Vaccine analyses, Inquiry “Depleted Uranium”, the components of vaccines administered to military personnel

“It should be remembered that Corvelva did not wake up one morning deciding to carry out specific vaccine analyzes: everything originated mainly from the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry “Depleted Uranium”, more specifically, from its final report published in February 20182 where there were some problems related to vaccines that could not remain unanswered. The findings were so impactful that we were particularly surprised to see that Parliament had not complied with one of the constituent principles of the commission itself, that of the verification “on the components of vaccines administered to military personnel”.3 In fact, a Parliamentary Commission had also been set up with the specific purpose of verifying the composition of vaccines by analysis but it had not done so … we therefore took the place of the State.

Since the first results of the analyzes we had made known the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome4 – 5 of the data that came to us from the laboratories and after an initial archiving request, we had made a formal objection, receiving a first important victory before the GIP: the order to the Public Prosecutor to repeat our analyzes. But the prosecutor didn’t do….”

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