An apology

There are many shameful aspects of me that I fully admit, deeply regret, and sincerely apologize to all, who have been deceived by me. The opening of the Pandora box, my public, 24/7 residential surveillance since 2010, and human experimentation psyop programs I was put on have been partially the punishment for my trespasses, crimes, and disgraces. The financial aspects of my shameful acts have been acknowledged and I will deal with them to the best of my abilities as soon as I am able to do so. Specifically, I would like to apologize for my disgraces to Mrs. Harbour, whom I sincerely consider to be an angel, who inspired me in many ways and left a garden that is alive and bears fruit in several ways. Without her introducing me to the Eastern spiritual path I would not have realized the frame of the Universal scheme, indispensable for understanding of the existence and future of the whole mankind.
When everything passes, this will stay.

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