The core of the planetary problem

I am Dagmar Palmerova,

I am a human being who was created certainly not by the natural evolution but by our Creator SUN ABSOLUTE for specific cosmic purposes, which are documented in the highest science on Earth, the esoteric science. The ongoing separation of orthodox science and so-called religion is ideologically as well as scientifically so obsolete that it causes very serious imbalances in Nature and in the general functioning of humanity as we see right now in the coronavirus scenario. Our clandestine egoistic experiments with psychotronic technologies for power possessing games practically demonstrate what religious esoteric methods have been achieving for millennia by natural, sustainable ways for the sacred purposes of developing human souls. Simply by understanding and respecting the objective laws of the universe and our position on the Ray of Creation.

In the first part of my life, I did not know that beings were created for specific cosmic purposes, I was taught the primates were my ancestors so I lived my life from a moment to a moment, without having any specific aims in life.

With such an approach one can easily violate the most basic universal laws and that was certainly my case. As you all see I trespassed the universal as well as legal laws, sinned many times, cheated many times, failed many times,  so many times that I cannot remember most of them. The co-vid virus statistics can give you the exact list of all my regressions over the 68 years with their unfortunate consequences. For all those disgraces I sincerely apologize, beg for your forgiveness, and understand that legal consequences must take place.
But it is not exactly the easiest position to be at where my past has very little to do with the global issues and vice versa, but that past determines my ability to reflect on the current global issues that are so complex and so deeply rooted in the unconscious way humanity lives that I do not know how to deal with it without the possibility of talking to anyone. Please can you understand that this is a form of psychological cruelty?
From what I perceive there are several layers to the coronavirus hoax. It was created like in the scriptures – each level of the story has to correspond to some element of truth according to the level of understanding of the reader.
So someone understands it literally:  there are certain types of viruses or bacteria that can cause harm to human bodies. After my return from China, I had to stay in bed for several days as I could not function at all, I thought I contracted something from the black egg I bought at the market. But I fully recovered within a week or so.
Then 10 years ago I had a test done of my intimate organs and was diagnosed with staphylococci aureus.  I did not have any problems, I am highly allergic to antibiotics and I did not know that it could be serious so I forgot about it. I already wrote about it on my website. A decade later the coronavirus has been used as a screen to uncover, how many people I met in my life and how many of them contracted staphylococci. Everything is documented in statistics, so with the right key, anyone can know the details. There are no human rights laws applicable in pandemics which would prevent collecting such information, making statistics out of it and exposing it in full to the public. Such unprecedented humiliation of anybody who has ever come in direct or indirect contact with me might be the modern version of the Old Testament’s approach to sins.
Statistically according to the medical journals the annual global influenza-associated respiratory mortality rate per 100 000 is 5.9 %  which is 5900 people.
The annual staphylococci aureus mortality rates vary globally from 0.007 to  0.1 % in developed countries which represents 135 people out of 100 000.
Of course, I might be missing something in my kitchen.

The deeper layer of the coronavirus represents a far more serious situation created by the misuse of the previously mentioned psychotronic technologies, developed as non-lethal crowd control weaponry.  They have been passed down to the private sector which uses it for commercial and political purposes. Personally, I have been functioning since 2010 as a subject of the military or intelligence psyop operations and my body is contactable with smart technologies by literally anybody who is willing either to make or pay money as can be seen due to my 24/7 public and private surveillance. Each targeted person must have some form of microchips or bio-sensors in their bodies that can mediate the electronic contact. I certainly have several of them. Many people do not even know that such sensors could be present in their bodies so maybe some testing can refer to it?

To be a subject to complete body and mind control as I am is absolutely unacceptable for any human being. No matter how many advantages you can come up with under different circumstances, it contradicts the free will of man. Yet we are on that path.
Just a brief look into the world of electronics shows your fascination with the idea of combining the biological being with the technological craftsmanship and reaching physical immortality and mechanical intellectual superiority.
That fascination is rooted subconsciously in the religious domain – human beings were created in the image of the CREATOR meaning we inherited free will and power to create. But do you understand that our atheistic perception of creation is reduced to pro-creation of species and the physical world, nothing more.? Your orthodox science with all its marvels is just about pro-creation, dust to dust so to speak. The word creation refers to the creation of the human soul and our real immortality which is independent of any physical form.

And processes of such creation had always been the subjects of all true religions’ theory and their once inseparable psychological schools for the practical teaching of such processes. That has been lost and we need to revive it and very soon, otherwise your digitalization of human bodies will bring a disaster to our planet. I do not want to frighten anybody, I just want to make people aware of the core of the whole situation on Earth.

When the ancient objective science of vibrations of matter got into our hands, it did not take us too long to come up with an idea of harvesting the energy from human bodies as its sustainable sources and we ended up with mining cryptocurrencies.
This very energy you harvest from people is the sacred energy that is given to us as our esoteric ‘daily bread’ for our mental, conscious and spiritual development. And you harvest it for egoistic commercial purposes on a global scale? What effects will that have on the entire population? We will really become the ant colonies.
I can do nothing about my past but I know for sure that at this point in human evolution the esoteric science has to be introduced to general humanity in order to prevent such ideas from materializing.

Can you actually grasp what we are doing and can you understand that it is totally irrelevant what I have done in the past in comparison with our sheer ignorance of the objective laws of the Universe and the real purpose of our existence?  Our destiny is to participate in the Creation of the whole universe provided we figure out how to do it first for ourselves. The old religious texts have all knowledge we need. Just the keys are to be found.


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