Summarizing of  the few aspects of the existential knowledge available to us from the ancestors as the means to communicate more easily.
Because of the history of violence and hatred, connected with the low level of out vibrations, the question of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith is traditionally brought up to the surface and the 21th century should deal with it on a deeper level  because last century we created physical concentration camps  to hide our atrocities  from the public, but today we have  psychotronic technologies on hands which allow us to place the virtual concentration camps straight into our very  bodies and we can destroy ourselves with one single vibration without even knowing it.
One way would be to look at it from the top, from the available concepts of CREATION because their  metaphysicality of Emptiness/ Nothingness can obstructs the right understanding of the internal world that governs the external.  
The concept of the Tree of Life more or less  unites all religions into one:

The top- Absolute/Sunyata/Emptiness is a place to be clarified.
For that another graph will serve as a useful means:

It is hard to grasp the distinctions between them but in the Food Diagram there is a needed information to it:
The (SUN)ABSOLUTE is on the top and the (HOLY THE FIRM) ABSOLUTE/ NOTHINGNESS  on the bottom.  HOLY THE FIRM  is said to be connected with the SUN ABSOLUTE and it is represented as an incomplete hydrogen 6144, a hydrogen without the HOLY GHOST.
[“Each complete hydrogen is composed of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. Now take the last hydrogen of the third scale, hydrogen 3072. This hydrogen is composed of carbon 512, oxygen 1536 and nitrogen 1024. Now further: nitrogen becomes carbon for the next triad, but there is no oxygen for it and no nitrogen. Therefore by condensation it becomes itself hydrogen 6144, but it is a dead hydrogen without any possibility of passing into anything further, a hydrogen without the HOLY GHOST.”] ISOM.

Further understanding comes through the emotional centres, not through the mental/intellectual centres:

[“After a certain rate of vibration everything in the Universe becomes psychological. Air and light= psychological food. The transmutation of substances.” ] The Unknowable G.

It is vital for all academics of every field to understand, that NOTHINGNESS on the level of the ABSOLUTE is a psychological equivalent to the vacuum in physics. I testify that it  is an ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING space of absolute nothingness of any form perceived by any of our senses,  where  none of the loving emanations of the SUN ABSOLUTE penetrate. It is more merciful to encounter the EVIL. From that I imply that The HOLY GHOST must be the force of LOVE of the ABSOLUTE, the third, reconciling force of the Law of 3.
I strongly suggest the science wakes up or is woken up  to the fact that we are at the threshold of the internal world that can be fully accessed only via the emotional centre as a sole gate to the ‘higher emotional’ and ‘higher intellectual’ centres of man, where the REAL KNOWLEDGE resides but is inaccessible to us by our dreadfully low level of vibrations we operate on. It can be compared to inability to catch certain radio stations in the areas of bad perceptions..
The artificial intelligence is hardly going to increase them, so the utter concentration on the technocratic evolution of the mental/physical faculties of man seems to be a region for  human intelligence’s innovations.  The current level of psychopatic ‘life exercise’ of flooding and coronavirus across the planet would certainly suggest that.

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