Sacred castor-oil plants genetically modified for lubricants.

Nothing better characterizes the current state of affairs on our planet.
Castor- oil plant is a sacred plant that has many active cosmic substances for specific sacred purposes that our science cannot detect yet at its infant’s level of knowledge, received while climbing the trees. The Egyptians used it for the sacred purposes of embalming the mummies and healing. We destroy it by gm for making lubricants out of it, apart from using it as a fuel. Could someone save the NON gm varieties for the non-barbaric generations of the future, that hopefully re-discover the mysteries of the CREATION with the help of this sacred plant?
Their healing properties must be greatly affected by gm as well. Here I see the opportunity for growing the NON gm variety exactly for that reason. The market and customers even do not know about gm alterations. It is the same story with poppies, cannabis, artemisia, wormwood etc….

Freedom has many forms but there goes “responsibility” with it. If I am told that my knowledge is not sufficient to perform certain acts that can destroy the original works of Nature, I should automatically concentrate on increasing my knowledge in that direction, should not I? Genetics so far is the “science of death”.
A clock stops altogether if a single piece only of the mechanism is out of order

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