The Holy Science

Sri Yukteswar recognized that a synthesis of the spiritual heritage of the East with the science and technology of the West would do much to elevate the material, psychological, and spiritual suffering of the modern world. He was convinced that tremendous advances could be made, both individually and internationally, by an exchange of the finest positive features of each culture.”
Mahavatar Babaji said to Sri Yukteswar in 1894: …
“East and West must establish a golden middle path of activity and spirituality combined”.
India has much to learn from the West in material development; in return. India can teach the universal methods by which the West will be able to base its religious beliefs on the unshakable foundations of yogic science.”
“At my request, Swamiji, will you not write a short book on the underlying harmony between Christian and Hindu scriptures? Their basic unity is now obscured by men’s sectarian differences. Show by parallel references that the inspired sons of God have spoken the same truths.”

Swami Sri Yukteswar: “In the quiet of night I busied myself over a comparison of the Bible and the scriptures of Sanatan Dharma (‘eternal religion’-the name of the body of Vedic teachings)”
“Quoting the worTheds of the blessed Lord Jesus, I showed that his teachings are in essence one with the revelations of the Vedas. Through the grace of my paramguru Mahavatar Babaji my book, The Holy Science, was finished in a short time.”

India has certainly learned abundantly from the West in material development, contrary to the West, whose “son of man” state causes few little obstacles to understanding the difference between the grosser and finer natures of matter.
And by not fully understanding what the “son of God” state means, we are sinking deeper and deeper into the son of man states, until we reach the bottom.

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