To our religions

You must be informed about many of the underlying issues behind the current state of planetary affairs but maybe you are not aware of denying forces of the 4th Industrial revolution that literally enslave the planet* and have already hypnotized humanity with psychotronic technologies, where a man stops to be in control of his/her own body and mind. I am speaking from my own experience and the social credit system is certainly aimed to be officially implemented on the western populations as well. It would be justified by the safety of citizens in the new age of electricities, where smart technologies have been utilized even by the private sector as directed energy weapons and an amazingly high number of people have no ethical barriers against using them for remote electronic hunting of their own fellow human beings.
The attached patent of covid19** clearly suggests the direction life on earth has taken and perhaps its detailed descriptions of the intended tasks are explaining to us what we are dealing with. The technology is even able to recognize the moments of our divided attention (self-realization, self-remembering, self-awareness,…. the signs of the third state of consciousness). It can manipulate such states by remotely extracting bodily energy, so practically it can degrade humanity to a lower level of being.  

It is the secular science that dictates the future of humanity, despite its inability to see the Universe as an interconnected hierarchy with the “Central reference system” built on the principles of reciprocal maintenance. The idea of transhumanism in its actual materialization could never be realized were it otherwise.

There are two scientific proves that the Universe is spiritual and that Genesis is correct:  

The first one comes from the attached Tabula Smaragdina of Hermes Trismegistus***and from Beelzebub’s Tales **** – the Earth’s mystery of light and darkness. Anyone who pays attention to both will solve the puzzle. 
The second is given to us by the Human Genome Project with its “complete genetic code for building a human being”. The primates came to existence by the accidental crossing of humans with the quadruplex species (also known over 100 years via Mr. Gurdjieff).
The subjective theory of natural evolution is obviously untenable for this age where quantum physics can already explain the scientific foundations of what we call spiritual.

The fact that the Universe is spiritual and humanity has not been informed about it have had many negative effects on the ecosystem, science, military, politics, economies, technology, culture, existential well-being of man, and on religions themselves.

By observing the current planetary “live exercise” under the martial law, with the intention to vaccinate the whole planet with a new type of DNA vaccines that permanently affect people’s genetic codes without knowing if it does not jeopardize man’s ability to create his/her so-called “higher being bodies ” and those of the subsequent generations, and either digitalize or even encrypt their bodies with DNA technologies*****, ought not the churches use vigorously their bells?

Most politicians have no scientific knowledge of the matters beyond the world physically manifested.
Religions have to confront the world of secular science with the basic questions:
Who we are,
Who created us for what reasons,
What is the main purpose of our existence,
Where consciousness comes from,
What happens to us after death?
If they cannot OBJECTIVELY answer these simple questions, how come they are let to shape the future history of 80% of the Earth’s population who know? It is a duty of all who know to unite their forces and bring down the “wall of  separation” between state powers and religion and replace it by the union of state powers with the religious/spiritual wisdom based science. Prophecies are just warnings about the unconscious forces, they cannot govern the conscious ones.

* Background of the Haarp Project

** System and Method for Testing for Covid19

*** Tabula Smaragdina

**** BT Chapter 17 The Arch-Absurd Chapter 18 The Arch-Preposterous 1950 edition
***** Psycho-Neurobiology and War

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