Sounding brass

I saw once a video of the corn that was harvested by an agricultural combine of an enormous size, crashing the corn in such a way that it evoked revolt in me. We all know the deep down feeling that something is not right when we finally see.
Two days ago I watched a talk by Vandana Shiva with Mr. Kennedy and she uses a very precise expression for it- warfare.
Yes. It is efficient, saves time, labour, and increases profits, but it is indeed warfare. Just watching the video above one cannot but see in the wheat the reminiscence of humanity being cut by the planetary combine harvester.
There is a danger of having the fate of humanity in the hands of men who look at Nature as a commodity, that can be organized and colonized by industrialization and robotization, while the philosophical and existential perception of life is considered as something separate, private, individual, that can even threaten the governance of humanity. But we have moved from the iron age where we were able to perceive the world only through our senses. We already know and use the world of energies hidden behind that, which animates and both directly and indirectly influences the external matter, including us. So in this new age of electromagnetic particles, we must rather sooner than later realize that there is a direct link between what we do and what consequences it has for the whole planet as the new technologies and sciences of subatomic substances do not recognize the frontiers. How we will do that when orthodox science insists on materialistic perception and the educational system lacks the central conception of the Universe, that I do not know.
Neither I know how then we can expect the trillionaires to understand that everything living is designed by the Universal LOVE and responds to it. Something like hearing that sounding brass is not the music of the spheres. Perhaps we really need to see in reality how robotizing and industrializing will harvest us the same way we harvest other living creatures be it corn, wheat, fish or sheep…

How many times I have read the chapter from the Views from the real world about learning LOVE which is not inherited for the continuation of the species and still it is anew… Prieuré, May 24, 1923

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