Sudeck’s disease stage 1, or diabetic Charcot’sfoot stage 0? Case report and assessment of the diagnostic value of MRI

How many people have been affected by this diagnosis? In the US 200 000 people a year if not more and a similar situation can be found elsewhere in the world. More research is advisable to find out what percentage of these diagnoses are caused by the electromagnetic or ultrasonic fields, a variation of the Havana syndrome. How much suffering do people have to go through this debilitating condition and what cost does it represent to the health insurance industry?
Do we actually understand that we are legally committing crimes against humanity under the “Heaven’s Eye”?

There has been done the extensive research in this field, for example:

From Zory’s Archive – Dr. Magda Havas, PhD.

This picture shows the condition caused by the external radiation

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