Spirit over the matter

Spirit over the cia, nato, the alphabets, spirit over the torture, spirit over the corrupted doctors, psychiatrists, scientists, spirits over the corruption in religions…
When will you reveal what you have stolen a hundred years ago? When will you get back the ALL MIGHTY GOD to humanity in a scientific way worth of the Man of the 21st century?
It is time to stop this pandemic insanity, artificially created to cover the most hideous crimes against humanity and enslave it to puppets shows. The humans are literally reduced to cattle and they behave as cattle, not realizing they do not have to. People can say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
There are 7.8 billion people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The deep state cannot lock 7.8 billion people.
Start to create little islands with thinking people. You will come up with the alternatives, how to go around. You have to pay the bills, so create new companies that will not require inoculations.
GOD does not play chess. HIS Universe is spiritual and loving. Always was and always will.

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