Digital health passports

“…..Firstly, the user downloads the app and enters key information such as name, address, age and verifies their identity using their fingerprint or a facial scan.

They then take a Covid-19 test, administered by an authorised healthcare professional, and the results are scanned into the Covi-pass. They can then use the digital health passport to authenticate their health status to enable “a safe return to work, life, and safe travel””.
It includes “relevant health information”.

This is my problem with the current affairs. I know from the life observations, that when something unpopular, (usually taking very restrictive measures on personal freedoms of different kinds) is to be implemented, it is introduced first as an optional step for the public. Often it is introduced in an emotional coating, where the underlying aspects of responsibility and conscience come to play, with fear calming and benefits it will bring to society. The idea is sown, the testing of the idea is measured and time is given to its germination, while the “contracts” have been made and even announced.
The health passports have been around for a very long time in the vaccination domain, it started with the planned vaccine schedules for the newborn and developed into a similar idea for all citizens of the planet. Due to the stronger anti-vax movement it has not received sufficient public support but it might get into the picture indirectly via the coronavirus health passport.
You must remember that once you accept the idea of the health passport, governments will implement it universally and it will eventually restrict your movements in the unprecedented ways, let’s say there will be a list of health conditions, restricting you from participating in many activities, you might be required to have your liver testing done to purchase alcohol in the bar or a lung test to get the life insurance. Anything is possible at this stage of the planetary condition.
We are not suicidal by Nature and taking some precaution is wise so if we are informed about certain conditions, many probably would consider personal testing of their bodies for the presence of viruses or bacteria, but a human body is a property of The CREATOR, not a liability of a state so the privacy of any testing is imperative. Our civilization has survived for thousands of years without health passports, forced vaccinations, and synthetic pharmacology. It will survive even this transitional period with the help of at least some degree of consciousness.

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