The collapse

We certainly are on that path and many of us see it or sense it. So are we suicidal?
Mr. G said once that 200 conscious people could influence humanity. (P.D.Ouspensky The Fourth Way)
….. We calculated once what this would mean. Suppose one man No. 7 exists in
the world, he must have at least a hundred pupils, because he cannot be in contact with
lower degrees by himself. So if there is one man No. 7, he must have at least a hundred
men No. 6. Each of these men No. 6 must have at least a hundred men No. 5, so that
makes 10, 000 men No. 5. Each of these 10, 000 men No. 5 must have at least a
hundred men No. 4, through whom he can have contact with other people, so there
must be 1, 000, 000 men No. 4. Each of these men No. 4 must have at least a hundred

men 1, 2 and 3 whom he knows and with whom he can work; so that will make 100,
000, 000 men No. 1, 2 and 3. This means that, even if we suppose that a thousand
makes one school, there would be 100, 000 schools. Well, we know definitely that
there is no such number of schools, so it is impossible to expect a man No. 7, because
the existence of a man No. 7 would mean that schools would control life. Even man
No. 6 would mean that schools control the world. This implies that men No. 7 and No.

6 would only be in the world in special conditions, and it would be seen and known,
because it would mean that life would be controlled by schools. And since we know
that if there are schools now, they are very hidden, it cannot be so in our times.

But it was said almost 100 years ago on the basis of a subjective calculation. Times have changed since, the internet has connected us with the whole planet, and knowledge is reachable in a matter of seconds. But the understanding differs. One needs to be in contact with those who know and understand more. For that the schools are necessary. When I heard the first introductory meeting in the 4th Way school, I asked why it was not taught in normal schools. They laughed at me. Later on, I asked another naive solar question: Is the school necessary with the knowledge freely accessible? A senior student looked at me patiently and said: “I cannot wake up with the school, how could I do that without it?”
I verified that. Life serves as a force stealer and one needs a lot of energy for the Work. One cannot be attached to the bed and the tire and if anyone says so, do not trust them a single word.
Science works for us as well as against us, There are satellites in the atmosphere, that aim to catch the cosmic extraterrestrial vibrations, coming towards the earth. They also register all frequencies or vibrations, emanating from every external form of life on earth. No one can escape unless knowing magic or alchemy.
As consciousness differs from one form to another, anyone who has access to such data can find out not just single frequencies (actually, our computers are able to do that as well nowadays), but the average vibrations of the whole region.
Well, would not that be a sign or an indication of a territory, where the new schools would have the most favorable environment for teaching humanity how to evolve in harmony with the universal laws?

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