UBI – Something for nothing?

That goes against the law of the Universe on just every level one can think about.
Just by observation of Nature I will come to the realisation that there would be many hidden dangers. The first one which comes to my mind is The Universe 25.
The second is simply our human nature, in the socialist regime the societies had an almost equal income regardless of the professions and highly professional people did not like it, many of them left the country not for the political, but the economic reasons. How long would it take for those, who have very developed working habits to start to despise those, who have not? Besides the society has to be very rich to be able to afford it. At the moment each country is experiencing enormous financial burdens because of lockdowns of economies due to covid19. Just let’s use the logic, please. Where would the money come from to cover the expenses?
From the companies that replace people by robots? They do it for saving the money.
So it would have to originate from the planetary sources and that would certainly come with some sort of conditioning, like the central planetary evidence, confiscation of private properties, compulsory vaccinations, social credit systems, total interference in your private lives and so on. So under the current conditions I do not trust such idea at all. It really seems like a calming effect for the upcoming transitional period, a new name for social security cheque.

Yes, by all means it makes people feel secure, but life is not about security, life is about the spiritual growth and there is not a word about the fact that the Universe actually is spiritual and that our 4th industrial revolution disregards it utterly. If I saw that the planetary leaders want to bring humanity to the higher level of consciousness that would be a different story. In the sixties and seventies there were spiritual communes created across the world where people did not own anything, did not earn anything, yet had lived and worked there for free, creating the whole environment literally out of nothing, just using the spirit of brotherhood. It did not last, mainly due to the external infiltration, but it brought the testimony to humanity, that the materialistic approach to life is not the only form of existence for humankind.
So if there was a leadership, that would support the localities, where the ancient ways of spiritual living could be regenerated for larger audiences, that would be a totally different story. There would be experienced teachers, offering the scientific knowledge unknown to the general public and when the right environment needed for the processes of verifications of such knowledge would be available, new forms of sustainable possibilities for human existence, worth of a man of the 21th century, would certainly be born. In accordance with the objective laws of the Universe, not in their contradiction.
Why not to develop such projects? There is one ideal locality with the ancient history that is a subject of powers conflicts, I cannot imagine a nobler solution for such region. It would bring blessings and reconciliations instead of hatred. Peace instead of historically endless wars and fears. Why not to try something different?

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