The four bodies of man

If we have some crystals of salt and put them into a glass of
water, they will quickly dissolve.. …But there comes a moment when the solution is saturated. Then the salt no longer
dissolves and the crystals remain whole at the bottom.
It is the same with the human organism.
The material crystallized after such a surfeit takes the form
of the man’s physical body, is a copy of it and may be separated from the physical body. Each body has a different life
and each is subject to different orders of laws. The new, or

second, body is called the astral body. In relation to the physical body it is what is called the soul. Science is already coming
to the possibility of establishing experimentally the existence
of the second body.
(almost 100 years ago)

The matter of this astral body, in its vibrations, corresponds to matter of the sun’s emanations and is,
theoretically, indestructible within the confines of the earth
and its atmosphere.

Although in itself it is also divided
into three principles, taken as a whole it represents the active
force, the positive principle in relation to the passive, negative

principle which is the physical body.
The neutralizing principle between them is a special magnetism, which is not possessed by everyone but without which it is impossible for the
second body to be master of the first.
Further development is possible. A man with two bodies can
acquire new properties by the crystallization of new substances.
A third body is then formed within the second, which
is sometimes called the mental body.
The third body will then

be the active principle; the second, the neutralizing; and the
first, the physical body, the passive principle.
But this is still not soul in the real meaning of the word.
Only the fourth body completes all the development possible for man in the earthly conditions of his existence. It is immortal within the limits of the solar system. Real will belongs to this body. It is the real “I,” the soul of man, the master.”
Excerpts from VRW G.I.G.

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