Understand that what you see in others is what you yourself are carrying. Your judgments are actually reflections of what is repressed or rejected within yourself.

Two Zen monks were crossing a river. They came across a very young and beautiful woman who wanted to cross too, but she was afraid. So one monk took her on his shoulders and carried her to the other shore.
The other monk was furious. He didn’t say anything, but he was boiling within. This was prohibited. A Buddhist monk should not touch a woman, and this monk had not only touched, he had carried the woman on his shoulders.
Miles passed. When they reached the monastery, as they were entering the door, the entry monk turned to the first and said: “Look, I will have to talk to the Master about this, I will have to report it. It is prohibited!
The first monk said, “What are you talking about, what is prohibited?
“Have you forgotten?” asked the second. “You carried that young beautiful woman on your shoulders!”
The first monk laughed and he said “Yes I carried her. But I left her at the river, miles back. Are you still carrying her?”
Your inner, repressed, rejected, thrown into the basement – also goes on being reflected in your actions. Even sometimes, when you avoid something, then, too, in your very avoidance your understanding is shown.
Osho The discipline of transcendence Vol.4., p 220

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