A letter to the US President

Dagmar Palmerova

130 00 Prague 3
The Czech Republic


The President of The United States
Mr. Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President,

When the planetary leaders get too identified with the new scientific discoveries and miss the knowledge of the previously mentioned Universal Laws of Three and Seven that operate the entire Universe, democracy unavoidably turns to its opposite, and humanity finds itself exactly in a situation like we are facing today.
It refers to an ancient tale about the magician, who has many sheep and keeps control over them by a simple method of hypnotizing them and persuading them, that actually they are not sheep at all but lions, eagles or magicians. That he is loving them and they do not have to worry about anything as he would take care of them. So the sheep never run away and quietly waited for the time when the magician would need their flesh. Were they not hypnotized, they would seek to find the way out and they would find it as I did myself.
All the spying and terroristic endeavours the United States have accused me of could be linked to this old Eastern tale of the forgotten way to a higher level of consciousness. I know that in order to seek the truth one needs the right knowledge,  teachers, the school and the body that is capable to undertake such endeavour.

So anything that harms the body needs to be eliminated. Without going into many details, I can surely say that life on our planet has been organized in a way that goes exactly in the opposite direction.
Military psychotronic technologies,  geoengineering, and smart technologies keep humanity hypnotized to their maximum and devastate the planet in many ways, they  are used for illegal experimentation and torture and they even harvest the much-needed energy from human bodies for monetary gains.
 Biowarfare and vaccinations experiment with their DNA structures and contaminate their minds, blood, and bodily organs. Farmaceutical drugs suppress their natural reactions and our ability to transform their energies for spiritual gains. The agriculture gets genetically modified and chemical industry contaminates the soil, fauna and flora, thus cuts us off Nature’s nutritional support for the evolution of consciousness, man’s forgotten birthright.
All this together  causes excessive harm to the natural cycle of  reciprocal maintenance of our planet.
If someone has access to such knowledge, if he knows, that such path is unsustainable and will lead to the destruction of life on a major scale, is it not the higher moral principle that will lead him to bring the attention of the general public to it? That is precisely what Mr. Assange did 10 years ago.
Mr President, I am under the military martial law for many reasons and Mr. Assange is detained  in prison and legally blamed for all of them on my behalf, which seems indeed cruel retribution.
He will enter into American history as one of its darkest reflections of the unconscious interpretations  of once consciously created laws.
None of us is the enemy of your country and both of us are able to look at the planetary issues from the  cosmological point of view.  
Humanity has entered a new evolutionary era where the old concept of an enemy needs to be re-defined beyond the military, political, economic and nationalistic boundaries.
The scientific mysteries of the Universe already manifest themselves in many fields of science yet officially they have not been acknowledged.  
 No one explains to the general public their attributes,  possibilities,  responsibilities and the overall real destiny of man connected with them. How then can a man be expected to think and behave in a more conscious way? Impossible. Therefore one must assume that there is an intentional plan to keep it that way as long as possible, which again suggests that the principle of the Ray of Creation has been only superficially understood. The consequences are breathtaking, everywhere, mainly in the fields of secular science.
As long as real conscientious journalism is suppressed into mere symbols without the keys in the mainstream media and its creators blocked by the internet providers or kept in prisons, the predictions from the past epochs might really materialize. Something I was hoping to be prevented by the human mind of the 21.st century. Very likely the artificial mind persuaded it to be impossible. Mr. President, the Universe is spiritual and artificial intelligence can predict only unconscious  behaviour. Our souls belong to our CREATOR who is on our side of the battle, not to any secular science or a magician.

Most respectfully

Dagmar Palmerova

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