WordPress blocks very reliable scientifically orientated websites from sharing

You  have observed that freedom of information in the West is not exactly according to one’s expectations, but I would like to point out that it resembles times  in the socialist countries of the Cold War era.  I do not use hate speech, I am not politically, nationalistically, religiously or racially identified, but I want to understand what is happening to this planet and its habitats and that is extremely difficult without the special keys and symbols, usually inaccessible to the general population. Mainly due to the unshakable trust in msm reporting and lack of need for their own independent opinion, based on their research.
Once the main symbols are known, the rest is easier to deal with provided people get access to different relevant opinions. After all the logic is quite a reliable tool to detect a hidden riddle.
There are very trustworthy, scientific sources of such information and I pass it on to this web &social sites. But since this month WordPress is blocking them, regardless of their content which I find very offensive, unintelligent, opportunistic and so short sighted that I would not expect any leader to undertake such step.
A “leader” keeps in mind an ancient rule of three questions:
“Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”
Let’s say there is a rumor the vaccines contain ID substances and foreign DNA/RNA’s. That is a very serious rumor and if true, it can have unprecedented consequences not just for every citizen of this planet but for the future of humanity. So finding scientific analyses of the vaccines can confirm or eliminate such rumor. Would I want to be on the side that denies that? Is it necessary? Well if the whole humanity faces mandatory vaccination and there are pig’s and male’s DNAs in it and over a half of the vaccine’s content is unidentifiable , would any parent want to give it to his sons and daughters? Perhaps yes but I believe everyone should know the analyses in advance.
Is it kind? To lie to people in the first place and then ruin their bodies mandatorily? No.
What price social platforms get for complying with the orders from below?

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