A face

When I met the 4th Way school I had no doubts about the knowledge presented to me. The most important part was the realization that I was asleep all day with few exceptions and so the painstaking process of facing oneself in the most awkward situations and dealing with them became the primary object of the studies for many years and the information like “our sun does not heat nor gives light” woke up my curiosity, but no one seemed to ponder over it so I just kept it in my memory. Only in the last few years, I realized what such a quote really meant, but when I looked a few days ago at the anatomy of a human eye with its Macula Lutea and remembered, that all cosmoses of the entire Universe are created by the same forces and the laws as one within another and so the microcosm must resemble the macrocosm and vice versa, I looked at the anatomy of a human head and its Medula Oblongata and realized, what else it actually most likely means if we apply it to our planetary system. The Earth might also have its own face when even a branch of a tree has it or an iris, of which my Sogetsu teacher made me aware long ago.
So after all the etymology of the Latin word Conspirare might mean just that, con-together, spirare -to breath ….with conspiracy.

Medula oblongata

Sagittal Section Of The Human Brain, Showing Structures Of The Cerebellum, Brainstem, And Cerebral Ventricles. (Photo By Encyclopaedia Britannica/UIG Via Getty Images)

An amazingly beautiful realization of the geniously simple pattern of the Whole Creation took place.

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