For G20 in Rome

For kings, and all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and gravity. I Timothy 2:2

This planet was leased to humanity for free, provided we behave and take care of it according to the objective laws of Nature and by doing so we transform certain cosmic energies, required for the growth of the Ray of Creation, including us. Not such a bad contract if the immense grandeur of Nature and its resources are taken into the consideration.

But the rainbow contract has been reduced to the graphic symbols on the warplanes, the objective laws bypassed or replaced by the subjective ones, the Nature with its abundant resources have been mutilated and patented as originals and the precedented transformation, for which the proverbial splendor was created, deviated into a technocratic race for highest speed and efficiency on timeline.

What do we do when our contracts have been violated? Yes, so what is stopping us to reverse the gear while there is still time?

The 21. st century science knows that the Universe is Theocentric and can prove it. Yet the Earth ship is navigated horizontally instead of vertically and the secular politics follow the line.

Mainstream humanity itself – the last entity to be told anything serious and truthful concerning its existence, despite the fact that all burdens resulting from the effects of such governance are and will be on its shoulders- can hardly orientate itself in the overpowering avalanche of information. Especially when at first glance it is almost impossible to distinguish the correct from false.

According to the lawful structure of the Universe, the below is as Above, so any peaceful type of change to take place on this planet has to be based on mutual understanding of all. And the most important thing that should be understood is that nothing fruitful can be born from the broken contract with the CREATOR.

G20 summit in Rome is the meeting of the secular planetary powers at the place of the historically ecclesiastical powers. Let the latter lift up the vibrations of the first so that the summit will be written in the history books as the turning point in the existence of human civilization.

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