The Universe as response to request

“…….the Universe can be taken as response to request. Man requests,
and the Universe in all its full and total reality, outer and inner, responds
according to the request. In regard to what was said last time, I wish
to draw your attention to this fact: many people are getting responses
to requests which they do not understand they are making. If the
Universe, visible and invisible, material and psychological, gross and
fine, as apprehended externally by the senses and internally by the
mind and heart, is response to request, then you will see how important
it is to realize what kind of requests you are making in order to understand
why you get the response, from any side of life, that you are actually
getting. The Work says: “Your being attracts your life”. Do you see
the connection? Without knowing it, a man or a woman may be making request and so getting a response from the total Universe that he or
she does not like. They see the response but do not see what excites the
response, what it is in themselves that attracts it. People, in other
words, may be asking for trouble without being aware that they are.
They only see the result—that is, the response. They see only effects,
not causes. To think only from effects is one thing. It is how mechanical
people think. To think from causes is another thing. It belongs to more
conscious thinking. Now the level of your being enters into request as
much or more than your knowledge. You may ask intellectually for
happiness but not see how factors that govern your being, as love of
your negative states, your grievances, your secret jealousies, your laziness,
your dislikes, and so on, are asking for something quite different, and that
the Universe is responding to these factors in your being that you are
secretly willing and affirming without seeing that you are. Understand
that full request must contain both thought and will—formulation and
emotional desire. The side of knowledge is the side of thought and a
man can only think from his knowledge. The side of being wills, and a
man only wills what he desires. If you love negative states, then your
will is of this quality. Your love is your will; it will attract the response
belonging to it. Only self-knowledge will make you aware of your state
of being and this begins with self-observation. Enough has been said
here on this subject—namely, that a person may be getting responses he
does not expect or desire, without seeing that he is attracting them
because he is making requests for them that he is not aware of.”
Dr M.Nicoll Commentaries vol.I

I was told by a teacher that my being is not high enough to get the adequate response to “my” request. I agreed, but that did not diminish request which has been for good of the whole of humanity.  So when seeing over and over again the response, I cannot but conclude that my request is actually not the request I am making, so someone else with higher being needs to come forward and do that as  is needed.

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