If you cannot handle David ICKE, how do you want to deal with the rest?

I understand that to reveal all my private mud of 68 years with all possible connections is a colossal project that helps to transform the flies into the elephants and the elephants into the flies. What I do not understand is that the seemingly high intelligent global professionals force masses of people to accept the most deceitful information and get unfriendly towards those who actually use their own intellect to ponder about it.
The position of epidemiologists vs medical doctors on deaths due to  “covid virus” :
-“Epidemiologists’ biggest concern is how much and how uniform is the undercoating”.
-Medical doctors’ biggest concern is their restricted freedom to diagnose the cause of death to their best ability and how much and how uniform is the forced overcounting.
Sparks of sanity in the darkness: “the death certificate is not ‘an opinion document’.”
Not indeed. Rather a reminder to “apply our hearts unto wisdom”.


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