Being deprived of communication with the esoteric world, I cannot exchange opinions on the current situation with anyone yet when I read the thought production of the highest think tanks, I feel like ringing the bell, not submitting to “mind your own business”. This is N O T about me, this is about humanity, forced to follow the Revelations script and used by the occult to go against the HOLY SPIRIT.
Are we just to sit and wait? This is a special time in the history of the planet. The cycles of human civilizations come and go, but now it is the planet’s transition from one stage to another that we have to deal with. In ISOM Mr. G is specifically reported to say that there is a limited time when certain things have to be done B Y U S, humans. If not, the Ray of Creation will have to find another way for the continuation of the Ray. The tragedy is that we are in hands of people who have never heard such things, they even have not realized that there is something like the Rays of Creation. But is it not the responsibility of those who know to pass it on? My life and the defense authorities’ forceful manipulation of the public opinion with it makes me totally useless for any esoteric work but there are so many others who are perfectly capable of such tasks. So please come forward, you represent the universal bio internet that is sustainable and that is just about to be disconnected by the copycat original”, unsustainable, technocratic version, operated by the megalomaniacs. The A river is composed of almost 7 billion different opinions, so they can do whatever they want with us, which they do, for very different purposes. You are in the B stream, so you are linked with the Higher.

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