A thought to Mr. Gates

Dear Mr. Gates,          

Your name is so painfully often connected with death that I must assume that  either you are an eugenicist or you do not understand the impact of your vaccine mission  undertaken in goodwill.
As both cases spring from the fact that over thousands of years the top management has not learned yet how to lead humanity without the cyclical “reset”  of human and financial resources, I will again repeat for the peace of my mind what I have learned in the esoteric school that proved to be correct and far ahead of the knowledge of contemporary science.  I will overlook the things like the c-word, primate story and the STAR of David and I will mention only that there is a close correlation between the life of the planet and human behavior in it. The Universe is spiritual, each planet has a specific purpose of its existence – to transform the cosmic energies for further universal effects. That transformation is safeguarded by Nature according to the particular needs of time and evolution of the planets. The number of the population on the planet Earth is regulated by her according to the way humans transform the energies. If they do it by a qualitative way as they are supposed to do, their number decreases. If we fail to do that, she is forced to increase the number of the population, which goes hand in hand with the higher demands on natural resources. A simple observation of the graph of the population levels over the centuries is the easiest indicator where we got it wrong.
Mr. Gates, by reducing the population levels, we are dealing only with the consequences, not with the causes and we will burden the planet’s karma for the next generations, can you understand that?

The electricity issue is an electricity issue only because the relevant authorities fail to explain it is a sacred substance, that participates in animation of everything existing. If they did, we would not have robotization, because people would understand that both need electricity, but robots do not transform the cosmic energies.
And the amount of electricity used for keeping the entire atmosphere charged is a matter of conscience, is it not?
Instead of bringing the fear of death, why not to introduce to humanity knowledge of how to transform the cosmic energies qualitatively? This knowledge has been available to us for over 100 years and planetary management is oblivious to it. Why?
You all know that the Universe is spiritual, that there is the MOST HOLY SUN ABSOLUTE, our CREATOR.
What a little faith you have in our COMMON FATHER.

Spirit over the matter

Dagmar Palmerova

PS: Staphylococci is not a virus nor a killer unless recombined in biowarfare laboratories and does not transmit via air. Coronavirus is a question of ethics I would say.

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