Recap on sheep, ants and esoterics

The enemy is not man, but his sleep.
The elephants that are growing in numbers and sizes cannot be taken care of unless certain fundamental issues are understood properly. To understand them properly without understanding the esoteric science connected to them is unrealistic as they are the behind the scene forces that seem to block all logical attempts to deal with the current unsustainable situation.
I am re-sending the following text for understanding, that ‚slaughtering of the sheepis not required by Nature anymore. She reached the stage of its own evolution where she needs certain substances obtainable from humans provided they live with an increased level of consciousness but this knowledge has been partially forgotten and hidden from us and our one sided orientation on the intellectual aspect of human nature brought us to the opposite direction of decreasing consciousness which Nature had to adjust to by increasing the number of the population, which, resources wise, might force her to „puff and blow“. Who would suspect her of causing such trend? Can you see how absurd our depopulation policies are from this level of understanding?

„Although Man is part of Organic life on the surface of the Earth, which is created in order to pass influences down from the higher parts of the Ray of Creation to the terminal buds which are the Moons, it is no longer necessary for him at this stage to serve under this slavery. G.said that just at this period it was possible for mankind no longer to be slaves to this pain-factory on the Earth called Organic Life through whose suffering the lower parts of the Ray are nourished, including our Moon which is gradually developing in terms of planetary Time. He said that if Man would only become more conscious his slavery might end, but that owing to habits formed through centuries, habits of feelings, habits of thinking, attitudes, etc. it looked as though Man would continue to serve a purpose that was no longer necessary. „The problem is that Man has reached a stage in which he can become more conscious and if he did so everything would change. But because of traditions, prejudices, because, in short, of his mechanicalness, he cannot reach this point, and so is going downhill just at the moment in which he might give a shock to himself and pass into a new world-order.“ (A good example of habitual thinking, automatically associated with NWO and so called deep state, although the pyramid and the single Eye represent the hierarchy of the Ray of Creation with the Absolute/Creator/GOD as the primary source of energy of everything existing. So ‚metanoia‘* needs to be introduced to humanity for being able to distinguish the higher from the lower.)
„Asked whether this development of totalitarianism were a step in the right direction, he said: „No – quite the contrary. Man is simply putting himself under more slavery by these collective movement. The development of consciousness is an individual development. And, as I have said frequently, when War comes Man throws away even the small amount of consciousness that he normally possesses. In fact, he becomes quite insane and does not see his insanity. Consciousness is weighed and measured and there is only a certain quantity of it. But there is enough of this force of consciousness to change everything on the Earth if people would only use it.“
Asked what he thought about the future G.said that people were going in the direction of decreased consciousness and would form either colonies of bees or colonies of ants. He said on another occasion: „Well, you have a choice. Would you be bees or would you be ants?“

Dr.Maurice Nicoll, Psychological Commentaries vol.2 page 520

* metanoia has been translated in the Bible as repent but in Greek it means new way of thinking

As more and more esoteric materials appear in the academic domains, there is no danger of missing reliable information, but it has mostly historical and geographical aspects. If a newcomer wants to actually understand it, he or she will most probably need an insider to introduce them to the subject as it is a personal experience that makes the verifying of the truthfulness of the presented teaching. Esoteric schools do not wake people up but create an environment in which people can reach higher states of consciousness and increase their level of being.
One can read a hundred books about mechanicalness and the inability to “do” and learn and know what it is all about until he gets into the first lesson of sacred dances and has to perform the first exercise.
Another problem arises with formatory understanding of everything, not being able to grasp that nothing is static, everything is in movement, mutually interchanging its positions in the processes and I am not talking only about the physiological movements but also about the processes of forces of the whole Ray of Creation.
Then there is an aspect of the outside force that has to be applied to a student in order to give a shock to his/her habitual mechanicalness or to hold out a mirror to them. The task of the school is to mercilessly attack vanity, pride, and ego in order to crack the false personality we are all encrusted with. Then the essence behind can be reached and eventually developed together with the true personality around to protect her. The school environment is needed for the protection of students in such processes. The ‘beauties’ get unmasked with painful experiences and in living conditions, it would kill the essence without false or true personality. So the School substitutes true personality while the student is creating his own. The so-called brainwashing happens everywhere. The difference is what gets in after the washing.
There are genuine esoteric schools and false esoteric schools.
Reading about the esoterics gives a map. Reading the esoterics brings understanding via the heart. If the interest is sincere, it leads one further.

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