of the most secret symbol of the entire universe into the floor he was an Icarus’ cousin, missing the soul matter for the sole matter. That is probably the most grievous manifestation of the Law of 7, the Law of Octaves. What started with your enlightened Constitution created according to  As Above so Below ended up in its total opposite. So if you want to get this right, you need to reverse it first and learn how to lead the historical octaves to their evolutions, not devolutions. You have all means to do that. Their choice determines the results.
Then do your live exercise. It might even occur to you that you would get far worthier results if you told the involuntary participants that silencing their noisy personalities lowers the expenditure of their life energy and gives space to their essences to develop.
But right at the moment, it seems it is done for coldblooded calculating of how much more energy and what kind can be harvested from us and how to introduce id2020 to humanity via vaccination against the corona.  I wish I were wrong and you were indeed getting “this” right.

Your sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

“This is not about retribution,” “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”

The old patterns


I am Dagmar Palmerova. I have been trying for 10 years to explain to the whole world where is the real core of all problems of this planet from the esoteric point of view. But very few people understand it because they have been misled about the word secret. 

I had spent 20 years in a so-called secret society and due to the coronavirus scenario  all of you can see what secrets it represents.  To undertake voluntarily the process of getting to ‘know thy self’ by trying to become conscious of oneself and observe oneself in different circumstances, so that the patterns of one’s own unconscious mechanical behavior can be seen, which is the biggest enemy of everyone’s life.  It is the real  esoteric meaning of the deep state everyone is talking about.
Unless this is understood, the problems of the planetary weather control will hardly  be solved qualitatively.
When we realized that human body is a bunch of energies that can be manipulated with, and directed like weather, out of that very deep state of unconsciousness of ours an idea was born that we can harvest that energy for different egoistic purposes as my case perfectly demonstrates worldwide. There is an army of citizens of different nationalities and geography who have become unwitting targets for the experimentations with psychotronic technologies. Without their brave testimonies, their research of this field and without collecting the extensive scientific evidence it would not have been possible to reach the current level of awareness of this  world of energies. The science knows enough to be able to misuse it and enslave the whole humanity with it but too little to see and fully understand its role and significance in the Creation of the whole Universe.

My past and my coronavirus  have nothing to do with all those people targeted electronically for military, scientific  economic or other graceful purposes except serving as a detour to bring public awareness to it.
We have in our bodies microchips or other types of  sensors which allow the remote targeting of our bodily organs via smart technologies including the smartphones.
With the rapidly developing biological research the nano-sensors found their way to directly access a human body via the mandatory vaccination system so practically we are just about to digitalize ourselves but that is another branch of our  deep unconscious state’s story..

I do not know how I can get out of the kitchen, my esoteric approach to people is interpreted not according to what I feel and know. We are all energetically connected and everything living is a part of myself, including the beasts and murderers. In that sense we are all brothers and sisters on a different scales of time, evolution and vibrations.
Please take that  into your considerations when judging the current state of planetary affairs so that we do not have to follow all history’s steps of the planet Shikasta.


‘A sound we can feel’

“…if the Lord’ Prayer is tied up with fasting, why does it say ‘give us this day our daily bread’?”
“You’ve got it wrong. It isn’t with the Lord’s Prayer that fasting is tied up, but with the discovery of the note on which such prayers should be chanted. Without fasting you can’t discover the Name”
“What Name”
“Well, when you say ‘hallowed be thy Name’, what do you mean?”
I had to confess I had never thought about it.
“In your church, nobody does think about it. They beg the question by saying it is the name of God and leave it at that. Yet the key is in your scriptures: ‘In the beginning was the Name and the Name was with God and the name was God'”
“In the beginning was the Word, not Name”.
Logos if you want to bicker” he retorted. “The point is that when there wasn’t yet any language there can’t have been any words and there can’t have been any names in the ordinary sense.
“Then what was the logos?”
“A sound. The first sound. The deepest sound.What you might call the world’s tonic note.”
“A sound we can hear?”
“Feel. Not hear in the ordinary sense.
The most penetrating sound is inaudible, just as the most penetrating light is invisible. But by training, you can produce an audible echo of the sound because every octave is a replica at a different level of every other octave, as everybody knows.
The function of prayer is not to beg or to extol but to attune.”
“To attune what?”
“The body. Or the soul, if you prefer the metaphor.
You are a musical instrument as a piano is and you need to be kept in tune. That’s where fasting and other exercises come in; you cannot possibly reflect finer vibrations when your body -or soul if you prefer -is loaded with a lot of food in the stomach or while the blood makes a din chasing about in the veins and arteries.”
“The blood? Making a din?”
“Like a cascade. You can’t hear it when you are always listening outwards. You have to listen inwards – and that alone is an art in itself…”
“….and needs to be studied systematically, not in an amateurish or haphazard way.”

excerpts from On a single breath S.P.Dukes
(so who does teach that nowadays, over a hundred years later?)


The core of the planetary problem

I am Dagmar Palmerova,

I am a human being who was created certainly not by the natural evolution but by our Creator SUN ABSOLUTE for specific cosmic purposes, which are documented in the highest science on Earth, the esoteric science. The ongoing separation of orthodox science and so-called religion is ideologically as well as scientifically so obsolete that it causes very serious imbalances in Nature and in the general functioning of humanity as we see right now in the coronavirus scenario. Our clandestine egoistic experiments with psychotronic technologies for power possessing games practically demonstrate what religious esoteric methods have been achieving for millennia by natural, sustainable ways for the sacred purposes of developing human souls. Simply by understanding and respecting the objective laws of the universe and our position on the Ray of Creation.

In the first part of my life, I did not know that beings were created for specific cosmic purposes, I was taught the primates were my ancestors so I lived my life from a moment to a moment, without having any specific aims in life.

With such an approach one can easily violate the most basic universal laws and that was certainly my case. As you all see I trespassed the universal as well as legal laws, sinned many times, cheated many times, failed many times,  so many times that I cannot remember most of them. The co-vid virus statistics can give you the exact list of all my regressions over the 68 years with their unfortunate consequences. For all those disgraces I sincerely apologize, beg for your forgiveness, and understand that legal consequences must take place.
But it is not exactly the easiest position to be at where my past has very little to do with the global issues and vice versa, but that past determines my ability to reflect on the current global issues that are so complex and so deeply rooted in the unconscious way humanity lives that I do not know how to deal with it without the possibility of talking to anyone. Please can you understand that this is a form of psychological cruelty?
From what I perceive there are several layers to the coronavirus hoax. It was created like in the scriptures – each level of the story has to correspond to some element of truth according to the level of understanding of the reader.
So someone understands it literally:  there are certain types of viruses or bacteria that can cause harm to human bodies. After my return from China, I had to stay in bed for several days as I could not function at all, I thought I contracted something from the black egg I bought at the market. But I fully recovered within a week or so.
Then 10 years ago I had a test done of my intimate organs and was diagnosed with staphylococci aureus.  I did not have any problems, I am highly allergic to antibiotics and I did not know that it could be serious so I forgot about it. I already wrote about it on my website. A decade later the coronavirus has been used as a screen to uncover, how many people I met in my life and how many of them contracted staphylococci. Everything is documented in statistics, so with the right key, anyone can know the details. There are no human rights laws applicable in pandemics which would prevent collecting such information, making statistics out of it and exposing it in full to the public. Such unprecedented humiliation of anybody who has ever come in direct or indirect contact with me might be the modern version of the Old Testament’s approach to sins.
Statistically according to the medical journals the annual global influenza-associated respiratory mortality rate per 100 000 is 5.9 %  which is 5900 people.
The annual staphylococci aureus mortality rates vary globally from 0.007 to  0.1 % in developed countries which represents 135 people out of 100 000.
Of course, I might be missing something in my kitchen.

The deeper layer of the coronavirus represents a far more serious situation created by the misuse of the previously mentioned psychotronic technologies, developed as non-lethal crowd control weaponry.  They have been passed down to the private sector which uses it for commercial and political purposes. Personally, I have been functioning since 2010 as a subject of the military or intelligence psyop operations and my body is contactable with smart technologies by literally anybody who is willing either to make or pay money as can be seen due to my 24/7 public and private surveillance. Each targeted person must have some form of microchips or bio-sensors in their bodies that can mediate the electronic contact. I certainly have several of them. Many people do not even know that such sensors could be present in their bodies so maybe some testing can refer to it?

To be a subject to complete body and mind control as I am is absolutely unacceptable for any human being. No matter how many advantages you can come up with under different circumstances, it contradicts the free will of man. Yet we are on that path.
Just a brief look into the world of electronics shows your fascination with the idea of combining the biological being with the technological craftsmanship and reaching physical immortality and mechanical intellectual superiority.
That fascination is rooted subconsciously in the religious domain – human beings were created in the image of the CREATOR meaning we inherited free will and power to create. But do you understand that our atheistic perception of creation is reduced to pro-creation of species and the physical world, nothing more.? Your orthodox science with all its marvels is just about pro-creation, dust to dust so to speak. The word creation refers to the creation of the human soul and our real immortality which is independent of any physical form.

And processes of such creation had always been the subjects of all true religions’ theory and their once inseparable psychological schools for the practical teaching of such processes. That has been lost and we need to revive it and very soon, otherwise your digitalization of human bodies will bring a disaster to our planet. I do not want to frighten anybody, I just want to make people aware of the core of the whole situation on Earth.

When the ancient objective science of vibrations of matter got into our hands, it did not take us too long to come up with an idea of harvesting the energy from human bodies as its sustainable sources and we ended up with mining cryptocurrencies.
This very energy you harvest from people is the sacred energy that is given to us as our esoteric ‘daily bread’ for our mental, conscious and spiritual development. And you harvest it for egoistic commercial purposes on a global scale? What effects will that have on the entire population? We will really become the ant colonies.
I can do nothing about my past but I know for sure that at this point in human evolution the esoteric science has to be introduced to general humanity in order to prevent such ideas from materializing.

Can you actually grasp what we are doing and can you understand that it is totally irrelevant what I have done in the past in comparison with our sheer ignorance of the objective laws of the Universe and the real purpose of our existence?  Our destiny is to participate in the Creation of the whole universe provided we figure out how to do it first for ourselves. The old religious texts have all knowledge we need. Just the keys are to be found.


A letter to the UN

Dagmar Palmerova
130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic

6.4. 2020

Her Excellency Madam Michelle Bachelet
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneve 10

Re: G/SO 215/51 CZE(GEN)

Your Excellency,

I would like to address my case to the United Nations for the impact it has had on the whole planet including Mr. Assange, who is in jail on my behalf while completely innocent and courageous to stand up for the rights of human beings, who have become oppressed by the authorities in one way or the other for testifying certain facts in the public interest.
I collected certain facts of public interest over the internet while living in Sydney and when self-deported to Prague for the crimes of theft,  fraud, spying, terrorism and other deficit of character and morality,  by the course of circumstances these facts of public interest were sent from Prague to Wikileaks and published.
Since then his life has been gradually reduced to the space of 4 walls of the Prison Belmarsh waiting to be extradited on my behalf to the US and mine brought the planet to substantial chaos, after being put under the 24/7 public and residential surveillance including mind control and psyops.
This situation has lasted for 10 years and as no one is allowed to mention my name in the media directly, the collection of symbols and other people’s lives have become the bearers of my life stories with many public misunderstandings.

The current coronavirus scenario has escalated the whole situation where the Czech Republic and Australia were ordered directly I believe to lustre publicly and even medically all citizens who have ever come in contact with me down to their ancestors line which suggests that there is something seriously wrong with our perception of human rights in a democracy. Such humiliation and total degradation of the privacy of thousands of innocent people is a feature of public psychological abuse that is explicitly stated in your latest torture report.

While I could not dispute the majority of the accusations if I were presented with them (no authority has yet responded to my requests over 10 years), the Five Eyes reactions appear rather mysterious to the crimes I had committed. To any human experimentation, there has to be the subject’s consent, and although I take it as a part of my esoteric debt, I did not give my consent to it. I have been prepared to face the world and its authorities for 10 years.

My case may serve as a testimony to the existence of no-touch directed energy technologies, used by the governments and the private sector for their convenient characteristics of rays‘ invisibility and anonymity in their remote control. They employ them as ‘not so lethal crowd control weapons‘, capable of manipulating the psychology of not just the individuals but of humanity on a large scale. Their profound misapplication in human experimentation violates the most basic human rights of all international treaties we have ever created.
While they stay covert, there is no possibility of creating new laws that could protect human beings against their misuse and if the masses were equipped with bio-sensors in their bodies (like ID2020 via vaccinations for instance),  their psychotronic properties might be easily deployed as the means of mass depopulation.

This situation undoubtedly belongs to your hands as an international institution that was created by our grandparents for protecting ourselves from ourselves when our desire for absolute power disturbs viable peace. The current circumstances suggest that such a level of hidden power has never been reached in peace times before and, according to Revelations, is unlikely to be sustained.
I am very well aware that this longstanding problem far overreaches the competences of single governments and is rooted in the global battle of conscious vs unconscious futuristic plans for our civilization. As we have moved from the realm of physical science perceived by senses to the world of electric and magnetic properties of psychological character, we are in desperate need of ‘metanoia’.  The general lack of knowledge and understanding of the highest esoteric science is the main cause of all turmoil as no one is systematically teaching how to use scientific discoveries in accordance with the Objective laws of the Universe. The Universe is spiritual, the original ‘secular’ science meant that the adepts of scientific studies always learned in a controlled manner from other persons of science in accordance with the ethical and moral development of their ‘being’ that guarded scientific discoveries against harming people and the planet itself. That has changed, yet all planetary superpowers have access to such knowledge and time has come to introduce it to humanity, it has been long overdue and it will bring the ‘third reconciling force’, necessary to see what needs to be corrected on a global scale without usual reciprocal elimination of ourselves. Life on Earth was created for specific cosmic purposes and I am convinced we need to know our roles predestined for us by our CREATOR ENDLESSNESS.
What platform would be more suitable for such an introduction than the United Nations?

I am reminding that this situation and the way we all approach it will set a precedent for future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova
A copy sent to the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs in Prague


To the medical & co establishment:

If I had to choose between for example lifelong herpes, lifelong diabetes, lifelong multiple sclerosis, life long autism, life long learning disabilities, cancers, microchips &  sensors for new human slavery and staphylococcus treatable by herbs, I would choose the latter.

Opening remarks of the Secretary-General’s appeal for global ceasefire

Our world faces a common enemy: COVID-19.   The virus does not care about nationality or ethnicity, faction or faith.  It attacks all, relentlessly.  Meanwhile, armed conflict rages on around the world.  The most vulnerable — women and children, people with disabilities, the marginalized and the displaced — pay the highest price. They are also at the highest risk of suffering

Source: Opening remarks of the Secretary-General’s appeal for global ceasefire

Interrupt the madness

GIG said that regardless of the technical speeds if we do not change, we will never be able to get beyond our atmosphere, not even our thoughts.
Coronavirus apart from the obvious layers is an experiment with the psychic energies of humanity that we radiate under different external electromagnetic and sonic forces.

I do resist the fact that humanity is manipulated without being told at least the basic truths. But disinformation, lack of esoteric knowledge and the unprecedented dictatorial power on a global scale is so powerful, that I do not see how we could revolt strongly enough in a united way to stop it. If I had the possibility to be in contact with people on the same level of energies as I can be, we could move the mountain. But I am isolated.
So at least through this channel, I want to say that meditation is the secret of transformation which has to take place if we do not want to end like in 1918.
The prayer is the most powerful act humanity can perform to influence its course of affairs.
Yesterday I read the invitation of His Holiness to midday prayer. There are many different religions and spiritual societies where prayers are part of their lives. And there might be millions of people of secular orientation, who perhaps could take an experiment on a global scale. If we are forced to be a part of an experiment we know nothing of,  why not take at least some control into our hands? If the turning of our attention into our inner being that is connected with our CREATOR  has such magic properties that can move the mountain, let’s use this involuntary experiment voluntarily.
Let’s do Our experiment. If the whole planet at the same time prays, what effect will it have on the planetary vibrations that are recorded by your satellites? You are all under the martial laws, external manifestations are suppressed to the minimum, so quite perfect conditions to show those up there that 8 billion people can change the direction of humanity for the better without the military power.
12 AM/PM of European time today. With your smart technologies, someone can send the time table for all continents so that people could find their local corresponding time to 12 Am/PM of Europe.  There are more than 2 hours, plenty of time. One thing to remember, we forget, so wake up call is needed on one’s telephone or a computer.
Just a thought.



‘Zoom out’: The awaiting global transformation

is sooner or later inevitable. The transformation can be done in two ways:
1. Quantitative transformation
2. Qualitative transformation.

At the moment all signs indicate we are heading towards the quantitative transformation. ID2020, 5G, COP21. The Revelations suggest the same.
The esoteric science is firmly pointing out the qualitative transformation is required from us, meaning from all humanity.
For qualitative transformation, humanity needs proper knowledge. Without the proper knowledge, very likely we might end up in the first scenario, which will impose the fundamental Universal law of effects, returning back to causes.
Are we going to follow the usual historic pattern or will we listen to the HIGHER? Humans have the privilege of choice, that distinguishes them from animals.

And would it matter? Maybe all planet needs it to wake up from this nightmare

“You are the primary existence.
You are a distinct portion of the essence of GOD
and contain a certain part of HIM in yourself.

Why then are you ignorant of your noble birth?
You carry a GOD about withing you, poor wretch,
and know nothing of it.”          Epictetus

Not much has changed over the two millennia, hasn’t it?

Personal fusty encounter with impersonal matter

As I am totally dependent on my ability to understand the symbols through which this planet communicates, I am even slower than usual in comprehending what is happening.
But since yesterday evening I somehow came to this conclusion:

One aspect of covid 19 refers to the military technologies, which have been used to produce micro or nanochips that are inserted clandestinely into the human bodies, perhaps in the early stages by external methods like through the dental fillings or directly from satellites or drones. In present times the populations get it most likely internally via vaccinations.
I described such technologies several times on videos and because I am live on 24/7 you all know that one of my micro or nanochips was literally shot at parukarka into my right eye from the satellite or a drone 9 years ago.
So  I would read covid 19  as ‘watching jointly’. Perfect definition of the current situation, is it not?
ID2020 is designed for the planetary application.
I have difficulties with the world’s response to this.
Since 2010 when I was put under the 24/7 public surveillance by the global martial law, everybody knows that such technologies allow directing remotely all bodily functions of any creature by directed energy devices. Yet under the directives of the medical establishment, that establishment which has been denying their existence for decades you all wear the masks to protect yourselves against the ordinary danger of coronavirus? Does it symbolize your resistance to the prohibition of telling the truth or is it a total subdual to power?  if I am blackmailed by establishing the total martial law in no adequate circumstances, that is an act of dictatorship, not of democratic leadership.
It is not fear which holds me back from speaking, it is pride and ego which is outraged that the governments and 7 billion people are not able to do the right thing after 10 years of watching the targeted people’s agonies because their bodies have been mutilated not just by some police and intelligence but by smartphones of their fellow human beings for “pleasure” and “business”.

I have admitted all my failures and disgraces, So what is your problem with me? Hygiene and ordinary staphylococcus which my body can deal with without problems? Besides while you play Beethoven on my body, it would be pointless to use any medicine
My problem with you is that the global top is making idiots out of us all to keep the appearances and this coronavirus scenario is used as a scapegoat for the seriousness of the situation. I understand that it is a complicated issue, that will affect many fields of human activity, but when the MOST HOLY CREATOR’s symbol is used as a badge of prostitution, that is not the best way to deal with it,  rather something one should dread more than any virus.
And because of this flavor imprinted in my case, I resist being associated with the human experimentation, affecting hundreds of thousands of innocent people with an impeccable reputation.
Let them lead the reconciliation processes.
My role is the role of Judas.

I was just thinking on the way from my walk, how the young generation’s reality has been replaced with virtual reality. Observing them day by day, I am not so sure if it is better. We at least were brought to a point where we could not but ask that burning question: what is the purpose of human life and why we are here. And we found the answers and wanted to pass it to you and say “behold you originate from REAL HEAVEN”, you are a spark of GOD that strives to re-blend with its original source, perhaps in the wrong way but essentially with right intuition  and your artificial intelligence, ignorant scientists  and ‘who’ do everything to prevent you from getting there.”
It somehow got lost in warp time of obscene.

No one worries?

While reading the reports about the vaccine industry I get curious about what priorities the Police have when choosing the subject to spend time on…I mean if vaccines are responsible for 75% of sudden infant deaths and they are compulsory, should not they deserve some serious thinking as well?

A shortcut to coronavirus

To orientate oneself in this pure madness a shortcut might help.
The coronavirus has at least three layers of the meaning. The most obvious is the virus itself which is no more deadly than other viruses of such kind.
The second layer is the fact that by researching its origins one comes to the family of viruses with the history going back to different warfare laboratories and their experiments with sexually transmitted diseases with the aims of reducing the number of that population which does not comply with the moral standards of the ape descendants.
That is connected with my case where I was diagnosed a decade ago positive to a streptococcus of which I was not aware at all so I did not care because the medicine treats it with antibiotics that destroy our etheric substances.
Now in 2020 when the real planetary problems are mounting for solutions the whole globe is exposed to the search for everyone who has had an intimate contact with me over the 67 years of my existence and the same ordeal applies to them, it affects my friends and even everyone who has ever met me talked to me or even sat next to me for more than 5 or 10 minutes.
Nobody can escape to it as there is the tape of my entire life taken by satellites and so everyone is known.
The third layer might be the cover-up for human experimentation programs like the one I have been exposed to in front of your eyes from 2010 through some type of bodily sensors.

There is a real reason why we are all exposed to this unprecedented treatment. I am sure the scientific super-elite has the answers to it for you if you survive the streptococcus. My explanations cannot permeate their renowned ‘intellectual integrity’.

The trial

It is very hard when the majority of the earth’s population’s centre of gravity is below the waist. It colours the stuff above that so it becomes invisible or at least irrelevant. It has been used to manipulate emotions of all sides since 2010 and it will most likely take us to cop 21 as pre-planned….or am I wrong?
My letters to the officials of three countries involved – Au, the Czech Republic, and the US asking for my extradition to the US to face their charges for espionage & unsuccessful trials to break into the government’s websites have been overlooked, and instead all my private liaisons since Adam are under the global public and intelligence scrutiny.
I am 68 this year so it might continue till  Noe’s Ark.
I thought that people would understand that there is  Knowledge indispensable to the survival of humanity in the long term, Knowledge which contradicts the transhumanistic course towards the human/artificial intelligence merger almost everybody is so fond of and that they will start to read it, verify what it teaches and apply it into their lives, utterly independently of me and my history.
Well, I was wrong. My history took over and has been used as deterrent against that Knowledge of divine origin.  The only thing people actually grasped was the ape story, yet even that without the right connection to their existence.
I must remember the lemon tree.


Man’s evolution

When reading the court proceedings of a case that is political, one thing comes across one’s mind. The juridical foundation is built solely on Power according to the Old testament. But we live in the third millennium, our science reached the level of knowledge where we begin to understand that human existence is interlinked electromagnetically not only with all life on our planet but with the entire Universe and the blockages in one region affect the whole system, be it a human body, a family, a country or the whole planetary ecosystem. So if one country causes some sort of blockages, it evokes consequently corresponding reactions somewhere else, perhaps of seemingly accidental nature. It is a manifestation of an Objective universal law that we named  Newton’s first law.
The whistleblowers are a very good example of that. We call them adversaries, but in reality, they are the embodiment of the first Newton’s law.
The true evolution is characterized by the rise of human consciousness. So far we kill each other unlawfully and then lawfully, just not long ago we slaughtered ourselves mutually in so many millions that it finally horrified us and we managed to protect ourselves by declarations of human rights and freedoms of speech to move our reconciling processes to a more civilized level of Reasoning between ourselves or in courts. Yet not even a century later we disregard them completely for refusing to comprehend the existence of not just the most fundamental objective law of the Universe but also to mentate on the fact that for 2000 years we have not been able to grasp the significance of the New Testament for our further evolution, which is firmly expected of us by the whole galaxy.
So what is your Reason suggesting?

Days of our lives

I am not allowed to put it in video form.

This situation is a classical product of sleeping humanity. That is how we act and react to the external stimulus. You will be re-living the segments of my life journey feeling superior in your moralistic purity and somehow will overlook that you have been watching for 10 years the human experimentation live, 24/7, you have seen that human body and mind with some form of biosensors can be controlled remotely through directed energy devices according to the whim of a doctor or a police officer at the other end, you have seen real suffering physical as well as psychological, you have seen the psychiatrists and doctors to deny it, you have seen the police to deny it, you have seen the governments ignore the letters, you have seen the videos of victims in total despair for what was happening to them through the application of directed energy weapons and you have seen the mainstream media’s inability to report it directly.
The technology is hardly going to disappear because you will never give up your wi-fi smartphones voluntarily nor will the militaries dismantle their psychotronic systems around the entire planet, therefore you and the following generations will be exposed to these technologies the same or similar way.  It would be wise to protect yourselves at least by acknowledging their existence so you would not end up drugged as delusional in psychiatric institutions on the top of suffering from the microwave or sonic radiation.
Then the juridical domain could create the laws which would make such attacks on private citizens illegal.  Up till now  it is legal, so are the murders and destructions of properties and lands caused by the use of directed energy weapons.
These technologies have the ability to interfere with the natural electromagnetic circuit of the Earth with which all life on earth is synchronized, including us humans. Here originates your real cause of  weather change and  also your physical and mental slavery because by exposing the planet artificially to different electromagnetic frequencies you can be manipulated to whatever psychological reaction the planetary leader chooses without your knowledge unless you pay attention to yourselves
But you pay attention to my private life and to carbon dioxide, so we cannot move anywhere except to quarantines against your coronavirus.
When you are all so courageous heroes, why don’t you put me on whatever trial those up the top need to keep political appearances and help the human rights fighters to free Mr. Assange, who understood the difference between the elephants and flies and published it?
I understand it as well but your lasting obsession with the last judgment made it quite irrelevant.