I die of thirst, although the spring’s at hand

The sustainable source of energy is sought after practically by every state on this planet according to their geographical location. If the given location has access to the oceans’ winds and surf,  thermal geysers, and or year-round sunshine, their situation is quite optimal for harvesting the energy in a sustainable way. If the country is located on a small in-land territory in the temperate climate, with limited access to sunshine and winds, wise and intellligent nature compensates it by the moist environment and numerous river risings so the hydroelectric power stations can capture the force of nature in a sustainable way.
Well since man took the global weather control from Nature’s hands and gave it to the artificial intelligence-based weather-control technologies, so-called climate changes have disrupted the established weather patterns worldwide and extensive droughts are taking place as a consequence of it. Intentional or unintentional, the inland countries without the usual moisture and river water’s volume thus become very disadvantaged and dependent on non-sustainable sources of energy.  Again the correctness program evaluation needs to be applied if we keep insisting on the superiority of artificial intelligence over Nature’s.

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