Evolution vs natural evolution

Just to read this collection of opinions, generated by so many fields of different expertises gives one a good picture of the state of affairs on our planet.
The 4th Way and SRF explain everything scientifically and empirically yet the planetary institutions cannot comprehend the lines of creation and evolution, confusing their essences because the Western mind does work with the objective laws of descending and ascending octaves.

If I use the most trivial way to express their original meanings before the subjective theories of Mr. Darwin and others entered the scene, the line of creation is a descending line from the Absolute, which is becoming more and more mechanical with the further distance from its source. There is a law that states that creation on every level corresponds with the level of being of that force and cannot be of a higher order than itself. In practical terms, what humans create corresponds to their level of being. That is quite self-evident is it not. Transhumanism, robotization, genetic modifications and directed energy technologies and weapons are just the most obvious examples of our level of being, the adversary to the universal law of reciprocal maintenance as we see from Nature’s reactions. For preventing such a scenario there is the line of evolution. The original meaning of evolution is connected with the possible psychological evolution of men and their souls. Nature had not required such evolution, but it is a priviledge given to humankind by our CREATOR for those who desire that and make a personal effort for it. With such evolution comes an increase of consciousness, higher being, and subjection to fewer universal laws.This possibility has been concealed from humanity in large and time has come to introduce this idea to the general public in a scientific way. Fortunately, military science has advanced so far that it can prove to us that Genesis is actually the exact description of the Ray of Creation. It will only demonstrate the truth, contained in the old esoteric schools and their scriptures. It will eventually reconcile the religions with the esoteric circles, who will hopefully become the psychological schools, helping people to develop their latent possibilities to become MEN in the real sense of the word. It will change our behaviour towards nature and everything in it. It will change politics. It will unite religions. It will save life on this planet.Anything will be better than what we are heading towards right now.

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