Back to Heaven(s) and Ouranon

You must all know it by now and perhaps it is a case of a literal as well as symbolic climate change in the spiritual world. So should not we take care of two “flies” at once as they are directly as well as indirectly linked?
There is Real Heaven with no clouds, where The MOST MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE resides. Once there, one knows and there is no polarity or duality of ANY kind whatsoever.
So when reading about clouds and fights and darkness and light in heaven in the Bible, one will want to check the Greek-English translation to find the problem:
The expression Heaven or kingdom of heaven has been used for basileia tou Ouranon. With knowledge of other esoteric sources, it is quite clear what we are talking about.
Real heaven is called Basileia to Theo, the kingdom of God.
The texts are deeply rooted in the minds of humanity and change it seems unrealistic and perhaps even not necessary, but without the knowledge of it, you cannot make the atheistically trained minds understand that the biblical and religious scriptures are the highest scientific knowledge available to humanity, veiled in symbols to protect us against its misuse. Look at the current affairs, two hundred years of climbing the trees got us back to the gladiator’s stage.of existence.
The biggest secrets of all defense departments are described in the Bible and we are implementing transhumanistic technologies into our bodies?

The second problematic question concerns our re-birth, symbolized by the theologian Origen.. The Bible has so many testimonies referring to man’s re-birth in Greek’ s version that I fail to understand this historical identification. Science put Newton’s law in front of us and the question mark has been around for a few years so what I can see is the believers themselves will eventually realize it and they will generate the change within the Church. I am not sure if we understand what is going on behind the scene. We have Ouranon, fighting with dragons against our enslavement by artificial intelligence that is justified by our inability to behave in accordance with the law and order. In other words, we need a policeman in us. Which one is better, the artificial one that makes 8 billion people (chained to a central computer) into policemen subjectively judging chosen crowd,
or the cosmic “policeman” who judges objectively, always justly, and leads his soul up the spiral? The law of effects and causes, re-births.
I hope we will choose the second and sooner than later, before this planet “puffs and blows”.as predicted.

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