Metanoia – To speak the truth is the most difficult thing in the world

The word truth is also like an onion, with many layers and the following excerpt obviously refers to the deeper ones.
SRF explains the scientific background of the sound and its vibration and in what happens when we say the truth or a lie. I have been pointing it out often to make people understand that if the citizens of this planet are forced to lie or are lied to by the martial laws , it must have sooner or later lawfully destructive impact on the whole planet. We do not have to materialize the Revelations, no one forces us to do so, yet we do, unbelievly, and by hiding it under the lies, not only we can do nothing to change it but we are directly attracting upon us that universal force of destruction and so fulfilling the actual prophecies,

Have you noticed how everyone now is talking about the
war? Everyone has his own plan, his own theory. Everyone finds that nothing is being
done in the way it ought to be done. Actually everything is being done in the only way
it can be done. If one thing could be different everything could be different. And then perhaps there would have been no war.
“Try to understand what I am saying: everything is dependent on everything else,
everything is connected, nothing is separate. Therefore everything is going in the only
way it can go. If people were different everything would be different. They are what
they are, so everything is as it is.”
This was very difficult to swallow.
“Is there nothing, absolutely nothing, that can be done?” I asked.
“Absolutely nothing.”
“And can nobody do anything?”
“That is another question. In order to do it is necessary to be. And it is necessary
first to understand what to be means. If we continue our talks you will see that we use
a special language and that, in order to talk with us, it is necessary to learn this
language. It is not worth while talking in ordinary language because, in that language,
it is impossible to understand one another. This also, at the moment, seems strange to
you. But it is true. In order to understand it is necessary to learn another language. In
the language which people speak, they cannot understand one another. You will see
later on why this is so.
Then one must learn to speak the truth. This also appears strange to you. You do
not realize that one has to learn to speak the truth. It seems to you that it is enough to
wish or to decide to do so. And I tell you that people comparatively rarely tell a
deliberate lie. In most cases, they think they speak the truth. And yet they lie all the
time, both when they wish to lie and when they wish to speak the truth. They lie all the
time, both to themselves and to others. Therefore nobody ever understands either
himself or anyone else. Think—could there be such discord, such deep
misunderstanding, and such hatred towards the views and opinions of others, if people
were able to understand one another? But they cannot understand because they cannot
help lying. To speak the truth is the most difficult thing in the world, and one must
study a great deal and for a long time in order to be able to speak the truth. The wish
alone is not enough. To speak the truth one must know what the truth is and what a lie
is, and first of all in oneself. And this nobody wants to know.”

P.D. Ouspensky ISOM p.28/29

The Aum vibration that reverberates throughout the Universe (the “Word” or voice of many waters of the Bible) has 3 manifestations or gunas, those of creation, preservation, and destruction (Taittiriya Upanishad I:8). Each time a man utters a word, he puts into operation one of the three qualities of Aum. This is the lawful reason behind the injunction of all scriptures that man should speak the truth.
Autobiography of a Yogi, SRF note p.22

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