Metanoia – The Intelligence of the planets

“G. spoke of the planets and the moon as
living beings, having definite ages, a definite period of life and possibilities of
development and transition to other planes of being. From what he said it appeared
that the moon was not a “dead planet,” as is usually accepted, but, on the contrary, a
“planet in birth”; a planet at the very initial stages of its development which had not
yet reached “the degree of intelligence possessed by the earth,” as he expressed it.
“But the moon is growing and developing,” said G., “and some time, it will,
possibly, attain the same level as the earth. Then, near it, a new moon will appear and
the earth will become their sun. At one time the sun was like the earth and the earth
like the moon. And earlier still the sun was like the moon.”
This attracted my attention at once. Nothing had ever seemed to me more artificial,
unreliable, and dogmatic than all the usual theories of the origin of planets and solar
systems, beginning with the Kant-Laplace theory down to the very latest, with all
their additions and variations. The “general public” considers these theories, or at any
rate the last one known to it, to be scientific and proven. But in actual fact there is of
course nothing less scientific and less proven than these theories. Therefore the fact
that G.’s system accepted an altogether different theory, an organic theory having its
origin in entirely new principles and showing a different universal order, appeared to
me very interesting and important.
“In what relation does the intelligence of the earth stand to the intelligence of the
sun?” I asked.
“The intelligence of the sun is divine,” said G. “But the earth can become the same;
only, of course, it is not guaranteed and the earth may die having attained nothing.”
“Upon what does this depend?” I asked.
G.’s answer was very vague.
“There is a definite period,” he said, “for a certain thing to be done. If, by a certain
time, what ought to be done has not been done, the earth may perish without having
attained what it could have attained.”
“Is this period known?” I asked.
“It is known,” said G. “But it would be no advantage whatever for people to know it.
It would even be worse. Some would believe it, others would not believe it, yet others
would demand proofs. Afterwards they would begin to break one another’s heads.
Everything ends this way with people.”
excertps from ISOM P.D. Ouspensky

The principle of the discontinuity of vibrations, the principle of deviation of forces, the principle of the inevitability of either ascent or descent in every line of development of forces, the principle of the periodic fluctuations

“In right knowledge the study of man must proceed on parallel lines with the study
of the world, and the study of the world must run parallel with the study of man. Laws
are everywhere the same, in the world as well as in man. Having mastered the
principles of any one law we must look for its manifestation in the world and in man
simultaneously. Moreover, some laws are more easily observed in the world, others
are more easily observed in man. Therefore in certain cases it is better to begin with
the world and then to pass on to man, and in other cases it is better to begin with man
and then to pass on to the world.
“This parallel study of the world and of man shows the student the fundamental
unity of everything and helps him to find analogies in phenomena of different orders.
“The number of fundamental laws which govern all processes both in the world and
in man is very small. Different numerical combinations of a few elementary forces
create all the seeming variety of phenomena.
“In order to understand the mechanics of the universe it is necessary to resolve
complex phenomena into these elementary forces.
“The first fundamental law of the universe is the law of three forces, or three
principles, or, as it is often called, the law of three. According to this law every action,
every phenomenon in all worlds without exception, is the result of a simultaneous
action of three forces—the positive, the negative, and the neutralizing. Of this we have
already spoken, and in future we will return to this law with every new line of study.
“The next fundamental law of the universe is the law of seven or the law of octaves.
“In order to understand the meaning of this law it is necessary to regard the universe
as consisting of vibrations. These vibrations proceed in all kinds, aspects, and
densities of the matter which constitutes the universe, from the finest to the coarsest;
they issue from various sources and proceed in various directions, crossing one
another, colliding, strengthening, weakening, arresting one another, and so on.
“In this connection according to the usual views accepted in the West, vibrations are
continuous. This means that vibrations are usually regarded as proceeding
uninterruptedly, ascending or descending so long as there continues to act the force of
the original impulse which caused the vibration and which overcomes the resistance of
the medium in which the vibrations proceed. When the force of the impulse becomes
exhausted and the resistance of the medium gains the upper hand the vibrations
naturally die down and stop. But until this moment is reached, that is, until the
beginning of the natural weakening, the vibrations develop uniformly and gradually,
and, in the absence of resistance, can even be endless. So that one of the fundamental
propositions of our physics is the continuity of vibrations, although this has never been
precisely formulated because it has never been opposed. In certain of the newest
theories this proposition is beginning to be shaken. Nevertheless physics is still very
far from a correct view on the nature of vibrations, or what corresponds to our
conception of vibrations, in the real world.
“In this instance the view of ancient knowledge is opposed to that of contemporary
science because at the base of the understanding of vibrations ancient knowledge
places the principle of the discontinuity of vibrations.
“The principle of the discontinuity of vibration means the definite and necessary
characteristic of all vibrations in nature, whether ascending or descending, to develop
not uniformly but with periodical accelerations and retardations. This principle can be
formulated still more precisely if we say that the force of the original impulse in
vibrations does not act uniformly but, as it were, becomes alternately stronger and
weaker. The force of the impulse acts without changing its nature and vibrations
develop in a regular way only for a certain time which is determined by the nature of
the impulse, the medium, the conditions, and so forth. But at a certain moment a kind
of change takes place in it and the vibrations, so to speak, cease to obey it and for a
short time they slow down and to a certain extent change their nature or direction; for
example, ascending vibrations at a certain moment begin to ascend more slowly, and
descending vibrations begin to descend more slowly. After this temporary retardation,
both in ascending and descending, the vibrations again enter the former channel and
for a certain time ascend or descend uniformly up to a certain moment when a check in
their development again takes place. In this connection it is significant that the periods
of uniform action of the momentum are not equal and that the moments of retardation
of the vibrations are not symmetrical. One period is shorter, the other is longer.
“In order to determine these moments of retardation, or rather, the checks in the
ascent and descent of vibrations, the lines of development of
vibrations are divided into periods corresponding to the doubling or the halving of the
number of vibrations in a given space of time.
“Let us imagine a line of increasing vibrations. Let us take them at the moment
when they are vibrating at the rate of one thousand a second. After a certain time the
number of vibrations is doubled, that is, reaches two thousand.
1000 2000
FIG. 7
“It has been found and established that in this interval of vibrations, between the
given number of vibrations and a number twice as large, there are two places where a
retardation in the increase of vibrations takes place. One is near the beginning but not
at the beginning itself. The other occurs almost at the end.
FIG. 8 1000|————————|———————————|——|2000
“The laws which govern the retardation or the deflection of vibrations from their
primary direction were known to ancient science. These laws were duly incorporated
into a particular formula or diagram which has been preserved up to our times. In this
formula the period in which vibrations are doubled was divided into eight unequal
steps corresponding to the rate of increase in the vibrations. The eighth step repeats
the first step with double the number of vibrations. This period of the doubling of the
vibrations, or the line of the development of vibrations, between a given number of
vibrations and double that number, is called an octave, that is to say, composed of
“The principle of dividing into eight unequal parts the period, in which the
vibrations are doubled, is based upon the observation of the non-uniform increase of
vibrations in the entire octave, and separate ‘steps’ of the octave show acceleration and
retardation at different moments of its development.
“In the guise of this formula ideas of the octave have been handed down from
teacher to pupil, from one school to another. In very remote times one of these
schools found that it was possible to apply this formula to music. In this way was
obtained the seven-tone musical scale which was known in the most distant antiquity,
then forgotten, and then discovered or ‘found’ again.
“The seven-tone scale is the formula of a cosmic law which was worked out by
ancient schools and applied to music. At the same time, how-
ever, if we study the manifestations of the law of octaves in vibrations of other kinds
we shall see that the laws are everywhere the same, and that light, heat, chemical,
magnetic, and other vibrations are subject to the same laws as sound vibrations. For
instance, the light scale is known to physics; in chemistry the periodic system of the
elements is without doubt closely connected with the principle of octaves although this
connection is still not fully clear to science.
“A study of the structure of the seven-tone musical scale gives a very good
foundation for understanding the cosmic law of octaves.
“Let us again take the ascending octave, that is, the octave in which the frequency of
vibrations increases. Let us suppose that this octave begins with one thousand
vibrations a second. Let us designate these thousand vibrations by the note do.
Vibrations are growing, that is, their frequency is increasing. At the point where they
reach two thousand vibrations a second there will be a second do, that is, the do of the
next octave.
do ———————————————————————— do
FIG. 9
“The period between one do and the next, that is, an octave, is divided into seven
unequal parts because the frequency of vibrations does not increase uniformly.
, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si , do, FIG. 10
“The ratio of the pitch of the notes, or of the frequency of vibrations will be as
“If we take do as 1 then re will be 9/8, mi 5/4, fa 4/3, sol 3/2, la 3/2, si 15/8, and
do 2.
1 9/8 5/4 4/3 3/2 5/3 15/8 2

do re mi fa sol la si do FIG. 11
“The differences in the acceleration or increase in the notes or the difference in tone
will be as follows:
between do and re 9/8 : 1 = 9/8
between re and mi 5/4 : 9/8 = 10/9
between mi and fa 4/3 : 5/4 = 16/15 increase retarded
between fa and sol 3/2 : 4/3 = 9/8
between sol and la 5/3 : 3/2 = 10/9
between la and si 15/8 : 5/3 == 9/8
between si and do 2 : 15/8 = 16/15 increase again retarded
“The differences in the notes or the differences in the pitch of the notes are called
intervals. We see that there are three kinds of intervals in the octave: 9/8, 10/9, and
16/15, which in whole numbers correspond to 405, 400, and 384. The smallest
interval 16/15 occurs between mi and fa and between si and do. These are precisely
the places of retardation in the octave.
“In relation to the musical (seven-tone) scale it is generally considered
(theoretically) that there are two semitones between each two notes, with the
exception of the intervals mi-fa and si-do, which have only one semitone and in
which one semitone is regarded as being left out.
“In this manner twenty notes are obtained, eight of which are fundamental: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do
and twelve intermediate: two between each of the following two notes:
and one between each of the following two notes:
“But in practice, that is, in music, instead of twelve intermediate semitones only
five are taken, that is one semitone between:
“Between mi and fa and between si and do the semitone is not taken at all.
“In this way the structure of the musical seven-tone scale gives a scheme of the
cosmic law of ‘intervals,’ or absent semitones. In this respect when octaves are spoken
of in a ‘cosmic’ or a ‘mechanical’ sense, only those intervals between mi-fa and si-do
are called ‘intervals’
“If we grasp its full meaning the law of octaves gives us an entirely new
explanation of the whole of life, of the progress and development of phenomena on all planes
of the universe observed by us. This law explains why there are
no straight lines in nature and also why we can neither think nor do, why everything
with us is thought, why everything happens with us and happens usually in a way
opposed to what we want or expect. All this is the clear and direct effect of the
‘intervals,’ or retardations in the development of vibrations.
“What precisely does happen at the moment of the retardation of vibrations? A
deviation from the original direction takes place. The octave begins in the direction
shown by the arrow:

“This law shows why straight lines never occur in our activities, why, having begun
to do one thing, we in fact constantly do something entirely
different, often the opposite of the first, although we do not notice this and continue
to think that we are doing the same thing that we began to do.
“All this and many other things can only be explained with the help of the law of
octaves together with an understanding of the role and significance of ‘intervals’
which cause the line of the development of force constantly to change, to go in a
broken line, to turn round, to become its ‘own opposite’ and so on.
“Such a course of things, that is, a change of direction, we can observe in
everything. After a certain period of energetic activity or strong emotion or a right
understanding a reaction comes, work becomes tedious and tiring; moments of fatigue
and indifference enter into feeling; instead of right thinking a search for compromises
begins; suppression, evasion of difficult problems. But the line continues to develop
though now not in the same direction as at the beginning. Work becomes mechanical,
feeling becomes weaker and weaker, descends to the level of the common events of
the day; thought becomes dogmatic, literal. Everything proceeds in this way for a
certain time, then again there is reaction, again a stop, again a deviation. The
development of the force may continue but the work which was begun with great zeal
and enthusiasm has become an obligatory and useless formality; a number of entirely
foreign elements have entered into feeling—considering, vexation, irritation,
thought goes round in a circle, repeating what was known before, and the way out
which had been found becomes more and more lost.
“The same thing happens in all spheres of human activity. In literature, science, art,
philosophy, religion, in individual and above all in social and political life, we can
observe how the line of the development of forces deviates from its original direction
and goes, after a certain time, in a diametrically opposite direction, still preserving its
former name. A study of history from this point of view shows the most astonishing
facts which mechanical humanity is far from desiring to notice. Perhaps the most
interesting examples of such change of direction in the line of the development of
forces can be found in the history of religion, particularly in the history of
Christianity if it is studied dispassionately. Think how many turns the line of
development of forces must have taken to come from the Gospel preaching of love to
the Inquisition; or to go from the ascetics of the early centuries studying esoteric
Christianity to the scholastics who calculated how many angels could be placed on
the point of a needle.
“The law of octaves explains many phenomena in our lives which are
“First is the principle of the deviation of forces.
“Second is the fact that nothing in the world stays in the same place, or remains
what it was, everything moves, everything is going somewhere,
is changing, and inevitably either develops or goes down, weakens or degenerates,
that is to say, it moves along either an ascending or a descending line of octaves.
“And third, that in the actual development itself of both ascending and descending
octaves, fluctuations, rises and falls are constantly taking place.
“We have spoken so far chiefly about the discontinuity of vibrations and about the
deviation of forces. We must now clearly grasp two other principles: the inevitability
of either ascent or descent in every line of development of forces, and also the
periodic fluctuations,
that is, rises and falls, in every line whether ascending or

“Nothing can develop by staying on one level. Ascent or descent is the inevitable
cosmic condition of any action. We neither understand nor see what is going on
around and within us, either because we do not allow for the inevitability of descent
when there is no ascent, or because we take descent to be ascent. These are two of the
fundamental causes of our self-deception. We do not see the first one because we
continually think that things can remain for a long time at the same level; and we do
not see the second because ascents where we see them are in fact impossible, as
impossible as it is to increase consciousness by mechanical means.
“Having learned to distinguish ascending and descending octaves in life we must
learn to distinguish ascent and descent within the octaves themselves. Whatever
sphere of our life we take we can see that nothing can ever remain level and constant;
everywhere and in everything proceeds the swinging of the pendulum, everywhere
and in everything the waves rise and fall. Our energy in one or another direction
which suddenly increases and afterwards just as suddenly weakens; our moods which
‘become better’ or ‘become worse’ without any visible reason; our feelings, our desires,
our intentions, our decisions—all from time to time pass through periods of ascent or
descent, become stronger or weaker.
“And there are perhaps a hundred pendulums moving here and there in man. These
ascents and descents, these wave-like fluctuations of moods, thought, feelings,
energy, determination, are periods of the development of forces between ‘intervals’ in
the octaves as well as the ‘intervals’ themselves.
“Upon the law of octaves in its three principal manifestations depend many
phenomena both of a psychic nature as well as those immediately connected with our
life. Upon the law of octaves depends the imperfection and the incompleteness of our
knowledge in all spheres without exception, chiefly because we always begin in one
direction and afterwards without noticing it proceed in another.
“As has been said already, .the law of octaves in all its manifestations was known
to ancient knowledge.
“Even our division of time, that is, the days of the week into work days and
Sundays, is connected with the same properties and inner conditions of our activity
which depend upon the general law. The Biblical myth of the creation of the world in
six days and of the seventh day in which God rested from his labors is also an
expression of the law of octaves or an indication of it, though an incomplete one.
“Observations based on an understanding of the law of octaves show that
‘vibrations’ may develop in different ways. In interrupted octaves they merely begin
and fall, are drowned or swallowed up by other, stronger, vibrations which intersect
them or which go in an opposite direction. In octaves which deviate from the original
direction the vibrations change their nature and give results opposite to those which
might have been expected at the beginning.
“And it is only in octaves of a cosmic order, both descending and ascending, that
vibrations develop in a consecutive and orderly way, following the same direction in
which they started.
“Further observations show that a right and consistent development of octaves,
although rare, can be observed in all the occasions of life and in the activity of nature
and even in human activity.
“The right development of these octaves is based on what looks an accident. It
sometimes happens that octaves going parallel to the given octave, intersecting or
meeting it, in some way or another fill up its ‘intervals’ and make it possible for the
vibrations of the given octave to develop in freedom and without checks. Observation
of such rightly developing octaves establishes the fact that if at the necessary moment,
that is, at the moment when the given octave passes through an ‘interval,’ there enters
into it an ‘additional shock’ which corresponds in force and character, it will develop
further without hindrance along the original direction, neither losing anything nor
changing its nature.
“In such cases there is an essential difference between ascending and descending
“In an ascending octave the first ‘interval’ comes between mi and fa. If
corresponding additional energy enters at this point the octave will develop without
hindrance to si, but between si and do it needs a much stronger ‘additional shock’ for
its right development than between mi and fa, because the vibrations of the octave at
this point are of a considerably higher pitch and to overcome a check in the
development of the octave a greater intensity is needed.
“In a descending octave, on the other hand, the greatest ‘interval’ occurs at the very
beginning of the octave, immediately after the first do and the material for filling it is
very often found either in do itself or in the lateral vibrations evoked by do. For this
reason a descending octave develops much more easily than an ascending octave and
in passing beyond si it reaches fa without hindrance; here an ‘additional shock’ is
sary, though considerably less strong than the first ‘shock’ between do and si.
“In the big cosmic octave, which reaches us in the form of the ray of creation, we
can see the first complete example of the law of octaves. The ray of creation begins
with the Absolute. The Absolute is the All. The All, possessing full unity, full will,
and full consciousness, creates worlds within itself, in this way beginning the
descending world octave. The Absolute is the do of this octave. The worlds which the
Absolute creates in itself are si. The ‘interval’ between do and si in this case is filled
by the will of the Absolute. The process of creation is developed further by the force
of the original impulse and an ‘additional shock.’ Si passes into la which for us is our
star world, the Milky Way. La passes into sol—our sun, the solar system. Sol passes
into fa—the planetary world. And here between the planetary world as a whole and
our earth occurs an ‘interval.’ This means that the planetary radiations carrying
various influences to the earth are not able to reach it, or, to speak more correctly,
they are not received, the earth reflects them. In order to fill the ‘interval’ at this point
of the ray of creation a special apparatus is created for receiving and transmitting the
influences coming from the planets. This apparatus is organic life on earth. Organic
life transmits to the earth all the influences intended for it and makes possible the
further development and growth of the earth, mi of the cosmic octave, and then of the
moon or re, after which follows another do—Nothing. Between All and Nothing
passes the ray of creation.
“You know the prayer ‘Holy God, Holy the Firm, Holy the Immortal’? This prayer
comes from ancient knowledge. Holy God means the Absolute or All. Holy the Firm
also means the Absolute or Nothing. Holy the Immortal signifies that which is
between them, that is, the six notes of the ray of creation, with organic life. All three
taken together make one. This is the coexistent and indivisible Trinity.”

“We must now dwell on the idea of the ‘additional shocks’ which make it possible
for the lines of forces to reach a projected aim. As I said before, shocks may occur
accidentally. Accident is of course a very uncertain thing. But those lines of
development of forces which are straightened out by accident, and which man can
sometimes see, or suppose, or expect, create in him more than anything else the
illusion of straight lines. That is to say, he thinks that straight lines are the rule and
broken and interrupted lines the exception. This in its turn creates in him the illusion
that it is possible to do; possible to attain a projected aim. In reality a man can do
nothing. If by accident his activity gives a result, even though it resembles only in
appearance or in name the original aim, a man assures himself and others that he has
attained the aim which he set before him-
self and that anyone else would also be able to attain his aim, and others believe him.
In reality this is illusion. A man can win at roulette. But this would be accident.
Attaining an aim which one has set before oneself in life or in any particular sphere of
human activity is just the same kind of accident. The only difference is that in regard
to roulette a man at least knows for certain whether he has lost or won on each
separate occasion, that is, on each separate stake. But in the activities of his life,
particularly with activities of the kind that many people are concerned in and when
years pass between the beginning of something and its result, a man can very easily
deceive himself and take the result ‘obtained’ as the result desired, that is, believe that
he has won when on the whole he has lost.
“The greatest insult for a ‘man-machine’ is to tell him that he can do nothing, can
attain nothing, that he can never move towards any aim whatever and that in striving
towards one he will inevitably create another. Actually of course it cannot be
otherwise. The ‘man-machine’ is in the power of accident. His activities may fall by
accident into some sort of channel which has been created by cosmic or mechanical
forces and they may by accident move along this channel for a certain time, giving the
illusion that aims of some kind are being attained. Such accidental correspondence of
results with the aims we have set before us or the attainment of aims in small things
which can have no consequences creates in mechanical man the conviction that he is
able to attain any aim, ‘is able to conquer nature’ as it is called, is able to ‘arrange the
whole of his life,’ and so on.
“As a matter of fact he is of course unable to do anything of the kind because not
only has he no control over things outside himself but he has no control even over
things within himself. This last must be very clearly understood and assimilated; at the
same time it must be understood that control over things begins with control over
things in ourselves, with control over ourselves. A man who cannot control himself, or
the course of things within himself, can control nothing.
“In what way can control be attained?
“The technical part of this is explained by the law of octaves. Octaves can develop
consecutively and continuously in the desired direction if ‘additional shocks’ enter
them at the moments necessary, that is, at the moments when vibrations slow down. If
‘additional shocks’ do not enter at the necessary moments octaves change their
direction. To entertain hopes of accidental ‘shocks’ coming from somewhere by
themselves at the moments necessary is of course out of the question. There remains
for a man the choice either of finding a direction for his activities which corresponds
to the mechanical line of events of a given moment, in other words of ‘going where the
wind blows’ or ‘swimming with the stream,’ even if this contradicts his inner
inclinations, convictions, and sympathies, or of reconciling himself to the failure of
everything he starts out
to do; or he can learn to recognize the moments of the ‘intervals’ in all lines of his
activity and learn to create the ‘additional shocks,’ in other words, learn to apply to his
own activities the method which cosmic forces make use of in creating ‘additional
shocks’ at the moments necessary.
“The possibility of artificial, that is, specially created, ‘additional shocks’ gives a
practical meaning to the study of the law of octaves and makes this study obligatory
and necessary if a man desires to step out of the role of passive spectator of that which
is happening to him and around him.
“The ‘man-machine’ can do nothing. To him and around him everything happens. In
order to do it is necessary to know the law of octaves, to know the moments of the
‘intervals’ and be able to create necessary ‘additional shocks.’
“It is only possible to learn this in a school, that is to say, in a rightly organized
school which follows all esoteric traditions. Without the help of a school a man by
himself can never understand the law of octaves, the points of the ‘intervals,’ and the
order of creating ‘shocks.’ He cannot understand because certain conditions are
necessary for this purpose, and these conditions can only be created in a school which
is itself created upon these principles.
“How a school is created on the principles of the law of octaves will be explained in
due course. And this in its turn will explain to you one aspect of the union of the law
of seven with the law of three. In the meantime it can be said only that in school
teaching, a man is given examples of both descending (creative) and ascending (or
evolutionary) cosmic octaves. Western thought, knowing neither about octaves nor
about the law of three, confuses the ascending and the descending lines and does not
understand that the line of evolution is opposed to the line’ of creation, that is to say, it
goes against it as though against the stream.
“In the study of the law of octaves it must be remembered that octaves in their
relation to each other are divided into fundamental and subordinate. The fundamental
octave can be likened to the trunk of a tree giving off branches of lateral octaves. The
seven fundamental notes of the octave and the two ‘intervals,’ the bearers of new
directions, give altogether nine links of a chain, three groups of three links each.
“The fundamental octaves are connected with the secondary or subordinate octaves
in a certain definite way. Out of the subordinate octaves of the first order come the
subordinate octaves of the second order, and so on. The construction of octaves can be
compared with the construction of a tree. From the straight basic trunk there come out
boughs on all sides which divide in their turn and pass into branches- becoming
smaller and smaller, and finally are covered with leaves. The same process goes on in
the construction of the leaves, in the formation of the veins, the serrations, and so on.
“Like everything in nature the human body which represents a certain whole bears
both within and without the same correlations. According to the number of the notes
of the octave and its ‘intervals,’ the human body has nine basic measurements
expressed by the numbers of a definite measure. In individuals these numbers of
course differ widely but within certain definite limits. These nine basic measurements,
giving a full octave of the first order, by combining in a certain definite way pass into
measurements of subordinate octaves, which give rise in their turn to other
subordinate octaves, and so on. In this way it is possible to obtain the measurements of
any member or any part of the human body as they are all in a definite relationship
one to another.”
The law of octaves naturally gave rise to a great many talks in our group and to
much perplexity. G. warned us all the time against too much theorizing.
“You must understand and feel this law in yourselves,” he said. “Only then will you
see it outside yourselves.”
This of course is true. But the difficulty was not only in this. Merely a “technical”
understanding of the law of octaves requires a lot of time. And we returned to it
continually, sometimes making unexpected discoveries, sometimes again losing what
had seemed to us already established.
It is now difficult to convey how at different periods now one and now another idea
became the center of gravity in our work, attracted the greatest attention, gave rise to
most talks. The idea of the law of octaves became in its way a permanent center of
gravity. We returned to it on every occasion; we spoke of it and discussed its various
aspects at every meeting until we began gradually to think of everything from the
point of view of this idea.”
excerpts from ISOM P.D. Ouspensky

To our religions

You must be informed about many of the underlying issues behind the current state of planetary affairs but maybe you are not aware of denying forces of the 4th Industrial revolution that literally enslave the planet* and have already hypnotized humanity with psychotronic technologies, where a man stops to be in control of his/her own body and mind. I am speaking from my own experience and the social credit system is certainly aimed to be officially implemented on the western populations as well. It would be justified by the safety of citizens in the new age of electricities, where smart technologies have been utilized even by the private sector as directed energy weapons and an amazingly high number of people have no ethical barriers against using them for remote electronic hunting of their own fellow human beings.
The attached patent of covid19** clearly suggests the direction life on earth has taken and perhaps its detailed descriptions of the intended tasks are explaining to us what we are dealing with. The technology is even able to recognize the moments of our divided attention (self-realization, self-remembering, self-awareness,…. the signs of the third state of consciousness). It can manipulate such states by remotely extracting bodily energy, so practically it can degrade humanity to a lower level of being.  

It is the secular science that dictates the future of humanity, despite its inability to see the Universe as an interconnected hierarchy with the “Central reference system” built on the principles of reciprocal maintenance. The idea of transhumanism in its actual materialization could never be realized were it otherwise.

There are two scientific proves that the Universe is spiritual and that Genesis is correct:  

The first one comes from the attached Tabula Smaragdina of Hermes Trismegistus***and from Beelzebub’s Tales **** – the Earth’s mystery of light and darkness. Anyone who pays attention to both will solve the puzzle. 
The second is given to us by the Human Genome Project with its “complete genetic code for building a human being”. The primates came to existence by the accidental crossing of humans with the quadruplex species (also known over 100 years via Mr. Gurdjieff).
The subjective theory of natural evolution is obviously untenable for this age where quantum physics can already explain the scientific foundations of what we call spiritual.

The fact that the Universe is spiritual and humanity has not been informed about it have had many negative effects on the ecosystem, science, military, politics, economies, technology, culture, existential well-being of man, and on religions themselves.

By observing the current planetary “live exercise” under the martial law, with the intention to vaccinate the whole planet with a new type of DNA vaccines that permanently affect people’s genetic codes without knowing if it does not jeopardize man’s ability to create his/her so-called “higher being bodies ” and those of the subsequent generations, and either digitalize or even encrypt their bodies with DNA technologies*****, ought not the churches use vigorously their bells?

Most politicians have no scientific knowledge of the matters beyond the world physically manifested.
Religions have to confront the world of secular science with the basic questions:
Who we are,
Who created us for what reasons,
What is the main purpose of our existence,
Where consciousness comes from,
What happens to us after death?
If they cannot OBJECTIVELY answer these simple questions, how come they are let to shape the future history of 80% of the Earth’s population who know? It is a duty of all who know to unite their forces and bring down the “wall of  separation” between state powers and religion and replace it by the union of state powers with the religious/spiritual wisdom based science. Prophecies are just warnings about the unconscious forces, they cannot govern the conscious ones.

* Background of the Haarp Project

** System and Method for Testing for Covid19

*** Tabula Smaragdina

**** BT Chapter 17 The Arch-Absurd Chapter 18 The Arch-Preposterous 1950 edition
***** Psycho-Neurobiology and War

A thought to Mr. Gates

Dear Mr. Gates,          

Your name is so painfully often connected with death that I must assume that  either you are an eugenicist or you do not understand the impact of your vaccine mission  undertaken in goodwill.
As both cases spring from the fact that over thousands of years the top management has not learned yet how to lead humanity without the cyclical “reset”  of human and financial resources, I will again repeat for the peace of my mind what I have learned in the esoteric school that proved to be correct and far ahead of the knowledge of contemporary science.  I will overlook the things like the c-word, primate story and the STAR of David and I will mention only that there is a close correlation between the life of the planet and human behavior in it. The Universe is spiritual, each planet has a specific purpose of its existence – to transform the cosmic energies for further universal effects. That transformation is safeguarded by Nature according to the particular needs of time and evolution of the planets. The number of the population on the planet Earth is regulated by her according to the way humans transform the energies. If they do it by a qualitative way as they are supposed to do, their number decreases. If we fail to do that, she is forced to increase the number of the population, which goes hand in hand with the higher demands on natural resources. A simple observation of the graph of the population levels over the centuries is the easiest indicator where we got it wrong.
Mr. Gates, by reducing the population levels, we are dealing only with the consequences, not with the causes and we will burden the planet’s karma for the next generations, can you understand that?

The electricity issue is an electricity issue only because the relevant authorities fail to explain it is a sacred substance, that participates in animation of everything existing. If they did, we would not have robotization, because people would understand that both need electricity, but robots do not transform the cosmic energies.
And the amount of electricity used for keeping the entire atmosphere charged is a matter of conscience, is it not?
Instead of bringing the fear of death, why not to introduce to humanity knowledge of how to transform the cosmic energies qualitatively? This knowledge has been available to us for over 100 years and planetary management is oblivious to it. Why?
You all know that the Universe is spiritual, that there is the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE, our CREATOR.
What a little faith you have in our COMMON FATHER.

Spirit over the matter

Dagmar Palmerova

PS: Staphylococci is not a virus nor a killer unless recombined in biowarfare laboratories and does not transmit via air. Coronavirus is a question of ethics I would say.

A letter to the US President

Dagmar Palmerova

130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic


The President of The United States
Mr. Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President,

When the planetary leaders get too identified with the new scientific discoveries and miss the knowledge of the previously mentioned Universal Laws of Three and Seven that operate the entire Universe, democracy unavoidably turns to its opposite, and humanity finds itself exactly in a situation like we are facing today.
It refers to an ancient tale about the magician, who has many sheep and keeps control over them by a simple method of hypnotizing them and persuading them, that actually they are not sheep at all but lions, eagles or magicians. That he is loving them and they do not have to worry about anything as he would take care of them. So the sheep never run away and quietly waited for the time when the magician would need their flesh. Were they not hypnotized, they would seek to find the way out and they would find it as I did myself.
All the spying and terroristic endeavours the United States have accused me of could be linked to this old Eastern tale of the forgotten way to a higher level of consciousness. I know that in order to seek the truth one needs the right knowledge,  teachers, the school and the body that is capable to undertake such endeavour.

So anything that harms the body needs to be eliminated. Without going into many details, I can surely say that life on our planet has been organized in a way that goes exactly in the opposite direction.
Military psychotronic technologies,  geoengineering, and smart technologies keep humanity hypnotized to their maximum and devastate the planet in many ways, they  are used for illegal experimentation and torture and they even harvest the much-needed energy from human bodies for monetary gains.
 Biowarfare and vaccinations experiment with their DNA structures and contaminate their minds, blood, and bodily organs. Farmaceutical drugs suppress their natural reactions and our ability to transform their energies for spiritual gains. The agriculture gets genetically modified and chemical industry contaminates the soil, fauna and flora, thus cuts us off Nature’s nutritional support for the evolution of consciousness, man’s forgotten birthright.
All this together  causes excessive harm to the natural cycle of  reciprocal maintenance of our planet.
If someone has access to such knowledge, if he knows, that such path is unsustainable and will lead to the destruction of life on a major scale, is it not the higher moral principle that will lead him to bring the attention of the general public to it? That is precisely what Mr. Assange did 10 years ago.
Mr President, I am under the military martial law for many reasons and Mr. Assange is detained  in prison and legally blamed for all of them on my behalf, which seems indeed cruel retribution.
He will enter into American history as one of its darkest reflections of the unconscious interpretations  of once consciously created laws.
None of us is the enemy of your country and both of us are able to look at the planetary issues from the  cosmological point of view.  
Humanity has entered a new evolutionary era where the old concept of an enemy needs to be re-defined beyond the military, political, economic and nationalistic boundaries.
The scientific mysteries of the Universe already manifest themselves in many fields of science yet officially they have not been acknowledged.  
 No one explains to the general public their attributes,  possibilities,  responsibilities and the overall real destiny of man connected with them. How then can a man be expected to think and behave in a more conscious way? Impossible. Therefore one must assume that there is an intentional plan to keep it that way as long as possible, which again suggests that the principle of the Ray of Creation has been only superficially understood. The consequences are breathtaking, everywhere, mainly in the fields of secular science.
As long as real conscientious journalism is suppressed into mere symbols without the keys in the mainstream media and its creators blocked by the internet providers or kept in prisons, the predictions from the past epochs might really materialize. Something I was hoping to be prevented by the human mind of the century. Very likely the artificial mind persuaded it to be impossible. Mr. President, the Universe is spiritual and artificial intelligence can predict only unconscious  behaviour. Our souls belong to our CREATOR who is on our side of the battle, not to any secular science or a magician.

Most respectfully

Dagmar Palmerova

Za socialismu bylo celkem jednoduché se vyznat v tisku, černé bylo bílé a bílé černé, pokud se jednalo o politické dění této planety. Šedé zóny byly jakýmsi neutralizačním elementem.
V dnešní době je situace nesrovnatelně komplikovanější, protože obyvatelstvo tzv. rozvinutých demokracií žije v naivním domnění, že jejich politický systém je zárukou svobody tisku, ačkoliv „Five Eyes“ stíhá a vězní vydavatele a novináře pana Juliana Assange  již deset let za to, že uveřejnil zprávy, které svědčí o existenci úzkého spolku vyvolených, hrající vabank s celým lidstvem.
Globální stanné právo nad mým digitálním covidovým případem je natolik šokující a tím vyvolávající reakce všeho druhu, že ho prostě ignoruji, ale protože je úzce spjaté s vlnou očkování proti koronaviru, který nemá nic společného se stafylokokem, chtěla bych vznést svůj protest proti tomu, že lidé nedostávají pravdivé informace o složení vakcín.
Slučuje se zde několik agend. Především jde o zcela nový typ genetického inženýrství, používající elektroporaci. „Nevýhodou elektroporace však je, že po procesu může být ovlivněna genová exprese více než 7000 genů. To může způsobit problémy ve studiích, kde je třeba kontrolovat genovou expresi, aby byly zajištěny správné a přesné výsledky.“   
Jenom šílená mysl si nebude klást otázku, jaké následky se mohou dostavit od časem neověřených subjektivních  experimentů  ‚vědy‘, která je ještě v plenkách. Moudrost našich předků, zachovávajících princip předběžné opatrnosti pro 7 dalších generací  vznikla na základě zkušeností, proč je naše soudobá vědecká civilizace tak zpupná a arogantní? Noemova archa je pro ně jen hloupou báchorkou, kterou slýchávali, když ‘ještě’ lezli po stromech.
Nakolik tím bude ovlivněn duševní vývoj člověka v těle, jehož vibrační pole bude negativně alterováno, na to se nikdo ze sekulární vědy neptá.
Nedílnou složkou vakcín zdá se být ‚globally unique identifier‘, který umožní kompletní digitalizaci lidského těla a tím i jeho externího ovládání,  jak je patrné na mém případě.
Snahy o depopulaci lidstva se ani neskrývají, lékaři se svědomím upozorňují na vakcíny coby Trojské koně, jejichž nano substance mohou být aktivovány  psychotronickými technologiemi a spustit řetězové reakce pandemického rozsahu.
Když pominu problém rekombinantů, (mimochodem identifikovatelných  satelity pomocí vibračního pole), který musel být předvídán již v zárodku prvotní myšlenky, kdo může za těchto okolností s čistým svědomím doporučit očkování?
Volba Sofie.

Očkování a neočkování z pohledu laika

Jeden z nejsvědomitějších praktických lékařů této planety Dr. Thomas se podílel na vědecké studii očkovaných vs neočkovaných dětí, která byla právě publikována a jeho lékařská komora ho suspendovala z výkonu lékařské praxe. Když u nás dochází k nedůvěře laické veřejnosti k povinnému očkování, stává se to právě pro tyto skutečnosti, že slyšíme o faktech, která jsou vědecky průkazná a ortodoxní medicína je zcela bez zábran označuje za  nebezpečná, aniž by byla schopná svůj postoj vědecky dokázat. Ty studie, které uvádí jako důkaz prospěšnosti vakcín, jsou publikovány ve vážených lékařských časopisech, ale nemusejí procházet žádnými nezávislými peer review.
Následující rozhovor přímo volá po mezinárodní podpoře MUDr Thomase na poli, které se stará o budoucí lidstvo této planety. Ze sedmi episod videového pořadu The Truth About Vaccines je patrné, že Dr Thomas neříká, že vakcíny nesnižují výskyt onemocnění jako například spalničky. On vysvětluje , že se dětem vracejí v dospělém věku formou pásových oparů, které jsou mnohem horším onemocněním než spalničky v dětství a že imunní systém děti, očkovaných  podle vládou sestavených očkovacích plánů není tak odolný jako u neočkovaných dětí. Časovou úpravou (hep.B po narození) snížil ve své praxi rizikovost následků prakticky k nule. Počet doporučených vakcín v USA je kolem sedmdesáti, ale ve většině států jsou dobrovolné, takže lze jejich počet regulovat podle dané situace. U nás jich je podstatně méně, ale zase jsou plošné a povinné.
samotná studie:

Feedback ortodoxu:
Autor chirurg cituje Kochovu studii očkovaných a neočkovaných skupin dětí jako potvrzující účinnost očkování . Před lety jsem se výzkumu chtěla účastnit, tak jsem tehdy vyplnila celý dotazník, byl však limitován věkem. Sledovala jsem ale jeho výsledky a zkopírovala si tento již těžko dostupný  graf:

Chápe ortodoxní medicína, jak je pro laiky snadné přestat věřit lékařům přinejmenším v otázce očkování, když se musejí potýkat celý život například s astma nebo herpesy a potom najdou takovouto studii? Autor recenze si ani nedá práci pozorně si přečíst tu část Kochovy studie, která je dostupná, jakou váhu má tedy recenze na studii Thomas/Weiler, když není navíc vůbec podložená desetiletími praxe s očkováním?

UBI – Something for nothing?

That goes against the law of the Universe on just every level one can think about.
Just by observation of Nature I will come to the realisation that there would be many hidden dangers. The first one which comes to my mind is The Universe 25.
The second is simply our human nature, in the socialist regime the societies had an almost equal income regardless of the professions and highly professional people did not like it, many of them left the country not for the political, but the economic reasons. How long would it take for those, who have very developed working habits to start to despise those, who have not? Besides the society has to be very rich to be able to afford it. At the moment each country is experiencing enormous financial burdens because of lockdowns of economies due to covid19. Just let’s use the logic, please. Where would the money come from to cover the expenses?
From the companies that replace people by robots? They do it for saving the money.
So it would have to originate from the planetary sources and that would certainly come with some sort of conditioning, like the central planetary evidence, confiscation of private properties, compulsory vaccinations, social credit systems, total interference in your private lives and so on. So under the current conditions I do not trust such idea at all. It really seems like a calming effect for the upcoming transitional period, a new name for social security cheque.

Yes, by all means it makes people feel secure, but life is not about security, life is about the spiritual growth and there is not a word about the fact that the Universe actually is spiritual and that our 4th industrial revolution disregards it utterly. If I saw that the planetary leaders want to bring humanity to the higher level of consciousness that would be a different story. In the sixties and seventies there were spiritual communes created across the world where people did not own anything, did not earn anything, yet had lived and worked there for free, creating the whole environment literally out of nothing, just using the spirit of brotherhood. It did not last, mainly due to the external infiltration, but it brought the testimony to humanity, that the materialistic approach to life is not the only form of existence for humankind.
So if there was a leadership, that would support the localities, where the ancient ways of spiritual living could be regenerated for larger audiences, that would be a totally different story. There would be experienced teachers, offering the scientific knowledge unknown to the general public and when the right environment needed for the processes of verifications of such knowledge would be available, new forms of sustainable possibilities for human existence, worth of a man of the 21th century, would certainly be born. In accordance with the objective laws of the Universe, not in their contradiction.
Why not to develop such projects? There is one ideal locality with the ancient history that is a subject of powers conflicts, I cannot imagine a nobler solution for such region. It would bring blessings and reconciliations instead of hatred. Peace instead of historically endless wars and fears. Why not to try something different?

Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers

Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers Millimeter Wave Technology “Please protect Public Health and vote against exposure of the public to harmful G5 technology.” “Computer simulations have demonstrated that sweat glands concentrate sub-terahertz waves in human skin. Humans could sense …

Source: Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers

The path toward a Psychocivilised Society 50 years ago

“Delgado later learned he could duplicate the results he got with the stimoceiver without any implants at all, using only specific types of electromagnetic radiation interacting with the brain. He lamented he didn’t have access to the technology when Franco was in power, as it would have allowed him to control the dictator at a distance”

The four bodies of man

If we have some crystals of salt and put them into a glass of
water, they will quickly dissolve.. …But there comes a moment when the solution is saturated. Then the salt no longer
dissolves and the crystals remain whole at the bottom.
It is the same with the human organism.
The material crystallized after such a surfeit takes the form
of the man’s physical body, is a copy of it and may be separated from the physical body. Each body has a different life
and each is subject to different orders of laws. The new, or

second, body is called the astral body. In relation to the physical body it is what is called the soul. Science is already coming
to the possibility of establishing experimentally the existence
of the second body.
(almost 100 years ago)

The matter of this astral body, in its vibrations, corresponds to matter of the sun’s emanations and is,
theoretically, indestructible within the confines of the earth
and its atmosphere.

Although in itself it is also divided
into three principles, taken as a whole it represents the active
force, the positive principle in relation to the passive, negative

principle which is the physical body.
The neutralizing principle between them is a special magnetism, which is not possessed by everyone but without which it is impossible for the
second body to be master of the first.
Further development is possible. A man with two bodies can
acquire new properties by the crystallization of new substances.
A third body is then formed within the second, which
is sometimes called the mental body.
The third body will then

be the active principle; the second, the neutralizing; and the
first, the physical body, the passive principle.
But this is still not soul in the real meaning of the word.
Only the fourth body completes all the development possible for man in the earthly conditions of his existence. It is immortal within the limits of the solar system. Real will belongs to this body. It is the real “I,” the soul of man, the master.”
Excerpts from VRW G.I.G.

G’s quote:

“If anyone desires to know and understand more than he knows and understands, he must remember that this new knowledge and new understanding will come through the emotional centre and not through the mental centre.”
“But study; study everything. Know yourself, then humanity, then the planet. Study forty-eight hours a day.”
(from M. Anderson)

The Way

Our planet, which is the mother of all of us, clearly indicates that our current way of life and the system of values ​​we profess is unsustainable because it contradicts the objective laws of the Universe, under which, like the whole universe, we fall. Even with the naked eye, it is possible to observe air pollution by geoengineering operations, which together with military psychtronic systems are used to control the weather on a global scale and interfere with the planet’s natural electromagnetic field, with which all nature, including man, is harmoniously connected. The moment we change it, we disrupt the wellbeing of all living things without realizing the real causes. A detailed study of esoteric sources of the Fourth Way shows that electricity as one of the three sacred substances contained in the atmosphere participates in the endless processes of origin, maintenance and cessation of life on Earth, and the violation of its even distribution throughout the atmosphere nota bene its depletion directly influences psyche of all external forms of life, including man. In such a situation, humanity ceases to fulfill its functions for which it was created and degenerative tendencies occur, both physical and intellecual and mental. With almost 8 billion people choosing the path of life and intelligence in a digital and mechanized way, completely dependent on this sacred substance, maintaining a strictly measured amount of electricity is the main principle that humanity must obey so that it does not have to be lawfully rebalanced not only between continents, but also between the planets of the entire solar system, with which we are interconnected. Let the continent of Atlantis be our point of reference.

Another pitfall is atheistic science, which has already reached the border of the visible and invisible world, still in complete ignorance of the purpose of life on Earth and the true function of man, and the result of its research is the most destructive and enslaving weapons system of directed energies that attack remotely and invisibly man in the most sensitive parts of his body and mind, reserved only for him and his Creator. A quote “one has nowhere to lay one’s head” comes across one’s mind.

The field of genetic biology has become a direct threat to all species, because the decipherment of the genomes of all physiological forms of existence has become the impetus for headless experimentation with them, without knowledge of the laws of the world of electricity and divine magnetism that determine them. The key to the symbol of Noah’s Ark.

The secularization of science as a result of Darwin’s never-confirmed theory of natural evolution affects scientifically, politically, socially, and culturally virtually the entire planet, including countries of the East that are traditionally spiritually oriented, such as India.

Under these conditions, it is completely unpredictable what scientists around the planet will discover and with what form of new destruction they can come up with.

Think tanks, dealing with futuristic perspectives, solve the situation by gradually digitalizing the bodies of humanity of the entire planet, through which it can be totally controlled, as is clear from my case. The social credit, introduced in China, is already functional, the Western world is psychologically preparing for it, so far conditionally in case of sudden necessity.

The problem of electricity & resources some think tanks summed up in the equation 15% depopulation = 10 years 50% of GDP.

However, nowhere is mentioned man’s connection with ABSOLUTE, nor is the Fourth Industrial Revolution opposed by the Fourth Way, which clearly states that the number of humanities on the planet is not random at all, but is controlled by Nature, which is responsible for transforming energies for specific cosmic purposes. Man, as the only creature on this planet, has the privilege of creating vibrations either in a quantitative way just like the rest of nature, or in a qualitative way, given the way of life he leads.
The first – quantitative way – leads to an increase in the planet’s populations, degradation of vibrations from their radiation and shortening of life.
The second – qualitative way – leads to a decrease in the population, to an increase in vibrations from its radiation and to prolong life. The population graph is a good indicator of either way.

It would be very appropriate for planetary eugenics and think tanks to know about this esoteric information. It would then be easier to apply essential knowledge to the life of the entire planet, to introduce to humanity the self-governing system instead of social credit system in order to make the necessary transition from the war mentality of Dark Ages to the Age of peace and friendship, in which we learn to operate the fundamental forces of the Universe non-destructively and direct our scientific resources to the higher dimensions of the cosmic worlds of electricity & magnetism and their laws. about which we do not yet know enough but they are indicated in the Conscious Scriptures of the East and West. (-LUKE 22:51, Quantum field in Vedas)

But for this it is absolutely necessary that the CREATOR be returned to humanity and that the scientific, rational path of the creation of the world be explained to people.

If humanity remains connected to artificial intelligence and strives to achieve immortality on the line of time without being aware of its connection to ABSOLUTE, we cannot miss the predictions from Revelations.

This information, given in the most basic form, is I think necessary for a more comprehensive view of the current situation and for constructive communication between the various ‘true information & knowledge‘ centers that have to be synchronized for common understanding that will allow to unite the opposite forces into one, powerful enough to solve the planetary problems, overreaching the competences of individual states, no matter how powerful they are.



Jak dál?

Naše planeta, která je nám všem matkou zcela zřetelně naznačuje, že náš dosavadní  způsob života a systém hodnot, které vyznáváme  je neudržitelný, protože odporuje objektivním zákonům Universu, pod které stejně jako celý vesmír spadáme. I pouhým okem je možné pozorovat znečištění atmosféry geoinženýrskými operacemi, které jsou spolu s vojenskými psychotronickými systémy používány k řízení  počasí v globálním měřítku a zasahují do přirozeného elektromagnetického pole planety, se kterým je harmonicky spjata celá příroda včetně člověka. V momentě, kdy ho změníme, narušujeme wellbeing všeho živého, aniž bychom si uvědomovali pravé příčiny. Podrobným studiem esoterických pramenů Čtvrté cesty se lze dočíst, že elektřina jako jedna ze tří posvátných substancí, obsažených v atmosféře se zúčastňuje nekonečných procesů vzniku, udržování  a zániku života na všech planetách a porušení jejího rovnoměrného rozvrstvení po celé atmosféře  či dokonce její vyčerpání se přímo úměrně projevuje na psychice všech externích forem života včetně člověka. V takové situaci přestává lidstvo splňovat své funkce, pro které bylo stvořeno a dochází k degeneračním tendencím  jak fyzickým, tak intelektuálním i psychickým. Při téměř 8 miliardách lidí, kteří zvolili cestu vývoje života a  inteligence digitálním a mechanizovaným způsobem, zcela závislým  na této posvátné substanci, je zachování  striktně vyměřeného množství elektřiny tím nejhlavnějším principem, kterému se musí lidstvo podřídit. Jinak by muselo dojít k jejímu zákonnému vybalancovávání nejen mezi kontinenty, ale i mezi planetami celého solárního systému, se kterými jsme vzájemně provázáni. Kontinent Atlantis nám budiž orientačním bodem.
Dalším úskalím je atheistická věda, která se již dostala na rozhraní světa viditelného a neviditelného, stále v naprosté ignoranci o příčině existence života na Zemi a pravé funkci člověka  a výsledkem jejího výzkumu jsou zatím ty nejničivější a nejzotročujícnější zbraně přímých energií, které dálkově a neviditelně atakují člověka v nejcitlivějších částech jeho těla i mysli, až doposud vyhrazené jedině jemu a jeho Stvořiteli.
Pole genetické biologie se stalo přímo postrachem pro vše živé, protože rozluštění genomů všech fyziologických existenčních forem se stalo popudem k bezhlavé experimentaci s nimi, bez znalosti zákonů světa elektřiny a božského magnetismu, které je determinují. Klíč k symbolu Noemovy archy.
Sekularizace vědy jako důsledek Darwinovy nikdy nepotvrzené teorie přirozené evoluce ovlivňuje vědně, politicky, společensky i kulturně prakticky celou planetu, včetně zemí Východu,  které jsou tradičně spirituálně zaměřené, jako např. Indie.
Za těchto podmínek je naprosto nepředvídatelné,  co vědci po celé planetě objeví a s jakou formou nového druhu destrukce mohou přijít
Think tanky, zabývající se futuristickými prognózami  situaci řeší postupnou digitalizací těl lidstva celé planety, jejíž prostřednictvím ho lze totálně ovládat, jak je názorně patrné z mého případu. Společenský kredit zavedený v Číně je již funkční, západní svět je na něj psychologicky připravován, zatím podmíněně pro případ nenadálé nutnosti.

Problém elektřiny některé think tanky shrnuly do rovnice buď/anebo: 15% depopulace=10 let 50% HDP

Ovšem ani slovo o spojení člověka s ABSOLUTNEM, ani o Čtvrté cestě (jako náhradě za čtvrtou průmyslovou revoluci), která zcela jasně říká, že množství lidstva na planetě není vůbec náhodné, ale je řízené Přírodou, která má na starosti transformace energií pro specifické kosmické účely. Člověk jako jediný tvor na této planetě má výsadu generovat  vibrace buď kvantitativní cestou stejně jako zbytek přírody, nebo kvalitativní cestou, danou způsobem života, který vede. První – kvantitativní způsob- vede ke zvyšování populací planety, degradaci  vibrací z  radiací člověka a ke zkracování života. Druhý – kvalitativní způsob – vede ke snižování počtu obyvatelstva, ke zvyšování vibrací z jeho radiace a k prodlužování života.  Není třeba se ptát, který způsob používáme.
Bylo by velice vhodné, kdyby planetární eugenici, think tanky a především obyvatelstvo o této esoterické informaci věděli. Stačilo by potom aplikovat vědění na život celé planety a velice brzy by mohlo dojít k nezbytné mentální transformaci z věku válečného do věku míru a přátelství, ve kterém se máme učit zacházet nedestruktivně s fundamentálními silami Universu a pronikat do tajemství kosmických světů elektřin a jejich zákonů, jež jsou nám ještě skryty.
Ale k tomu je naprosto nezbytné, aby byl lidstvu navrácen jejich TVŮRCE a byla mu vysvětlena vědecká, naprosto racionální cesta stvoření světa.

Pokud zůstane lidstvo připojené k umělé inteligenci a bude se snažit dosáhnout nesmrtelnosti na linii času, aniž by si bylo vědomo svého spojení s ABSOLUTNEM, nemohou nás neminout předpovědi z Revelations.

Tyto informace podané v nejzákladnější formě jsou myslím nutné ke komplexnějšímu pohledu na současnou situaci z globálního hlediska a ke konstruktivní komunikaci mezi různými centry pravých informací, které je třeba sesynchronizovat pro maximální koncentraci sil, nezbytných k řešení planetárních problémů, které přesahují jednotlivé kompetence i těch nejmocnějších států.

No cashless society.

I will try again. The Earth was created according to Genesis. If we take into the consideration the time table of different cosmoses, the Earth ‘mystery’ visually provable by the military scientists and the genomes of species, testifying indisputably the CREATOR’s touch, it will be hardly possible to keep the secular position on the intelligent design of the Universe.

P.D.Ouspensky ISOM

We cannot go digital, “understand?”

Mindfulness and meditation taking root across the world


US Schools that Have Replaced Detention with Meditation Are Reaping the Benefits | Buddhistdoor

The trees

“Must learn from Nature. Man is also organism. Nature makes many acorns, but possibility to become tree exist for only few acorns. Same with man – many men born, but only few grow. People think this waste, think Nature waste. Not so. Rest become fertilizer, go back into earth and create possibility for more acorns, more men, once in while more tree-more real man…..must understand fertilizer necessary to Nature. Possibility for real tree, real man also depend just this fertilizer.” F. Peters Boyhood with G


“Feast for the eye”

….These scientists of new format there are of course very far from apprehending that when any surplanetary formation is artificially grafted of manipulated in any such fashion it arrives in a state defined by objective science as “Absoizomosa”, in which it absorbs from its surrounding medium cosmic substances serviceable only for coating of what is called its ‘automatically self-reproducing subjective presence’ G.I.G. BT

In a simple language- the food flora we produce is good to maintain the physical bodies for performing our ‘starworkers’ duties, but cannot absorb the higher cosmic substances we know nothing of yet that support growth of our souls.

GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA – Independent Science News | Food, Health and Agriculture Bioscience News

by Allison Wilson, PhD and Jonathan Latham, PhD The biotech industry and its supporters have promoted GMO Golden Rice for decades as an urgently needed solution to vitamin A deficiency. But, in a surprising twist, …

Source: GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA – Independent Science News | Food, Health and Agriculture Bioscience News

Luke 17:27


It is known that sacred scriptures are written in parables to avoid the mistranslations and incorporate different layers of meanings for different levels of understanding.
The Greek-English Bible seems more exact and in such turbulent times we have right now it would be wise to mentate over some passages, certainly when we encounter the field of biogenetics and have not had yet a clear idea about our own origin or of the purpose of our existence. The atheistic approach of science is having quite serious impact on the whole planet and crispr techniques suggest that the current level of our knowledge and understanding of the objective laws that govern the entire Universe are very limited, if existing at all. Otherwise we would not be thinking of growing human organs on or inside of non-human species or injecting vaccines with non-human, or synthetic, DNAs into the human bodies, both children and adults. The 4th Way literature offers very serious warnings and explanations what consequences crossing species boundaries has on life. All species were designed for specific purposes on the principle of General Reciprocal maintenance of everything existing, where all classes of external forms mutually support each other while sustaining the law of common cosmic harmony. Looking at our planet, anybody with a genuine interest will see that we have disrupted the harmony of Nature beyond the acceptable level and to relax about it and expect no consequences is very naive. The so called Climate Change can be easily reversed by returning the control of the weather back to Nature, but biogenetics are jeopardizing the human existence. The expression “they out-marryized” must be understood not only in the literal sense, but also as an indication that by changing & crossing the genomes of species they became unsuitable for the purposes of the Ray of Creation and as such they were destroyed.