Luna park

This planet was leased to humanity for free provided we behave and take care of it according to the objective laws of Nature and by doing so we transform certain cosmic energies, required for the growth of the Ray of Creation. Not such a bad contract if the immense splendor of Nature and its resources are taken into the consideration.
But the rainbow contract has been reduced to the graphic symbols on the warplanes, the objective laws bypassed or replaced by the subjective ones, the Nature with its abundant resources have been appropriated by our ape’s mentality, and the original transformation, for which the proverbial splendor was created, deviated into the arising of luna parks, accessible only by purchasing the taxed tickets. 
What do we do when the contract has been violated?

Fortunately, our Creator takes responsibility for his Creation, the same way most parents do, unlike our celebrated scientists, who have taken over his Creation, patented its mutilations, and sell it as the originals in the luna park’s market, with the hope to export it one day to the celestial one. At the moment we are dealing with the clandestine consequences of it.
Yet we are still here, gossiping about the next reality show in luna park … though with the scales excessively leaning to one side. Historians, would not it be useful to take notice of the presence for a change, to make the future history slightly different?

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