To the 26th UN Climate Change Conference

There is an ancient knowledge that points out that presence is the result of yesterday and the future is the result of today. In other words, what you do today will be tomorrow. 27th Summit of carbon indulgences.
By reading the private sector of the world’s industries, I was actually impressed how professionally they take the message and incorporate carbon reduction as a priority to which they subdue their business planning in very innovative ways. So they do not seem to be the biggest problem.
The climate change issue or rather weather change issue has its roots in much deeper levels of human existence and its awareness of the purpose of its existence. From the middle of the 19th century when our science came to a conclusion that there is no hierarchy in the Universe, we have undertaken the path of arrogant, egoistic approach to life, where the planet is here for the exploitation in every possible way and matter over the spirit has prevailed to this very day, at least officially.
The esoteric sources, available publicly since the beginning of the twentieth century tell us that the number of the population is directly connected with the way humans live. As the only animal species with the intellectual center, we have the capacity to influence the processes of Nature and communicate with her in positive or negative ways. So far we do it in negative ways and the climate changes are the outcomes. So to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is not going to change anything. Humanity needs to be intelligently explained, that we have a specific objective duty, for which we were originally created, to transform certain cosmic energies, coming to our planet for specific purposes of the universal character. That transformation can be achieved by the quantitative ways or qualitative ways. The qualitative ways bring harmony to the planet and all its species and the quantitative ways cause disharmony. The instructions on how to live in harmony with Nature and ourselves were given to us via world religions. Our science labeled religion as the opium of humanity so we entered the quantitative way. Therefore the Nature had to adjust the conditions by a steep increase of the number of the population. And as we do not have any hierarchy leading to the Higher, the materialistic way of living brought ever-increasing exploitation of natural resources and with such a high number of people on the planet it must have necessarily led to the point where the Earth could “puff and blow”.
The issue is directly connected with the over-usage and over-extraction of electricity from Nature, either directly from the atmosphere or indirectly by energy mining from the earth. Electricity is a sacred substance, participating in the birth, maintenance of life and death processes of everything living on the planet and it is allocated to us in precise limited proportions, that have to be constantly maintained. And over-extraction of electricity shortens the life of man.
We were also told that the way we use electricity is barbaric because we destruct it by utilizing only two parts of it. Perpetuum mobile is waiting for our scientists to be uncovered or rediscovered.

So the climate changes can be resolved only by applying higher knowledge, by reducing the use of electricity and by learning the objective ways how to live in harmony with the planet and with ourselves in not so materialistic way of Dark Ages. The current dominantly technocratic path is hardly sustainable.
The planet has entered into a new stage of its existence, where it needs the higher vibrations from humanity and we do not supply them because no one teaches us the higher aims of existence. Self-knowledge cannot be imposed on people, but the “knowledge of the external world” that precedes it is certainly the birthright of all people on our planet. So far is kept officially clandestine.

So to deal with the core of the weather changes all superpower leaders have to put aside their subjectivities and invite the spirit of a nun dr. Rosalie Bertell to mutual negotiations.

To be remembered: As Above, so below.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and in the name of the Holy Ghost.

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