The state of affairs in silly season in Czech, adapted for English
In English, there is a very convenient word ‘thick’, which has many expressions. One is for people who behave like me when they do not know or understand what is happening around them.
I understand that I am part of a reality show that aims to inform society about what is officially taboo so that the final revelation of the truth is not such a shocking surprise. And it has two sides, one that is related to my life and the other that is related to what is happening on our planet.
So all of you already know my life and its dark sides, but not everyone knows and understands the problems of the planet, which are on the other side, and which I have explored in later years in Sydney.
And here I don’t know what is expected of me. My free lifestyle brought me consequences in the form of an infection that I honestly didn’t know about, and I passed it on to other people if I understand correctly. I’ve been living with it for 30 years and I had not noticed anything, so I look at the thousands of crosses in the Old Town Square with horror and I don’t understand. On that occasion, I note that officially staphylococcus has been a part of life on earth since the 19th century and can be treated naturally, as long as the herbs have not undergone your genetic modification, which is unfortunately common. But perhaps some wild variants can still be discovered. In esoteric sources, herbal treatment was combined with a regular hot dry sauna for similar purposes.
The covid pandemic is an officially live planetary exercise that addresses many concurrent hidden issues that could not be resolved under normal conditions. But for the masses, it is a variant that ought to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which are the result of my immoral approach to life. But this has nothing to do with Covid as such, which is caused by abnormal electromagnetic conditions in a particular environment or atmosphere. Last night you could have seen what it did to my heart.
According to all available scientific materials, solving the situation by means of lock-downs, repeated testing, vaccinations and masks is illogical and automatically raises the question of what lies behind these steps.
Eugenics certainly comes into play first, hand in hand with the digitization of all mankind.

The next – experiments with the human species as such, with their genomes in order to create genetic modifications that would be more resilient and intelligent than our current version. The problem is that genetic change is being passed on to the next generation, and in our current stage of being and knowledge we cannot create anything higher than we are, so we are actually threatening what is created by our CREATOR for purposes we know nothing about.
As I read the history of eugenics, which is essentially a rational endeavor, I searched in vain for information that would explain that in the process of the modern Darwinian approach to world creation, the esoteric essence of the existence of the universe and its life had disappeared.

First of all, we clearly confuse evolution with involution, because we reject the concept of the hierarchy of the universe, where the involution process takes place from ABSOLUTE’s highest vibrations downwards to our stage in the form of solid matter. Evolution is the opposite direction, a return to the highest vibrations of ABSOLUTE, and this is achieved by a psychological process, not by a physiological process. In other words, higher vibrations are achieved by one’s inner work on oneself, gradually increasing the degrees of one’s consciousness, which is always individual and internal work. Schools and teachers are usually necessary for this because the hypnotic power of life is an immense dissenter of evolution, to which the individual himself is subject, with a few exceptions.
This leads to further information, that is lacking in genetics, that the external forms are only the manifestations of the internal forms that determine them. So when we consider a genetic modification, be it of plants, animals or humans, we must take into account that by altering the external forms we must necessarily change the internal forms that determine them, otherwise, we create the imbalance that will sooner or later cause undesirable consequences due to the law of equilibrium.
And our secular science usually knows nothing about it. It does not know or refuses to take into account the fact that there is the matter on one side that arises and disappears – I am dust and I turn to dust and on the other side its inner nature, which does not disappear, only separates at certain time from the physical matter to which it is attached. With the inner qualities it has.
So when I look at eugenics from this point of view and think about sterilization and extermination, I have to look at the matter comprehensively. Let’s say I eliminate half of the people who do not correspond to the desired standard. Dust turns to dust, but those inner essences will be released into the astral sphere and will return back to earth in one form or another. Can the secular person grasp this ancient concept?
So logically we have to conclude that working on the inner nature of man will achieve incomparably better, lasting and qualitative results than gene editing.
In addition, the rule is that when the smallest part of the watch mechanism changes, it will stop working. The human body is not a watch, but a much more complex mechanism, and when secular scientists know nothing about the possibility of the birth of souls from the germ that is given to us by the CREATOR, let alone what parts of the body participate in such process, it can degrade that mechanism to such a level that it will prevent its inner essence from self-realization in the evolutionary process.

And vaccines or inoculations make permanent interventions in our mechanism.
I rely on human common sense. Thanks to him, humanity has survived for millennia and without vaccines. Bur what I see around myself is everything but common sense.

The next- you all know that we have a global problem with psychotronic technologies that can control both humans and planetary weather, and my example clearly shows the results of their application.
You would not want to be in positions of people who are attacked by them for scientific and military research, for police cruelty or just for monetary or psychopathic gains of ordinary human beings.
So I would advise everyone who participates in this activity to stop while there is time. Every atack is registered and you can be blackmailed or loose your position in the society by such conduct years later. My grandmother used to say God’s mills mill slowly but surely.

On a social scale, it is a very serious matter. It concerns many branches of the neuroscience, army, intelligence and police that use them, medical professions, which must hide their undeniable existence under the symbols such as Havana or Sudeck syndrome and the deniable one under delusions and schizophrenia. And the Court system closes its eyes to it because it is a secret technology, so secret that it is making billions of dollars to the military industrial complex and causes the climate changes on our planet.
So a huge number of different disciplines are cooperating here, and revealing such a reality will cause a big bang.

All this unfortunately affects the case of Mr. Julian Assange. The longer it lasts, the more dangerous it is for his life. My court case has been going on for 11 years, about me without me. It seems I will be released to the public not before the ZERO day and before the great reset.
Or when the god’s helmets finally succed to grow big wings on my shouldas and horns on my head.

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